Prepositions used with "breast"

of, for, to, with or about breast?

Word Frequency
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In 37% of cases breast of is used

We must be very aware of breast cancer.

She has no family history of breast cancer.

Aileen's family has a history of breast cancer.

You should also breastfeed your baby if you want to reduce the chances of breast cancer.

Tenderness Of Breasts: Breasts and even nipples become more sensitive during pregnancy.

Survival statistics are available for each stage of breast cancer in one area of England.

This data would all suggest that the incidence of breast cancer has much to do with environmental and lifestyle factors.

Studies have shown if a woman must have her ovaries removed due to medical reasons the risk of breast cancer will decrease.

Although the results are not always consistent, Vitamin D is showing promise when it comes to the treatment of breast cancer.

A younger woman we spoke with had been screened routinely since the age of forty because of a family history of breast cancer.

In 15% of cases breast for is used

Major breakthrough in the cure for breast cancer.

The outlook for breast cancer continues to improve.

The more estrogen in the body the more of a risk for breast cancer.

If you want to join in and support breakthrough for breast cancer, please follow the links.

The NHS Breast Screening Programme invites well women over 47 to attend for breast screening.

A company made pink gloves and sold them to hospitals -- to raise awareness for breast cancer.

You can't stop them, athough it is unfair that the publicity for breast cancer is out of proprtoion to other cancers.

Same with Sush, who won Miss Universe with her natural body then went for breast implants, that was so disappointing.

Other reasons for breast implantations are if the woman has naturally small breasts and would like to get them bigger.

In 13% of cases breast to is used

The same must apply to breast cancer.

Why did he ask women to breast feed strangers? 4.

Nicotine seems to be especially harmful to breast tissue.

Cook breast down then switching to breast side up (wish me luck flipping the bird over) 2.

Does over the pc muscle or beneath the muscle have any effect on the power to breast feed.

I donate to breast cancer awareness frequently but I think it's time for me to get involved.

For some women, the reassurance that pain symptoms are not related to breast cancer is the only treatment they need.

Also, some psychotropic medications can increase levels of the hormone prolactin, a factor that has been linked to breast cancer.

A new study also suggests that too much milk consumption leads to breast cancer because it contains high amounts of growth hormone.

You should either go away and study science research methodology for a few years and then come back -- or just stick to breast feeding advocacy.

In 13% of cases breast with is used

My Mom was dying with breast cancar.

In 2008 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

You could say I have an obsession with breasts.

It was just the truth! My truth! I remember my mom who also suffered with breast cancer.

I do not have any family member that I know of that has been afflicted with breast cancer.

I have been on medication for years and in recent months have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I hope through this they do so that the next generation of women will see fewer and fewer women with breast cancer.

With breast cancer, the likely outcome depends on how early or advanced the cancer is when it is diagnosed (the stage).

I guess this shouldn't have been too surprising since both my grandmothers had survived their own bouts with breast cancer.

Overall, in the UK, more than 85 out of every 100 people diagnosed with breast cancer live for at least 5 years after diagnosis.

In 7% of cases breast about is used

I, as a man, haven't thought much about breast cancer.

Learn the truth and dispell the myths about breast cancer.

An entire dialogue took place on his Wall about breast cancer.

I come from India and I cant tell you how many people are not aware about breast cancer.

There is detailed information about breast cancer grade in our question and answer section.

I don't see how this frivolous FB ' game ' actually helped create awareness about breast cancer.

Last night after posting my bra color, I searched for info on self breast exams as well as info about breast cancer itself.

I hope that the added message about breast cancer was there for a more positive message than to bring about people's participation.

The campaign aims at being timeless in its overall look and feel yet creating awareness about Breast Cancer in an outspoken manner.

We encourage you to regularly visit these sites to learn more about breast cancer, breast health, and the latest research developments.

In 5% of cases breast from is used

Two years before my mother died, her sister Anne also died from breast cancer.

The number of women dying from breast cancer has gone down significantly in the last 20 years in the UK.

Right on!!! It's time for action, but not just to save lives from breast cancer, but from other cancers too.

We have an amazing opportunity to try to protect ourselves from breast cancer and we have done all we can now.

Millions of seniors are receiving preventive care including all the way from breast cancer screenings and to tests for heart problems and scores of other things.

In 3% of cases breast in is used

Traces have also been found in breast milk, the blood of pregnant women and umbilical cord blood.

Given that the Philippines ranked first in breast cancer incidence in Asia (http: **34;3023;TOOLONG.

Doctors follow what happens to people for 10 to 15 years or more after treatment in breast cancer research studies.

So, I'd trying to create my own FB meme that includes a concrete call to action to get women to consider taking part in breast cancer research.

NBCAM recognizes that, although many great strides have been made in breast cancer awareness and treatment, there remains much to be accomplished.

For example, if a woman found a lump in breast during her routine manual breast examination, should be evaluated further for definitive diagnosis by mammography and biopsy.

It may be good to choose a clinic that offers breast augmentation alone or that specializes in breast augmentation so you know you're getting an experienced and skilled surgeon.

In 3% of cases breast through is used

I watched my grandmother suffer through breast cancer and found this whole thing to be in poor taste.

However, it may pass to the fetus during the birth process and can also infect newborns through breast milk.

In 2% of cases breast against is used

The aim of the NBCAM from the beginning was to promote mammography as the most effective weapon against breast cancer.

Thank you for sharing your fight against breast cancer with us and for making others be more (and in a better way) aware.

A recent survey found that those women who have the high activity ACE genotype derive substantial protection against breast cancer if they drink green tea regularly.

While those women who fell into the high enzyme activity group failed to derive any protective benefits against breast cancer as their bodies destroyed the EGCG before it could do any good.

In 2% of cases breast on is used

Shen's human science and technology on breast tumor.

It seems like she's snacking on breast milk every while rather than having a full meal.

I was saddened by the conclusions of Kathleen Kingsbury in her article on breast cancer.

Yes, there REALLY is still a lot of women and PEOPLE who need education on breast exams and cancer esp in light of the recent studies debating the effectiveness of regular mammograms.

Since its inception more than 25 years ago, NBCAM has been at the forefront of promoting awareness of breast cancer issues and has evolved along with the national dialogue on breast cancer.

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