Prepositions used with "applicant"

of, for, to, on or by applicant?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases applicant of is used

INSKEEP: You interview a number of applicants.

Out of thousands of applicants, only nine girls were chosen.

First off, Test Coach Camp has reached it's a viable number of applicants.

Since our establishment, we have built up a huge database of applicants and clients.

Let's also bear in mind that these figures correspond only to the numbers of applicants.

However, he/she will have to compete with the same cohort of applicants for a place in Law.

Concerns will be heightened by the criticism, made by the Green Paper ' s co-author, of a backlog of applicants.

The other smaller hospitals get several hundreds of applicants for less than 10 spots total for all departments.

Personal tutors of applicants will also be contacted and asked to provide a reference on behalf of their students.

We will be calling back a number of applicants who will spend a whole day with our audition team in a few weeks ' time.

In 15% of cases applicant for is used

There WILL be interviews for applicants who are short-listed.

In seeking to create a league table for applicants, Green risks killing the golden goose.

A DVD, Getting Decisions Right, illustrates the Tribunal's practices and procedures for applicants.

Note that there is an exception for applicants from the EES member states Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

Supplementary questionnaire (this is for applicants who are not resident in Malaysia and who are here on a social visit pass).

Her office, where she's involved in management, gives training for applicants who may work in offices as janitor, gardener, driver, and the like.

Sonru enabled Queen's University to successfully replicate the structured Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) online to ensure a standard screening interview process for applicants all over the world.

In 10% of cases applicant to is used

EU Rate of Fees will be applied to applicants who meet ONE of the below criteria: 1.

The offer of an ITE course to applicants is subject to them being physically, medically and mentally fit to pursue the course.

I am so happy in the position you helped me secure and would recommend your services highly to applicants and employers alike.

It was only after about six months, when faced with the paucity of local applicants, that the doors were opened to applicants from other provinces.

Free Fees for Level 8 (Honours Degrees) will be applied to applicants who meet ONE of the below criteria AND fulfil the first programme of study / nationality requirements: 1.

This merging of disciplines gives the subject a broad appeal and opens it up to applicants from a wide range of backgrounds, not solely those with a first degree in engineering or surveying.

In 6% of cases applicant on is used

Programme? There is no age limit imposed on applicants.

Is there any age limit imposed on applicants to the Graduate LL.

Information about payday can take payday loans payday loans toll on applicants.

Look through its own the verifiable monthly payday loan payday loan bill that an applicant on applicants.

In 5% of cases applicant by is used

These are needed by applicants who require fast protection against an infringer.

The Family Court has a blank affidavit form which can be used by applicants and respondents.

Don't be silly, says, Merpel, everyone knows that dubious patents are exclusively caused by applicants.

In 5% of cases applicant from is used

Forms from applicants who do not meet the minimum entry qualifications will not be processed and the admission fee if paid will be forfeited.

In 3% of cases applicant with is used

But I will say this: it is far more likely that the children of the elite compete more with each other than they do with applicants from other diversity buckets (ethnic, geographic, extracurricular).

In 1% of cases applicant as is used

If you as applicant fulfill the requirements and accept the terms and condi-tions of an internship at the FES Tanzania Office, you should send.

In 1% of cases applicant before is used

In addition, applications must go through a rigorous screening and approval procedure before applicants are accepted.

In 1% of cases applicant per is used

This would take hours of work per applicant.

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