Prepositions used with "difference"

of, for, to, about or by difference?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases difference of is used

It's made a world of difference.

I'd not seeing a lot of difference.

It makes not one ounce of difference.

Not just difference, but hierarchies of difference in which others become the Other.

Both are committed to sustainability, regardless of difference in size as companies.

There's a world of difference between supporting something like IE8 and supporting IE6.

They're mainstream and they're everywhere; there are no points of difference against which to easily define them.

And perhaps we must ask ourselves what we must do, from where we stand, to peacefully, create a world of difference.

He is then able to define equality of differences in utility for any outcomes over which the agent has preferences.

What is important in this process is not simply the recognition of difference, for this would merely confirm a clich.

In 9% of cases difference for is used

We should go for commonalities amongst us instead of going for differences.

These so-called contracts for difference make the UK an attractive place to invest.

Yet a series of experiments failed to find any evidence for differences in speed due to motion through the ether.

In UK the FIT will effected through contracts for difference (CfD) which remove long-term exposure to electricity price volatility.

For this reason, again, the ETs counsel love and respect for differences, the ability to learn from others, and the pleasures of an open mind.

In respect of the Contracts for Differences on futures in approach of the expiry date of the underlying asset the transactions are executed in the? close only? way.

In respect of the Contracts for Differences on futures in approach of the expiry date of the underlying asset the transactions are executed in the? close only? way.

In 7% of cases difference to is used

Your article looks at the combined total of polar sea ice without regard to differences at each pole.

It is unknown whether such variations are attributable to differences in priorities or true underlying QOL.

In addition to differences such as these in the nature of the war itself, there were others which bear upon the historian.

This acted as the first point of exposure to differences as we exchanged ideas on the school environment and compared so many things.

And say that due to differences in land use restrictions, housing supply responds dramatically in Pleasantville and very little in Gotham.

The disparity, said Mike Hoglund, director of Metro's research center, is probably due to differences in how each survey's questions were asked.

These design and implementation decisions are directly tied to differences in functionality for the use case the tools are designed to work with.

Restricted Items Due to differences in legistrations of countries, some items considered legal in other countries may breach the laws of Hong Kong.

These individual differences are related to differences of intelligence, differences in experience (including the experience of being taught) and to differences in the use of metacognitive processes.

In 3% of cases difference about is used

Gandhi talked at some length about differences between American and Russian relations with India.

Were we less empathetic in the Middle Ages? What about differences between cultures? This would be.

In 3% of cases difference by is used

The problem was accentuated by differences of language.

Membership is often manifested by differences in dress andlife style.

A second important corollary is that tail ratios are affected by differences in variance.

Count me in! Utsahi In a world tearing apart by differences the very concept of a heart centred world event is a welcome inspirational step to world harmony.

I also liked this comment: The gap between the median compensation of male and female equity partners can not be explained by differences in billable hours, total hours, or books of business.

In 3% of cases difference on is used

Let's set ourselves up for Success rather than concentrating our efforts on differences.

The initial inspiration came from my search for a theme that unify all the debates on differences.

I like socializing with different people from different places without giving attention on differences.

His next paper for the Academy followed soon afterwards, and on 18 July 1770 he read a paper on difference equations.

Sixteen of these variations are based on differences between isolated mountain ranges, and seven species have races associated with the Zamboanga Peninsula and Basilan Island.

In 3% of cases difference with is used

People come into marriage with difference expectations which are not consciously expressed.

We strive to reveal the ongoing ways cultures and societies deal with difference, hybridity, inequality and change.

The strength of an individual diamond, as for any mineral, varies with the direction you are measuring it in the mineral, with differences as much as a factor of 1.

In 2% of cases difference despite is used

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that despite differences with political parties, the PPP pursued the policy of reconciliation.

Iran will, for example, play on its tolerance for criticism and its ability to make friends despite differences and detract attention from the release of the IAEA report,? she said.

In 2% of cases difference In is used

Mars changes colour in difference seasons.

In difference to the the 550D, the colors are clear, strong, more naturally and -- its difficult for me to say in your language -- kind of separated to each other.

Most of the demographic differences in rates of transition between school and tertiary education are a result in differences in the attainment students leave school with.

In 1% of cases difference from is used

Some comes from differences in parenting skills, which may be enhanced through practice, effort or training.

Secondly, we can not rule out differences between ethnic groups arising from differences between the two surveys.

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