Prepositions used with "household"

of, for, to, in or per household?

Word Frequency
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In 47% of cases household of is used

Around 70% of households are owners.

I'd nicely in the top 5% of household incomes.

Women heads of households are overburdened with work.

To me these two types of households are distinctively different in terms of income.

I've seen tons of household bill systems and I have to say this is one of the easiest.

Unfortunately, for me, The Thing is actually more The Collection of Household Essentials.

The same data shows, however, that nearly two-thirds of households that paid no income tax did pay payroll taxes.

But I have paid alot of household bills with earnings a number of times with one site; still working on the second one.

He worked in the RBS insurance division following its merging of household brands, Direct Line, Green Flag and Churchill.

But this head of household made it clear at the Jamaica Conference Centre that no such guest would be welcome at his home.

In 10% of cases household for is used

Dogs are not striving, in other words, for household domination.

So keep a supply of water on hand to drink and for household use.

If gross monthly income is less than the limit for household size, determine net income.

As far as shopping for household products goes, the least expensive way is not as easy to get out.

For households in the 48 Contiguous States and the District of Columbia October 1, 2012 through September 30, 2013.

Yes it is ridiculous to provide so called subsidized housing for households who are high income making $8000 a month and who own BMWs.

Itemized deductions and credits for children and education are a bigger factor for households with income between $50,000 and $100,000.

Highest levels of relevance are seen for larger households (47% relevance for households containing 3 people) and for rural households (50%).

Those provisions matter most for households with income under $50,000, who make up nearly 90 percent of those made nontaxable by tax expenditures.

In 10% of cases household to is used

Thereafter they like to settle down to household activities.

UCKG is posting leaflets to households and has taken out newspaper ads.

By way of comparison, the value to households earning $40,000 to $50,000 is closer to 0.

Canada Dogs were employed in the supply of water to households in Atlin British Columbia prior to a pipe network.

It was how my now-fiance considered and related to household Things I'd received as gifts from my previous marriage.

It helps to realize that historically the majority of women did not significantly contribute monetarily to household income until 70s.

Receiving SNAP benefits: States issue SNAP benefits through local State or county offices to households that are eligible to receive them.

Oil consumption does follow real GDP (income ), but look what happened to household net worth after 2006, look at household debt levels, etc.

Speaking at an Irish Banking Federation conference, John Moran said banks need to begin lending to households who can afford it a content summary only.

More about what the Town Council does for our community can be found in the supplement within Brigg Matters, the newsletter distributed free to households.

In 9% of cases household in is used

Three out of four teenage suicides occur in households where a parent has been absent.

In the same time period, access to water and electricity in households had risen by 127.

Voters in households with household incomes of less than $30,000 a year tend to favor Mr.

Obese persons resided in households where the mean per cent spent on starch vegetables was 5.

Ever since LPG promotion began in 1989, it has helped to increase LPG use in households from 0.

Small outbreaks may occur in households and schools where persons have prolonged close contact.

A number of soldiers were billeted in households around Curragh and probably in Ardmore as well.

The familiar and very dependable units in household refrigerators are almost universally of this type.

This first one shows the percentage increase in household income over the period 1979 to 2007 by income group.

Note: The report measures financial distress in households in metro areas with a population of over 2 million.

In 8% of cases household per is used

The average press budget per household is US$132.

Average debt now stands at nearly 60,000 per household.

This was roughly $65,432 per household in the state, up from $35,055 in 1997.

It is also estimated that man hours lost for each episode of malaria per household is about 8.

Bunswalla No votes for women, blacks in slavery, one horse per household -- good times, good times.

From December 1999 to May 2000, average incomes increased from US$246 to US$634 per household per year.

Subdivision of Maasailand reduced land size for cattle herding, reduced the number of cows per household, and reduced food production.

TOD can reduce car needs without making people be carfree - it can mean one car per household instead of two, or two instead of three.

The IRS allows you to set aside up to $5,000 per household in a dependent-care FSA and up to $2,500 per working spouse in a medical FSA.

Multiply that by the average number of cars per household by state Divide the cost per household by the median income per household by state.

In 5% of cases household with is used

You can adjust your own study time to suit your job along with household schedule.

Voters in households with household incomes of less than $30,000 a year tend to favor Mr.

The race is even tighter when you look at white voters with household incomes under $50,000.

Not to watch and feed and bathe my two year old, but mainly to help me with household chores.

As for contact with household tap water, jewelry was made to be worn and shouldn't be put away.

On Tuesday morning, when women were busy with household chores, they were interrupted by a deafening noise.

Those with household incomes greater than $140,000 are at most risk and 41 per cent will not be ready to retire.

I can so relate about all your fits with household chores and not being able to do personal hygiene, computer work, etc.

Despite this, the Chancellor remains under huge pressure with households across the country still struggling to make ends meet.

Some of the noteworthy findings include the following: A 52% majority are in favor of raising tax rates on people with household income above $250,000.

In 3% of cases household from is used

The pollution is mainly from household solid wastes and wastewater.

However, the wife has used some of the savings from household money to pay debts for him.

The mass balance: let's say our input has come in from a residual two bin system from household waste and commercial waste.

Because they come from households, bicultural households, they understand what culture is but they're not afraid to make their own decisions.

Nearly half of deaths among children under 5 years old from ALRIs are due to particulate matter inhaled from indoor air pollution from household solid fuels.

In 3% of cases household on is used

He said these unsustainable schemes were shifting enormous costs on households that do not have solar.

Impact of austerity cuts The figures underlined the brutal impact that government austerity cuts and economic uncertainty are having on households.

Statistics from FINCA Haiti show that current clients spent 63% more on household education than did clients who had just joined Village Banking groups.

Data on household savings indicates that they aren't coming out of a debt binge, like UK and US consumers (albeit that they have retirement issues as Bill highlights).

And for every car trip replaced by a walking/biking/transit trip, we will spend less at the gas pump, easing the strain on household budgets and keeping dollars in America.

In 2% of cases household against is used

Instead it has galvanised joint action by the student movement and the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes to force a retreat.

And some parents even so thoroughly expect their children to rebel against household rules, that they see it as normal and not an issue for discipline.

In 2% of cases household by is used

Locality by Locality The Holy Spirit also works household by household.

The volume of waste being produced by households and businesses has continued to increase.

The measures of socio-economic status applied are economic level as measured by household expenditure, education and parents ' education.

Previous studies of gender and philanthropy have relied on data related to giving by households and married couples, making the effects of gender on.

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