Prepositions used with "inquiry"

of, for, to, In or On inquiry?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 71% of cases inquiry of is used
    Resumption of inquiry or trial 467.
    Adjournment of inquiry or trial 508.
    The Tribunal is a commission of inquiry.
    In some cases, submissions had also been made to the previous commissions of inquiry.
    It will help to prepare your child for our next unit of inquiry about forces and motion.
    The Paulites raised multiple points of order and points of inquiry to prolong the process.
    After the Church Street disaster, a Committee of inquiry was set up by the Government to study housing in the city.
    Not to mention that lots of people who've published in every line of inquiry have been proven utterly, completely wrong.
    So what's the point? The next Royal Commission of inquiry will be set up to look into interrogation methods by the MACC.
    The focus now -- and in coming months -- should be on the formal commission of inquiry, headed by retired judge Ian Farlam.

    In 13% of cases inquiry for is used
    In my view there was a clear case for inquiry.
    It can be reached at +86 755-8232-7700 for inquiries.
    They took both of us for inquiries around 5, ' O; clock in the morning.
    Please call 688-6113 for inquiries about author fees and with any other questions.
    She is on the speakers's bureaus of the Secular Student Alliance and the Center for inquiry.
    Provision for inquiries and trial being held in the absence of accused in certain cases 540A.
    The first object therefore which presents itself for inquiry, is the cause or causes of the high price of raw produce.
    About 25 activists of the Hindu Jagaran Vedike assaulted the four when they were taken to the Mandya station for inquiry.
    No one fell asleep and they were talking to me! In early August I visited Camp inquiry run by folks from the Center for inquiry.
    In order to give a payday loan in the state, a has increased the volume for inquiries with low cost online payday loans inquiries.

    In 4% of cases inquiry to is used
    Curator Branch staff is available to respond to inquiries.
    CHAPTER XXIV GENERAL PROVISIONS AS TO inquiries AND TRIALS Tender of pardon to accomplice 337.
    Even turning people into algorithms by crowd sourcing returns to inquiries turns out to be less than ideal.
    If you choose to do this, be sure you respond to inquiries in a timely manner and follow up to ensure problems are resolved.
    Maybe the $800 rebate i received was good enough compensation and that would be enough to prevent me from needing to inquiry further about my service.
    CALAS/ACSAL will make every effort to respond openly to inquiries or complaints regarding its management, collection and disclosure of personal information.

    In 3% of cases inquiry In is used
    CHAPTER XXV OF THE MODE OF TAKING AND RECORDING EVIDENCE IN inquiries AND TRIALS Evidence to be taken in presence of accused 353.
    In inquiries and trials (other than summary trials) under this Code by or before a Magistrate or Sessions Judge, the evidence of the witnesses shall be recorded in the following manner.

    In 2% of cases inquiry On is used
    Singh said abnormally high distribution losses were detected in an industrial unit in Panipat and on inquiries the unit claimed the production was closed for about 20 days.
    A complaint was made to him of a very ugly nuisance inflicted on the inmates of the Alms House which belonged to the South Presentation Convent, and was, on inquiry, found to be too true.

    In 2% of cases inquiry upon is used
    Some styles of CV do not include the details of referees, but instead state ' Referees can be provided upon inquiry.
    Upon inquiry by Leonardo, accused told them that Miguel was left behind at Malasin having a drinking spree with Ellasos ' father.
    Neither party to a contract of insurance is bound to communicate, even upon inquiry, information of his own judgment upon the matters in question.

    In 1% of cases inquiry from is used
    From inquiries which I made some years ago, I ascertained that, in a single year, 2,866,084 were issued in the city of Dublin '.

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