Prepositions used with "discovery"

of, for, to, in or on discovery?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases discovery of is used

In terms of discoveries this is tiny.

It looked like the interior of Discovery One.

We won the race of discovery against the Germans.

Ask your users, your friends, and people you've never met to share their stories of discovery.

This process of discovery is basic to the philosophic underpinning of the qualitative approach.

The aim of an exploratory process of thinking is to be able to follow the realities of discovery,.

What do you value most about being part of it? The amazing sense of discovery, fun and confidence in God we share.

Love at the End of the Road is a heart-warming, amusing and inspiring story about one woman's journey of discovery.

The problem with these types of discoveries is not only what you mentioned, It also has to do with military applications.

Syntax: Not a matter of discovery (unlike with a natural language ), but stipulation in order to provide a specified set of strings.

In 15% of cases discovery for is used

There would be no room for discovery.

So that's probably where the greatest potential for discovery is, too.

Two boats have been sunk in the sand, adding even more possibility for discovery.

With these high-energy collisions, the hunt for discoveries at the LHC will begin.

A man who liked practical jokes, he was driven, like the other two, by a hunger for discovery and adventure.

Much later it was replaced by the debate over the role of race in the ultimate decision as to who would receive credit for discovery.

The Parks Canada Western Regional Director took exception to Bennett's report and its finding that Jim deserved sole credit for discovery.

In 1999, she received the ACRAG Talent Award for Discovery, 1999, for her acting role in Cantata which is shown on the national television, GTV.

I am going to vehemently request that we have time for discovery because they guys keep throwing more and more stuff in every time they answer something.

In 9% of cases discovery to is used

Simply put, the diagnosis of mesothelioma is the first step on a road to discovery.

His philosophy bears the seal of his master who holds that this universe has its enternal principles and laws though immutable but susceptible to discovery.

Some of these discovers didn't have much educational paper qualifications but their imagination and visualization and application of knowledge from one to the other made them to discoveries.

Even Carmack, an American living a Native lifestyle, understood this and arranged with Jim to sign his name to discovery claim, thus avoiding any difficulties recording it with the authorities.

In 6% of cases discovery in is used

You could request this in discovery.

Your attorney can and should demand the collateral file in Discovery.

The approach when I started practicing law, which was that almost anything that you asked for in discovery you got, has become much more restricted.

Although it can be a challenge to get the keywords right, doing so can actually mean a boost in discovery as users begin to craft more targeted search queries.

Early in the hearing O'Mara was arguing with the judge about discovery in general and complaining that stuff was obviously withheld that should have been included in discovery.

Columbus Park Pop into the 24-hour open-air museum and see relics of Jamaican history at Columbus Park, a commemorative park to mark the 1494 landing of Christopher Columbus in Discovery Bay.

In 6% of cases discovery on is used

I saw a show on Discovery Health about this and I was intrigued.

Li Qun's name keep appear on Discovery, National Geography, UA magazine and Time Asia.

There is a special on discovery on the effects on the oceans the food chain and how even plants and animals are moving to.

Mammary tumours are best removed on discovery, the operation is fairly straightforward and better done sooner rather than later.

Subaru decided to go a different route by casting someone who actually owns one of their cars in a commercial aired on Discovery.

The techniques to do this, based on discoveries made and technologies developed during the past half century, are already available.

Most of the information is based on discoveries by the author and is currently being used around the country by attorneys, paralegals, legal groups and laymen.

A digital archaeology that sat within the digital humanities would worry less about that, and concentrate more on discovery and generation, of ' interesting ways of thinking about this '.

In 2% of cases discovery about is used

MP: i launched the Curators Code, about discovery and the ethics of attribution.

We have standards for copyright, but there was a component about discovery that was missing.

We forget about discovery as we start to search for a career that will support ourselves and our families.

Early in the hearing O'Mara was arguing with the judge about discovery in general and complaining that stuff was obviously withheld that should have been included in discovery.

In 2% of cases discovery between is used

The gap between discovery and production has widened since.

Green Grotto Caves - take an underground tour through these historic caves with a crystal-clear lake at the bottom located between Discovery and Runaway Bays.

In 2% of cases discovery into is used

One of the biggest benefits for you to proceed would be the opportunity to get into Discovery.

In 2% of cases discovery with is used

The overall experience is one filled with discovery and delight as you explore.

The Edge of Extinction is produced in association with Discovery Channel Canada.

Click here to review our Terms of Use Gone the way of the dodo The first decade of the 21st century was ripe with discoveries and innovations in the animal kingdom.

In 1% of cases discovery by is used

Another, the Boseto copper mine, is owned by Discovery Metals and is one of the largest in Botswana.

It is very dangerous to assume that an import from your known CAs will provide an accurate inventory of all certificates; it's merely a starting point that must be augmented by discovery.

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