Prepositions used with "establishment"

of, for, to, through or with establishment?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases establishment of is used

I was however surprised with the amount of graffiti in the area when I arrived, and the amount of establishments that had bars on their windows.

The time of establishment will be related to the availability of irrigation water/rainfall, temperature and day length and to the desired period during of harvest.

In addition to proof as to the place of establishment of the customer outside the Community, the supplier must also furnish proof that the customer is a taxable person.

This evidence may consist of the VAT number, or a similar number which is used to identify the business, allocated by the tax authority in the country of establishment.

These types of establishments that offer in-house financing charge extremely high interest rates, price their cars at retail or above, and generally always want a down payment.

The Turkic raids began in the first half of 11th century starting with Sabuktgin and the process of establishment of their kingdoms in North &; West of Hindustan started from late 12th century.

In 10% of cases establishment to is used

These are the principles of national treatment and the right to establishment.

The candidate must be a current or past Prime Minister or president, thus, limiting the field to establishment politicians.

In 5% of cases establishment with is used

Those 3 gear are definitely vital in operating even the particular with establishments.

Lawful condition with establishment with the help of information on borrowings ought to be revealed.

In 3% of cases establishment between is used

People don't control their countries even in democratic countries, they are forced to pick between establishment candidates ruled by a two-party oligarchy.

It is not polish -polish war, it is war between establishment of Polish soviets who are in power in Poland and who held economy and finances in their grabbing paws.

In 3% of cases establishment by is used

Now we have reached the stage where Suharto's role at least is being suggested by Establishment sources.

In areas where FIZs are not available, companies can set up Licensed Manufacturing Warehouses (LMWs) which are accorded facilities similar to those enjoyed by establishments in FIZs.

In 3% of cases establishment from is used

Forest Management (FM) certification aims to ensure that the management of a forest complies with certain rules and regulations from establishment to harvest.

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