Prepositions used with "parent"

of, for, to, with or by parent?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases parent of is used

To act in the place of parents.

To act in the place of parents.

HUQUQ - RIGHTS The Rights of Parents 1.

The study showed that 92 percent of parents interacted with the special needs children.

I think primary schools haven't adapted to the fact that a lot of parents are working and.

Some parents felt that schools were not reflecting the changing nature of parents ' needs.

First, the involvement of parents in their offspring?? s universities is, I suspect, good for academic fundraising.

It is not possible to say that a certain type of parent makes this inevitable because it does not, only more likely.

The Convention respects the rights and duties of parents in providing religious and moral guidance to their children.

In 20% of cases parent for is used

Chalo, peace of mind for parents.

It's a must for parents!! Thank you Dr.

They are what they are; a voice for parents.

Drug Free Canada has a few suggestions for parents on how to deal with this subject.

One of the solutions he offers is for parents to show interest in recreational reading.

The DOS issued clear statements for parents to contact them with their case information.

Corsaro would also like to see all employers honor a paid family leave program for parents after the birth of a child.

Posted by Jake in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Nov 7, 2012 5:30 PM (EDT ): I have two beautiful words for parents out there.

In the meantime, elementary music specialists should consider offering music classes for parents with preschool children.

Play ideas for parents Here are some suggestions which are especially suitable for parents and children playing together.

In 15% of cases parent to is used

It can be an important link to parents.

In-laws should not be compared to parents, etc.

Kids can be sensitive to parents ' and others ' words.

The way I describe it to parents and kids is, ' Your brain at this point is a snow globe.

It involves everyone - from players and coaches to parents, games officials and organisers.

You can map different charts of accounts, budgets, and currencies from subsidiary to parent.

In which case these pointers are worth bearing in mind: Downloads and web links Guide Talking to parents about eating.

The following rights are due to parents after their death: (a) Continue making du? s of forgiveness and mercy for them.

Warning to parents: this book does a number on Santa! My son (younger and not yet de-mythed) enjoyed the book immensely.

Jeanne frequently speaks to parents and educators and enjoys her roles as mom/teacher/mentor advocating for kids with ADD.

In 11% of cases parent with is used

It starts with parents; I agree.

Aish n Abhi don't stay with parents.

There were pictures with parents and.

Many have problems with their family, with parents or other family dynamical issues.

The only way you can do that is to have lots of conversations with parents in the yard.

Children will mean different things when they talk about wanting more time with parents.

But the problem with parents in Nigeria is that they are too concerned with the school fees--- its affordability.

She especially loves to work with Parents and issues around raising children more information is available on www.

An important part of play for young children is play with parents, and there should be some time for this every day.

Public schools promote agendas that conflict with parents ' rights to shape the values and beliefs of their children.

In 8% of cases parent by is used

It was created by parents and nutritionists.

Sports is not being encouraged properly by parents.

I am very upset by the lack of supervision by parents.

To get a educational seat money is offered both by parents and accepted by unviersities.

That's why persistent misperceptions, especially by parents and partners, can be so damaging.

It is usually practiced by parents who have experienced the ill-effects of absolute parenting.

Use specific measurement strategies, which can include self-report, reports by parents and teachers, and clinician ratings.

Tempted by these great rewards, many young men are attracted to the training; many others are sent by parents and relatives.

Most young people are placed in coed high schools, colleges and office environments because of coercion by parents, or necessity.

Early marriages were followed by large families - children were seen by parents as insurance against starvation in their old age.

In 7% of cases parent from is used

Written consent from parents if you are under the age of 18.

Life skills are typically inherited from parents, not the government.

There is a huge interest on the project from parents and students alike.

For the most part, funding is obtained from wholesale sources and from parent banks.

Protecting children from freaks and legalalized kidnap from parents is a real issue.

Article 9 Separation from parents Children have the right to live with their parent(s), unless it is bad for them.

A woman who in 1980? s Ballymun was famous in her role for splitting up families and taking children from parents.

Both mambunong and manggengey inherit their religious position from parents who were themselves spiritual leaders.

Advantages: kids get exercise biking to school, gain some independence from parents, and become better connected with their environment.

In 3% of cases parent between is used

Witnessing the loss of love between parents is painful.

Example: ' The bond between parent and child is strong, ' said Lucy.

Specifying contact arrangements in a parenting plan can help reduce conflict between parents.

But this lack of communication between parents and children, the family is difficult to settle.

Some argue that it creates too much pressure at home and leads to rows between parents and their kids.

Supporting marriage as a relationship between parents or potential parents is in the interests of the State.

Throughout the interview, try to differentiate between parents, particularly where one parent is working and one is not.

This is bound to create tensions between parents but you seem to be unrelenting and finally give up your studies this year.

Relationship between Parents and progeny is unexplainable because they can not survive without each other on certain stages of lives.

In 2% of cases parent on is used

Less willing to rely on parents, roughly 5.

Is Under Pressure an attack on parents? No, absolutely not.

The reality is the FEAR it projects on parents and potential cyclists.

Recently I went to a seminar, which reported on parents of children with my daughter's disability.

A few grimaces can be found on parents ' faces, which are perfect and shows that the story is working.

I worked on some concepts for what PatientsLikeMe could look like if it was focused exclusively on parent caregivers.

But a major fundamental issue remains unaddressed here, one that puts a huge load on parents with children in preschool - the fees.

Ed Balls inadvertently hit the wicket when he blamed poor reading skills on parents allowing children to play too many computer games.

Clubs are administered by parents and other adult volunteers, and many centers rely on parents and volunteers to help with the program.

In 1% of cases parent about is used

The same lecturer also made a comment about parents teaching their children.

Little is known about parents ' experiences of primary care in the pre-diagnosis period.

Wow, it's amazing the judgments people are making about parents here who support the project.

Have you people thought about parents in Christchurch who work and need their children to go to school so they can continue to work.

There were several anecdotes about parents who had changed their roles, but nothing about whether the parents interviewed were doing what they had intended.

There were several anecdotes about parents who had changed their roles, but nothing about whether the parents interviewed were doing what they had intended.

In 1% of cases parent in is used

It happens equally often in parents of all ages.

Still, there was a difference in parents ' perception of their child's intangible talent.

These perceptions matter, even in parents who are committed to treating sons and daughters alike.

The modern period is the age of reason, not of faith? faith in tradition, in the past, in epics, in authority, in parents, even in oneself.

The gender differences that we see reflected in parents ' differing perceptions are mirrored by differing perceptions that males and females experience throughout their lives.

Chura describes them as children of profound disappointment -- in parents, communities, schools -- overseen by adults who were likewise disappointed and are unnecessarily cruel and officious.

What we do know is that we have spent too much time looking at the effects of dysregulation in the child with autism, and not enough time looking at dysregulation and other problems in parents.

Conclusion: Health professionals should acknowledge parents ' concerns carefully; contrary to intentions, early reassurance may result in parents feeling that their concerns have not been heard.

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