Prepositions used with "revolution"

of, for, to, about or in revolution?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases revolution of is used

We are living in times of revolution.

But the tide of revolution flows fast.

Its period of revolution around the sun is 1.

This is why all forms of revolutionary regime have led to the justification of terror, he claims.

From the first moment of revolution against Great Britain, freedom meant escaping imperial taxes.

This means that the structure should rotate, which makes a solid of revolution the most logical choice.

Agreed the people shouldn't be hurt in the process, but in the course of revolution, everyone suffers to an extent.

The first wave of revolution handed power to the leaders of Social Democracy, who derailed and betrayed the movement.

What is apparent to Zizek instead are the various forms of anger within capitalist society that do not become a dynamic of revolution.

He is accepting that the very logic of revolution can be to establish a connection between mass struggle and the creation of a party-state.

In 13% of cases revolution for is used

This is not a call for revolution but a call for assistance.

The merchants are always the voice of restraint, because they have actually skin in the game, the peasants are game for revolution.

Such is historical fact, as even today the Left unapologetically uses **25;6728;TOOLONG as a precursor for revolution, even violent revolution.

He is against capitalism because of its ideological falsity and destructive practices but he is not for revolution, which can be destructive in a different manner.

In search of a way to lead China out of its misery, and especially to raise funds from and to mobilise the overseas Chinese for revolution, he travelled extensively.

Lenin and Trotsky may have given words and a political programme to the discontent, but it was an empty stomach that put the Russian common man into the streets and gave him a taste for revolution.

In 7% of cases revolution to is used

Whilst in Japan, for example, he was responsible for supplying arms to revolutionaries in the Philippines.

Keep an eye on emerging markets - conclusion The staples of our diet have the power to incite violent riots to revolutions.

As the colonies draw closer to revolution, you will dedicate your life to the freedom of your clan -- becoming the spark that ignites the revolution into full blaze.

They existed prior to revolution in that the Gaddafi gov consistently underserved eastern cities (of course he under served Tripoli as well, but other cities even more so).

The outstanding figure in what Marxists regard as China? s bourgeois-democratic revolution was Dr Sun Yat Sen, a man of whom it is often said that he devoted his entire life to revolution.

In 4% of cases revolution about is used

And as more time passes by, we can talk about revolution, rather than evolution.

In spite of the tremendous suffering and deprivations to which he subjected Jenny and his children, his thoughts and concerns, his writings and work, were always about revolution and communism.

In 4% of cases revolution in is used

Do you believe in Revolution? Revolution is the only way to salvation.

In 3% of cases revolution by is used

Europe as a federal republic like the United States of America is possible, but not by force and not by revolution.

In 3% of cases revolution through is used

This sick, satanic, system can only be changed through revolution.

These requirements were comfortable for a nation that won its independence through revolution.

In 2% of cases revolution at is used

This it had declined to do out of deference to ideology and preferred to hint at revolution from the sidelines.

In 2% of cases revolution from is used

Yet after 1956 she was in a far weaker position to protect Arab rulers from revolution.

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