Prepositions used with "electricity"

of, for, to, on or without electricity?

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In 52% of cases electricity of is used

The cost of electricity will rise - no doubt.

Now we realised the importance of electricity.

Public since 50% of electricity is generated with coal vs.

This awareness pushes China to insure other sources of electricity -- coal plants.

These units produce an evil amount of electricity and can be dangerous when misused.

I love you! S Oct 30: President Kikwete Good morning Dave! Ah, the joy of electricity.

You can choose to be charging this battery by the use of electricity or by the use of the solar battery charger.

In 1906 he was awarded the Nobel prize in physics for his researches into the discharge of electricity in gases.

Here I want to reveal one big waste of electricity by WAPDA, LESCO and electricity board employees in other cities.

To get the value: - Firstly, calculate the amount of electricity consumption before installing the solar PV system.

In 10% of cases electricity for is used

Demand for electricity is lower.

I have a water maker, and solar panels for electricity.

The procedure for electricity connection looks even sadder.

We use a real options approach to estimate VoLL for electricity producers for baseload and.

One problem is that it assumes that the demand for heat is twice the demand for electricity.

And gas should be playing a less significant role in meeting demand for electricity than it is now.

Background Traditionally, national demand for electricity is at its highest on winter weekday evenings between 5pm and 7pm.

Dominant consumption of non-renewable energy for electricity is leading to Green House Gasses (GHG) emission into the atmosphere.

And those industries, which often pay less for electricity than residential customers, are the ones causing climate change, Lee said.

SERNA grants to the corresponding company, the exploitation of the geothermal resources for electricity production through binary cycle.

In 9% of cases electricity to is used

And access to electricity in rural areas is low.

From footwear to electricity supply there's work for CAK to do.

As of 2009, total population access to electricity had risen to 75%.

Also, only two third of total households have access to electricity.

Electric energy This new access to electricity can have huge benefits.

The government aims to achieve universal access to electricity by 2012.

There were a lot of obstacles to electricity being accepted universally.

They could have easily blocked access to electricity, water and food from all the sides.

But, about 700 million people in the region still have no access to electricity and about 85% of those live in rural areas.

In the energy sector, we focus on the quality of power supply and the population of Tanzanians who have access to electricity.

In 7% of cases electricity on is used

Apparently, only about 26% of Jamaicans pay GCT on electricity.

Actual amount will vary each quarter dependent on electricity usage.

I am no expert on electricity, but it seems like it could very well be true.

You can even save on electricity by just hanging your clothes out to dry instead of throwing them into your dryer.

It has the capability to go many more miles on electricity, but that doesn't mean you're going to do that every day.

The tax on electricity will be passed down through every business and product that requires energy in order to be made.

Factories have experienced massive loses, especially metals and aluminium factories, which depend mainly on electricity.

But on the flip side there are others who are very dependent on electricity for important reasons like say medical reasons.

This could save up to 86 per year on electricity bills (note: this applies to the whole house and not just the living room).

Any appliance that runs on electricity has the potential to cause damage to the environment if it is not disposed of in a responsible way.

In 7% of cases electricity without is used

No country can make progress without electricity.

Some villages have been without electricity for days.

A few places of work and residence are without electricity and running water.

Streets were also flooded in Pisa and some homes were left without electricity.

Also, 850,000 households in the north were still without electricity, at least 1.

There are some places of work and residence without electricity and running water.

Lo and behold readers, an outsider? s view of the city of lights (without electricity).

The current scare is that many houses are without electricity, and it's expected to get cold.

AP Photo A disinfecting crew cleans the lobby of a building without electricity in the Red Hook Houses Monday.

There are some places of work and residence without electricity and running water so you may do without television, and the likes.

In 5% of cases electricity in is used

Private participation in electricity distribution is much lower.

France's emissions in electricity generation are about 85g CO2/kWh.

People are suffering severely because of the fluctuation in electricity.

Tumble dryers are marvellous but very costly in electricity so few people use them.

What drives large investments in electricity infrastructure is peak electricity demand.

In the Budget speech it is indicated that there will be an increase in electricity prices.

Here is then the first round of blame: AL left BNP with a 11 month long slump that resulted in a 5% deficit in electricity.

Teacher of Electricity in TSS (2) Bachelors degree in Electricity or Advanced diploma with experience of 2 years in teaching 6.

There are positive charges (called protons) and negative charges (called electrons) in electricity and during the storm these charges separate.

As for build rates, France managed to displace fossil fuels in electricity generation far faster than any deployment of non-hydro renewables has in any nation.

In 4% of cases electricity with is used

It's the same story with electricity.

Powered Site A site with electricity supplied.

The same transfer of power happened with electricity.

If somebody die with electricity black out the whole country.

His passion for innovation did not end with electricity generators.

This has affected development as almost all small and medium scale industries operate with electricity.

As the water drops and the ice particles rub and bump against each other, they become charged with electricity.

Working with electricity is harmful but following some simple, easy recommendations, the likelihood and impact of an incident can be considerably reduced.

Their equally vicious South Lebanon Army militia tortured prisoners with electricity in the Khiam prison inside Israel's occupied zone in southern Lebanon.

The grid supplies 30 homes, including the home of Ndzi Samuel, a local primary school teacher, three small shops and a local hotel with electricity 24 hours a day.

In 2% of cases electricity as is used

There are also a number of places around the world where nuclear is used to provide district heating as well as electricity.

If people are used to getting free public goods such as electricity, water and others they would never ever pay for the services when requested to in future.

This rise of $13,000 a year is a big amount and more than covers the rise in cost of some items such as electricity that people put in their basket of economic pain.

Many people have been forced to reassess how much they spend on luxury items, as the cost of essentials such as electricity, food and fuel has risen sharply in recent years.

If you decide to hire an apartment, remember than the ancillary costs such as electricity, phone line, furniture and travel costs to and from the university are your responsibility.

A resident can not be charged for a utility service payable by the provider/agent (such as electricity, gas and water ), unless the room is separately metered for the utility service.

He has 29 years of experience in commercial and industrial electrical systems design as well as electricity transmission and distribution design and system management and maintenance.

In 2% of cases electricity by is used

Human beings work like machines powered by electricity.

The electricity is never switched off Some trains are powered by electricity which is never switched off.

Steam Power caused the first industrial revolution and I am sure subsequent revolutions were caused by electricity, the car, you name it.

Any energy lost from that source has to be directly replaced by electricity from another source, with no source-related efficiency improvements available.

STCs are paid for by electricity retailers, who have to buy the amount set by an annual percentage, and the percentage is set by the number of stcs in the market.

The Theatre is Lighted by Electricity ' The smartest theatres in the late 19th century prided themselves on giving their programmes away free, and not charging for cloakroom facilities.

In 2% of cases electricity from is used

It privatized everything from electricity management to water to farms.

However, an electric car can be recharged from electricity generated by ANY means.

For areas like home electronics, it's actually a significant decision when buying those products, with some products which can cost you over $100 more in a year from electricity costs.

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