Prepositions used with "vehicle"

of, for, to, in or with vehicle?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases vehicle of is used

The number of vehicles affected was 1.

Attractiveness of vehicles and facilities.

He said this decision will ease the number of vehicles and people stranded in the city.

The closest thing I can compare it to is getting used to driving a different kind of vehicle.

Road Transport Shows on TV NIGERIA undoubtedly harbors the highest number of vehicles in the West Coast of Africa.

V2I facilitates the interaction of vehicles and roadside units to enhance the aforementioned application scenarios.

V2I facilitates the interaction of vehicles and roadside units to enhance the aforementioned application scenarios.

As we discussed, the choice of vehicle can be established mainly by the needs of your family rather than preferences.

In 11% of cases vehicle for is used

We would highly recommend Chris Dennison for vehicle locates.

The upcoming year looks to be a banner year for vehicle efficiency.

Car shade is important for vehicles as well as their owners in hot places like Dar es Salaam.

We tried ramming the block with the troop carriers but could not clear a passage for vehicles.

Pre- Western Ferries and The Streakers, it was common for vehicles to travel by road to Glasgow.

Usually, it is not common for vehicles to park in front of the house unless they do business with us.

While LPG can not power vehicles for rough terrain, it is ideal for vehicles travelling long distances.

Oil and Gas as a product is a consumable used by everyone either at home or in companies or for vehicles.

The big Costco, along with a gas bar for vehicles, would be built first on the northern section of the site.

They are completely separate metering systems and a second meter, because they can only be used for vehicle charging.

In 8% of cases vehicle to is used

This includes all minor damage to vehicles.

Admission gates do close to vehicles when parking lots are full.

The road will be open to vehicles from its other end to the picnic area.

This tunnel bore would need to be closed to vehicle traffic and fitted with twin rail tracks.

To achieve this, our new tunnel features a test section with walls that can be shaped to vehicle contour and yaw angle.

So once again, you need to be in the position to relax in the market for a prolonged interval to vehicle your movements.

Game drives are tightly controlled to ensure that animals are not harassed and some areas are completely closed to vehicles.

Due to the low volume of traffic in the park, the game is wild, being unaccustomed to vehicles, this offers a truly unique experience.

This is seen mainly in the urban areas due to vehicle congestion, generators, and construction sites crushing stones and bricks, and noise in industries.

Works contract may exist in relation to an immovable property for example construction contract or movable property like repair to vehicles or printing contracts etc.

In 7% of cases vehicle in is used

It is expected that Siri will be available in vehicle as well.

Car sales centres around the country say there has been a sharp decline in vehicle sales.

Every Transformer can attack in vehicle mode, but naturally tanks pack more of a punch than sporty hatchbacks.

This is of course not because of more tourists but a general increased activity in vehicles and inconsiderate drivers.

Because of the little population the town is not congested in vehicle traffic as compared to other provision headquarters in Tanzania.

The trio attempt to achieve the fastest lap at Silverstone in vehicles that reach top speeds of more than 220mph and cost 500,000 each.

Besides this, oxides of Nitrogen dioxide are produced when thunderstorm blows or air is heated in furnaces or in vehicle petrol engines.

Very often there is not enough space inside and so people sit wherever they can -- on stairs, on pavements and in vehicles -- while they eat.

The DME was a former RASC Officer with rich experience in vehicle engineering, and his organisational flair made a great impression on the War Office.

But the primary fact is that typically this unit will be employed in vehicles where people will always be able to hook it up to the cigarette lighter.

In 5% of cases vehicle with is used

I have near-misses with vehicles all the time.

I have near-misses with vehicles all the time.

But believe me helmets are not the answer with vehicle collisions.

It officially launched in 2007, with vehicles capturing footage in five U.

Nothing to do with vehicle exhaust or poor air quality in Britains cities then.

Additional semi-static workshops were provided to cope with vehicles recovered from the battlefields.

The smiling passengers seemed amused as the cars narrowly missed colliding with vehicles coming the other way.

This is not always easy for individual artists to organise due to the high costs associated with vehicle maintenance and fuel in Central Australia.

It is the first electric car with a long range (up to 300 miles) and it will force global, traditional automakers to move forward with vehicle electrification.

You are apparently looking at head injury without considering limb and torso injuries, which are more prevalent in incidents with vehicles, especially HGVs, in urban situations.

In 4% of cases vehicle by is used

Iam just listing a few: - B) MURDER BY VEHICLE.

Ozone is produced when sunlight is combined with compounds produced by vehicles and industry, and causes inflammation in the lungs.

The fast ascend by vehicle to about 4000m will require additional acclimatisation, after which it will be possible to ascend Uhuru Peak either.

The five were knocked down by vehicles while attempting to scale the short retaining walls to cross from one section of the road to the other side.

In 4% of cases vehicle from is used

Theft from vehicles has been increasing markedly since September 2011.

I estimate from the Cowal Ferries carryings for the last full year that the revenue from vehicles was about 1M, from passengers about 0.

Vehicle doors should be kept locked and bags kept out of sight to prevent opportunistic bag-snatching from vehicles stopped at traffic lights.

Aside from vehicle sales, the brand generates $500 million a year in royalty revenue for use of its name on everything from bicycles to strollers.

Never mind also that the emissions from vehicles at rush hour have been accounted for, and exposure from cigarette smoke is still found to be worse.

In 3% of cases vehicle on is used

Read Full Article Matte results in extraordinary outcome specially when applied on vehicles.

Winds gusted over 70 mph in many areas and resulted in widespread wind damage with trees falling on vehicles, power lines, and houses.

If you are looking to spend much less on vehicle insurance, the initial thing you should do is usually to see where you could save inside your existing plan.

For all his much-worked image as a regular cyclist, Johnson's apparent focus on vehicle traffic flow and his reluctance over a possible 20mph limit on urban roads argues something different.

As you can't transform nearly all of all those, and few people would relocate or marry to save cash on vehicle insurance, you may management the kind of auto you travel, that also has a role.

In 2% of cases vehicle between is used

Burgess St would be transformed into a courtyard space with no separation between vehicles and pedestrians.

The lone assassin slipped easily between vehicles held up at the traffic snarl at Rosemead Place and blew himself up.

However, since message exchange between vehicles is based on vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs ), V2V interaction is subject to large network effects.

The VIP is a Web services-based back-end system that covers multiple components to realize an efficient information exchange between vehicles and enterprise applications.

It covers the information exchange between vehicles and roadside infrastructure equipped with wireless communication technology such as traffic lights or warning signs for road works.

In 2% of cases vehicle Per is used

Proper vehicle/passenger ferries would have to be much larger than the current Western ships to accommodate the higher number of passengers.

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