Prepositions used with "resource"

of, for, to, in or on resource?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases resource of is used

New amount of Resource production.

Yes, Pakistan has lots of resources.

The result is a waste of resources.

Their rapid elasticity helps in expansion and downsizing of resources as per demand.

It's a hard question to answer as there are plenty of resources to learn electronics.

Second, general equilibrium theory takes the initial allocation of resources as given.

Diversity of resources Today, parks and reserves in East Africa, large or small, are islands in a sea of humanity.

Lots of sites make heavy use of resource sharding across many hostnames to take advantage of multiple connections.

If you are looking to get started with web design, make use of the unlimited number of resources available to you.

Diversity of resources Today, parks and reserves in East Africa, large or small, are islands in a sea of humanity.

In 7% of cases resource for is used

Look for resources that deal with similar topics to your own site.

The intrinsic elements provide effective means for resource description and identification.

Asia hunger for resources to fuel its growth is driving up the cost of energy and base metals.

These datastores are used to store metadata for resources such as instances, volumes, and snapshots.

At present, the region is home to around 40 investment projects and was responsible for resource sales of 2.

Asia hungry for resources Another headwind plaguing Western economies is actually blowing in from the East.

Domestic loans to develop resources for domestic use, and genuine trade for resources we don't have, can be repaid.

Imperialist power progressively disengages more of the social material in the third world for resource grab purposes.

One important implication was that HIV treatment and prevention efforts didn't have to compete for resources, said Dr.

In 7% of cases resource to is used

In July 2010, she founded CARMa (Creating Access to Resources &; Markets ), (www.

She never did a thing as Governor on an international level in regards to resources.

This page seeks therefore to provide a guide to resources outside the family and tribe.

It has access to resources technologies, methodologies and intellectual property of IBM worldwide.

The report measured the difference in how men and women in each country had access to resources and opportunities.

Part Elements must be included in all ResourceLink Elements that point to Resources that are spawned with write access.

Seeing this as the only means of access to resources is in line with the neo-conservative belief in the loss of community.

Part Elements may be included in ResourceLink Elements that point to Resources that are spawned with read only access, (e.

Organisations and awarding bodies may offer free or discounted access to resources, useful R &D; and manufacturing projects.

In 6% of cases resource in is used

Well, the answer simply lay in resources.

Each member contributed to and shared in resources.

The next citizen of Nairobi must participate in resource allocation processes.

Africa is too rich in resources that the world needs to be allowed to control its own destiny.

This is exactly the experience of post-WWII Japan and South Korea, both severely lacking in resources.

The UpdateID Attributes of one or more ResourceUpdate that are defined in Resources known to the recipient.

At the same time, student performance has not kept par with the increase in resources devoted to public schooling.

We face enormous struggles at OUTtv everyday competing in the marketplace against companies with billions of dollars in resources.

The US can be a commercial graveyard, but then Ryanair has climbed some high mountains and it is certainly not lacking in resources.

In 5% of cases resource on is used

He, therefore, reiterated his call on resource control agitators to join hands to exploit what is feasible now.

I really like Dolphin Mini because it is light on resources, real fast, simple, and does a lot of things really well.

Hopefully, we have got more to come than some teams in front of us because we are still down on resources and facilities.

To aid the process, ECan commissioners imposed a 15-month moratorium on resource consent applications on the Hurunui or its tributaries.

However, this approach can have unintended consequences due to the focus on resources on a more individual basis while risking losing the bigger picture.

Fred Brume (Delta Central) has described recent criticisms of his comment on resource control as an unfortunate misunderstanding of what he called a mature advice.

The scaling back of the investment boom, which has seen upwards of US$200 billion spent on resource projects in the past decade, may also allow other sectors of the economy to flourish.

Increasing populations obviously put some pressure on resources but the fundamental conditions under which we live -- how we generate our power, how we get around, how our food is grown, etc.

In 5% of cases resource with is used

With Resource linking, complex networks of Processes can be formed.

So, all over the world like the British museum was built with resources from lottery.

Matters to do with resources and finances will require extra sensitivity and clarity.

We didn't change the police here; we simply provided them with resource and opportunity.

Alentus may contact customers with resource intensive requirements and attempt to accommodate such needs.

Furthermore, these costs relate only to environmental pollution and net to the economic damage costs associated with resource depletion.

It is filled with resources for teachers, school children and anyone wanting to learn about the education work our zoos and aquariums do.

Your career is an investment -- when things don't go right you want to be armed with resources and a network to help you get back on track.

SPDY While this effort from Google aims to make everything faster, it is largely orthogonal to what we're trying to do with Resource Packages.

We can not educate students to international standards of excellence while funding higher education with resources more appropriate for a developing country.

In 2% of cases resource over is used

And wars too are mainly over resources right? We all need to learn to use less.

Chinese investors will be empowered to sue Canada over resources and profits outside of Canadian courts.

In Kenya a major shortcoming of the conversion was its disregard of the social role of community and family control over resources (Okoth-Ogendo 1997).

A sign of federalism has been the growing visibility of state governors and the inherent friction between Abuja and the various state capitals over resource allocation.

In 1% of cases resource about is used

Our wars and civil wars are about resources and limited resources.

But Cameron said he did not want the debate to become one about resources.

Sustainability for me is less about resources, and the fabrics of building materials.

Territorial disputes between countries are sometimes not about resources but about wounded pride and the embarrassment of the appearance of being disrespected publicly.

In 1% of cases resource by is used

The Seminar included a selective number of key-note presentations by resource experts and country representatives and many sessions of interactive discussions.

The tenacious pale-male-stale propaganda that has caught on worldwide in the boardrooms of organisations needs to be accompanied by resources, thought and effort for diversity management.

In 1% of cases resource from is used

We need to delink nationalism from resource hunger,.

We need to fully decouple growth from resource use and stop degrading the environment.

Selected posts from Resource Insights will begin to appear on the Monitor's Energy Voices blog this week.

Most pages on this website are no longer being updated, apart from resources from the last academic year's activities.

Yet, the amount of CO 2 per US%1 GDP has dropped by 23 per cent since 1992 underlining that some decoupling of economic growth from resource use is occurring.

In other words these countries are unable to make a timely transition from resource driven growth, based on low cost labor, to knowledge and productivity driven growth.

From a social innovation perspective, vulnerability is a measure of those cultures, social groups and ideas that are disenfranchised from resources and are threatened with extinction.

Unlike a number of its resource rich African neighbors, it has managed to build a relatively stable economy from resource wealth, by investing into education, health and infrastructure.

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