Prepositions used with "punishment"

of, for, to, in or without punishment?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases punishment of is used

They deserve the severest of punishment.

Amount of punishment depends upon the nature of crime.

I see them as motivated mainly by a fear of punishment.

Socially useful behaviour is inspired by love for others, not merely by fear of punishment.

But preparation of punishment is the act in which God determines to punish his creatures, &c.

Fear of punishment either goes away, or produces resentment and a kind of passive aggression.

The price of seeking to impose moral value by legal sanction in terms of punishment in turn results to loss of freedom.

Even it seems unlikely -- is forgiveness a possibility? Or will life become an unending cycle of punishment and recrimination.

When you sincerely examine yourself you will find out that you are deserving of punishment because you have broken the Laws of God.

For example, the principle of dessert applies not only in the distribution of wealth, but also in the distribution of punishments.

In 11% of cases punishment for is used

My idea for punishment of the offender.

As for punishments, we get rewards for that according to the level of sufferings in punishment.

As for punishments, we get rewards for that according to the level of sufferings in punishment.

Summary procedure for punishment for non-attendance by a witness in obedience to summons 454 485A.

It may be considered that the behaviour may not be spared for punishment where consent and privacy are irrelevant.

On the other hand, separate from rewards to perpetrator for punishment, perpetrator gets sins for the crime he committed.

Protection should be placed over the kidneys, and a medical officer is supposed to certify the recipient fit for punishment.

Murmuring, complaints, disrespect, jealousy, disobedience, anger, pride or rebellion will hand over a family to the devil for punishment.

In 9% of cases punishment to is used

Schools have strict policies, and if a child breaks that policy, he is subject to punishment.

As a result of this transgression, God turned Iblis out of His court and sentenced him to punishment.

Canadian pride has gone down the toilet due to punishments doled out to offending officers as of late.

It just seemed implausible: admitting to a crime meant you were subjecting yourself to punishment -- maybe decades in prison or even death.

Bathing was not compulsory on them The Shaheed must not have died due to punishment (executed due to Islamic law) The Shaheed must have been killed by a weapon (sword, dagger, gun etc.

In 4% of cases punishment in is used

And Fear Allah; Verily Allah is severe in punishment.

As for punishments, we get rewards for that according to the level of sufferings in punishment.

Notice that all these have no part in preventing more crime; they involve solely an increase in punishment.

In 4% of cases punishment without is used

On the one hand, they seem to imply that justice can often be achieved without punishment.

Set Clear Boundaries with a Clear Head Parenting without punishment is NOT parenting without guidance.

Here are ten techniques and tips that I find helpful in my own personal move towards parenting without punishment.

The model restorative Justice, such as the one that Stephen Garvey has described as? atonement without punishment? 40 has become an attractive alternative to deontological retributivism.

Especially my 9 year old brother, who is getting influences by this as he sees her going without punishment or reprimand and thinks its okay to be disobedient and use foul language/be abusive.

In 3% of cases punishment from is used

While Benedict Arnold escaped to British-occupied New York, where he was protected from punishment.

In 2% of cases punishment by is used

Within the fundie tribe, cohesion and conformity is maintained by shared mythology backed up by punishment of heretics and blashemers, and reinforced by in group out group dynamics.

In 2% of cases punishment with is used

If they themselves did not want to bother with punishment, they would summon the Kapo and order him to give us twenty-five lashes.

In these kinds of situations, the issues that have to do with punishment are put aside and the focus is majored on conflict resolution and dialogues for peace.

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