Prepositions used with "minority"

of, for, to, in or against minority?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases minority of is used

Let us begin with how the KD manuscript speaks of minority rights.

Again, the possibility of minority rule may have been there before.

Marco Rubio called on the GOP to be more inclusive of minorities.

Self-determination The conception of self-determination is of course an out growth of minority rights.

They too experienced issues and conflicts relating to the rights of minorities and religious freedom.

In the past 60 years in SL the tamil issue came into play due to British policies of minority control over the majority.

There are countries in Africa, and may be elsewhere, where different kinds of minorities are ruling over the majorities.

Major losses occurred as a result of minority groups of workers who received specific orders to target selected properties.

However, validation among combinations of minority groups, such as older adults of ethnic minority backgrounds, is lacking.

In 11% of cases minority for is used

Obama's magnetism for minority voters.

Holder wants civil rights for minorities but not all Americans.

There was no provision to provide parliamentary seats for minorities.

There was no provision for weighted representation for minority communities in Parliament.

For minorities, ' Britain ' is rarely as benevolently tolerant as its cheer-leaders would like us to think).

Jhu belif that devolution is only for minorities and it isagainst sinhala majority and therefore it is a foreign conspiracy.

In Turkey secular does not automatically mean respect for minorities, and religious does not automatically mean their bad treatment.

He said the reserved seats for minorities were not increased at the time of increase in general seats and women seats some 10 years ago.

I think the importance of media representation for minorities can not be overestimated -- consuming media is a huge part of most of our lives.

Introducing ' special measures ' for minorities does not place them in a position of privilege in society, but rather puts them on an equal footing with the majority.

In 9% of cases minority to is used

Ulster has always been a home to minorities.

In fact, well over one third belong to minority groups.

Muslim governments have rarely exhibited this tension with regard to minorities.

It is high time that the ELM stopped pandering to minority interests and start treating issues objectively.

And the close proximity of the clinics to minority neighborhoods or the targeting of them as a demographic to be eliminated.

A fiscally conservative party that is for gay rights, pro-choice, and sensitive to minority issues would sweep national and state elections.

The second part describes the position of Islam on minorities or, more accurately, the position of Islam on issues now considered relevant to minorities.

Your warning to the Republican party to not become more friendly to minorities is also misplaced and misunderstands the roots of why minorities habitually do not vote for the GOP.

In 6% of cases minority in is used

I'd quite sure you're in minority with this need.

Measuring well-being in minority groups is complex and challenging.

They also consider what would be good choices teens in minorities.

For me, it recalls the futuristic cop body armour worn in Minority Report rather than Weller's shiny, chunky getup.

But they seem to have no such intentions, &; the vocal among KP's (who r in minority like Panun KAshmir) are hatemongers who are widening our divide with their hate filled speeches.

In 5% of cases minority against is used

It means any opposition to those rights may more easily result in violence against minorities.

The long history of racial discrimination against minorities negates the idea of true democracy for all citizens in the USA.

In 5% of cases minority with is used

Then will he try rule with minority or will he go to country can add a few more months on.

Over 120 million Americans voted in this election, with minority groups coming out in full force.

That you havent even considered this is an indication that the GOP's ' problem ' with minorities of all stripes will continue.

But Obama made up for that deficit by winning handily with minorities, which represented an ever-so-slightly larger share of the vote.

And finally, a political approach that his left his opponents with existential problems, considering their relations with minorities and women voters.

What we need at the most basic level is a reciprocal relationship between two countries with minority languages to come to an educational agreement and get the ball rolling.

In 4% of cases minority on is used

This is an important aspect of the contemporary discussions on minorities.

University of Wisconsin journalism professor, Hemant Shah took the class through the history of reporting on minorities in the U.

The second part describes the position of Islam on minorities or, more accurately, the position of Islam on issues now considered relevant to minorities.

All discourses of hatred -- whether from the extreme right or left -- if they are preaching intolerance or cracking down on minority groups, should be banned.

In 3% of cases minority by is used

That Democratic demographic makes today's announcement by minority leader Nancy Pelosi rather curious.

How would you feel if our lives were run by minority groups in Australia? Anyone can carry a bomb under whatever clothes they are wearing.

Sorry to say though that we are effected a great deal by minorities in this country, ask any White Australian Male how much we are disadvantaged.

In 3% of cases minority from is used

Even Singapore and Malaysia has issues with/ from minorities.

Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply.

Cr Pat Kelly said it was possible that the change to single-transferable voting might help candidates from minority groups.

The minister said there had been a demand from minorities that their quota of seats be increased in keeping with their population.

In 2% of cases minority about is used

Issues about minorities may be taken up at two different levels: the national and the international.

There is another possibility which, although foreign to Australian practice, would put to rest any complaint about minority or coalition government.

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