Prepositions used with "laptop"

of, for, to, on or like laptop?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 24% of cases laptop of is used
    The current Phase 2 is called as 3rd Round of laptop Distribution.
    SS So the distribution of laptops fro remaining students of 1st Phase, i.
    SS So the distribution of laptops fro remaining students of 1st Phase, i.
    Thank goodness for the warming properties of laptops! LOVE sock and to count myself among your enablers.
    We took the 23 kilos out, which were a couple of laptops I was carrying and left with them on the stairs.
    This reminded me of laptops I've had that have overheated and shut down, and here I was only reading a book.
    In this era of virtual shopping, usage of laptops, desktops and mobile devices to shop have increased considerably.
    The first sets of laptops built around this concept were code-named Cr-48 and made their debut on 7 th December 2012AD.
    Phase 2 of laptops is going on and as soon as it is completed, those left over students will be handed over with the laptops.
    Phase 2 of laptops is going on and as soon as it is completed, those left over students will be handed over with the laptops.

    In 15% of cases laptop for is used
    Wireless connections for laptops is rare.
    It also works for laptop or PDA data access.
    For laptop case selection, the following factors need to be considered.
    A new MacBook (five years seems to be my tolerance for laptops before the crazy frustration overtakes the computer's speed).
    Merom is intended for laptops and Woodcrest for servers and workstations, while Conroe supersedes Intel's current Pentium 4 range for desktop machines.
    It is too bad that he did not pursue it, or did he do it quietly? What he did achieve was remarkable, so give him that much credit for laptop computers for the masses.

    In 15% of cases laptop to is used
    It seems its specific to laptops.
    It is PCI-connected to towers, and Express card-connected to laptops.
    The new battery technology is reportedly applicable to laptops and other consumer devices, too.
    From smart phones, tabs, desktops to laptops, the social media is literally available everywhere.
    For example, LEDs could be used in hospitals to transmit data from MRI scanners to laptop computers.
    The idea of the convertible PC -- a term that applies to laptops and tablets with adjustable form factors -- isn't a new one.
    According to the 2012 survey from the American Bar Association's Legal Technology Resource Center, 38 percent of lawyers have already migrated to laptops as primary computers.
    Low processor speeds for work -- Although tablet devices can be very helpful for making presentations, they do have processor speed limitations when compared to laptop computers.

    In 12% of cases laptop on is used
    Easily navigate the entire interface and work quickly, even on laptops.
    In a practical sense, the office was to operate on laptops accessing a wireless network.
    The interoperability promise of Windows 8 is huge: Buy your app once, and use it on tablet, on laptop, on desktop.
    There are also useful shortcuts to control the volume, Wi-Fi and other common functions found on laptop keyboards.
    For instance replacing your OS on desktop easy job right, on laptops its over complecated and i dare say a nightmare for there calls centeres on getting operating disks.
    The second! Now, we explain where you can find the best prices on laptops Low end offerings from vendors: Many of big name laptop makers do offer special deals and discount coupons.

    In 8% of cases laptop like is used
    Water damage to mobile phones Mobile phones, like laptops and other electrical devices, are not resistant to water or any other liquid.
    Guests have been informed to lock their luggage securely prior to depositing in the open area and not to expose valuables like laptops, cameras wallets hanging from their bags.
    With more and more devices like laptops, tablets, TVs, set-top boxes and gaming consoles connecting to the Internet, families have specific needs that are best catered for by certain providers.

    In 7% of cases laptop in is used
    This laptop is in number 6 in laptop brand rating.
    When we look at individual categories, Apple was #1 in laptop Computers too.
    Some brands that are not that much popular in laptop market but you can rely on and the service is very good.
    Ultrabook is an exciting new category that gives consumers the features and form factor that they love in laptops, but also delivers the features they enjoy with their tablets.

    In 6% of cases laptop as is used
    These are handy if you have multiple devices, such as laptops and gaming consoles, connecting to a single line.
    There are cooling devices available; you can use them such as laptop cooling trays and pads to make sure that your laptop does not get hot and therefore not use extra battery juice.
    Window treatments: Window treatments are actually is recommended for business as well as multimedia suites because they help lessen your glare for your television as well as laptop.

    In 6% of cases laptop with is used
    A growing number of schools already provide students with laptops for school purposes and it is highly likely this trend will grow.
    With children today being deprived of the space and land of the country, many children find themselves stuck on the couch with laptops and iPhones.

    In 5% of cases laptop from is used
    Prizes are enticing too -- from laptops and iPhones to digital cameras and other goodies.
    Copied the Idea from laptop coolers, the fan just blows cool air up under the router and definately lowers the temperature of the router.

    In 3% of cases laptop into is used
    OK, they are definitely eating into laptops in some markets.
    It also pioneered the dongles that consumers slip into laptops to wirelessly connect to the Web.

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