Prepositions used with "guest"

of, for, to, by or with guest?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases guest of is used

We had an uncountable amount of guest speakers.

The number of guest birds is decreasing every year.

The biggest group of guests were Dutch when we were there.

The bloody history of the castle includes murder and massacre of guests and inhabitants.

In the winter, thousands of guest birds migrate to this island to add more to its beauty.

We probably have 5x to 10x that number of guest blogs and artilces that we've written, too.

I think we have succeeded in this as evidenced by the large amount of guests who return and stay at Alaska's Point of View.

Once it happened that at Balaji's anniversary day, a certain number of guests were invited and dinner was prepared for them.

While I think there are some great references in this post in terms of guest blogging through BLU or HARO, I do agree with cnoble.

And you and your mother put your heads together and make out a list of guests, and I ' ll have the invitations printed to-morrow.

In 17% of cases guest for is used

Family room, shops, car park are there for guest's.

That area is near the stage and is reserved for guests.

I live by myself but do entertain for guests on frequent occasions.

No meals unless you order them in advance, but kitchen with stoves and crockery, for guests ' use.

Casual Table Setting This less formal option provides more space for guests around the dinner table.

Liquid soap in a pump container: This is a must-have for guests, no matter how long they're staying.

It was a sad part of reality for guests to watch two black-backed jackals taking a three day old impala kid one morning.

This might include food shopping, gift buying, cooking, organizing spaces for guests, or changing schedules and routines.

Seating for guests is on a first-come, first-served basis and seating on the balcony is reserved for ticket-holders only.

That price included opportunities for guests to attend a pre-dinner reception with Kissinger and to be photographed with him.

In 17% of cases guest to is used

Ratio of staff to guests is nearly 1:1.

Drinks are generally offered to guests.

They are thorough and reliable, as well as unobtrusive to guests; i.

And to free up stress and total relaxation, the invigorating spas are offered to guests too.

Private Non-Sale Licence: Allows a licensee to provide free liquor to guests at a private event.

In fact, this is one of the most spacious cruise ships afloat with her staff to guest ratio of 1 to 1.

Robinson2Be's response to Guest's Review Written on: 27/09/2010 Thank you so much for this, it has really given me hope.

Guest's response to Guest's Review Written on: 18/03/2012 Hi, Rhodium is Rhodium and is not alloyed with any other materials.

We had never before been on a Western ranch that catered to guests; the scenery, hospitality, and food exceeded all our expectations.

Another example is the toilet tank fill diverter, which saves about 3/4 of a gallon of water per flush while remaining invisible to guests.

In 11% of cases guest by is used

The other way of domain name marketing is by guest blogging.

The rooms have been highly praised by guest for the size and comfort.

Photographs by guest, Jeff Gurwin of Gurwin Photopraphy (thanks Jeff for sharing your pictures,.

Newlyweds exhausted by guests, details, alcohol, planning, parties and excitement might postpone sex.

By Guest Blogger Leah Mitelman On October 16, 2006 I had a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, by choice.

They are usually minor issues like painting or aesthetic problems that the hotel would prefer not be seen by guests.

For example, did you know you can stop by guest relations for complimentary ear plugs to use during the fireworks? Great tip.

I am not responsible for anything written by anyone else, including, but not limited to, comments and articles by guest bloggers.

It was designed by John Nash who worked on Buckingham Palace, and was visited by guests such as Lady Augusta Gregory and WB Yeats.

First Presbyterian organist Ian Woods will be joined by guests including David Peckham, Bill Cowdery, Stephanie Ortolano, Erik Kibelsbeck, and more.

In 10% of cases guest with is used

People are generous, especially with guests.

We had our cup of tea, chatted away with guests.

Other times, the ranch comes alive with guests, volunteers, staff and youth.

Kathy Brown will share Jamaican favourites with guests at the Reception on 6 th August.

I am very interested in pursuing my career in hotel industry, specially working with guests.

Photographically this was the most challenging part of the day, being dark, small and busy with guests.

The service, though long is always interesting with guest speakers from other parishes and the building is usually packed to capacity.

This three star deluxe hotel offers 62 en suite bedrooms all spaciously decorated and designed with guest comfort and tranquility in mind.

With guest blogging, you can easily share your views about different topics on someone else blog, and in regard it rewards you with market reorganization.

How have you marketed your book? I've had several generous bloggers, like you, who have hosted me on their sites with guest posts, interviews or a book feature.

In 4% of cases guest from is used

Direct mapping from guests to storage and fibre channel adapters.

The marketer knows that a well-designed site can raise sign ups from guests.

There were nothing but compliments from guests for the catering staff and the cuisine they served.

Feedback from guests has been very positive and we even got a write up in the South Florida Chronicle, you can read it here.

Above this terrace, three glass Juliet balconies supplied by Balcony Systems maintain clear views from guest rooms on two upper floors.

Students had an opportunity to hear from guest speakers who are experts in their field and engage in interviews as part of their Journalism projects.

I think James is in real trouble; he's been upstaged by Jahmene, and the amount of pimping he's needed week after week, including from guest artists, indicates a concerted rescue effort.

In 3% of cases guest in is used

Write polite but honest reviews in guest books.

He will also featuring a friend from college in guest spot.

Maybe she (or the blaze or the original news item) means guest? Said in guest? No, that doesn't make sense either.

DeBrule, a poker player himself, occasionally brings in guest speakers from the poker community including Steve Albini and Jason DeWitt, to share their own opinions on how poker affects the mind.

In 2% of cases guest as is used

And what a supremely charming bunch of people they were to have as guests.

The program will include weekly posts from McIsaac as well as guest bloggers and community supporters.

Concentrate more on deep linking, natural link building methods such as guest posting or exchanging links with close acquaintances.

In 2% of cases guest on is used

Others are agreeing on guest quotas.

We may also record details on guests who have stayed or dined with you at IHCL, including their names and contact details.

In 2% of cases guest per is used

The lounge offers one computer with internet access to guests with a time limit of 30 minutes per guest per day.

Departure Tax: The Airport Departure Tax payable at London Heathrow (LHR) airport is applicable when traveling on flights out of (LHR) airport, based on the cabin flown and is payable per guest.

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