Prepositions used with "interaction"

of, for, through, in or on interaction?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases interaction of is used

It's a continuum of interaction and it all matters.

There's a bit of interaction for those coming along.

All kinds of interactions suffer the same limitation.

The game has tons of interaction as you try to get your meeples off a sinking island.

We are a member of InterAction, a consortium of many development organizations in the U.

It's constantly evolving tapestry of interaction, not a singular path from one point to another.

The married may face some opposition from their relatives for their lack of interaction with the extended family.

Equally important is the dialogic mode of interaction that is pervasive in the life of such a learning community.

Depending on the character you portray, allows for different types and levels of interaction with an audience member.

We have also tried to find phenomenons in the real world that we could play around to make new kinds of interactions.

In 13% of cases interaction for is used

This promotes another important skill, but it leaves little time for interaction in class.

And will make it easier to implement a system for interaction than in the streets of Oslo city for example.

For you of course there would be single interface for interaction, ACCURA-TECH, to help reduce your hassles.

Web server? a server that is responsible for interaction between the user and other search engine components.

The conferences have also helped widen the borders for interaction with local developers meeting important contacts.

Additionally, ' Kiwi hospitality ' creates a very comfortable situation for study, with plenty of opportunity for interaction with.

Multiple touchpoints for interaction are important, but not at the cost of spending time and resources on a format devoid of your audience.

Such increased scope for interaction will probably result in considerably more opportunities emerging, and being taken, for co-authorship of the results of research.

The statement said since boxing will feature for the first time in this edition of the Games, it will be an opportunity for interaction among the youth of the sub-region.

Add to this the ability for interaction with a second screen (hands up all of you who watch TV and surf at the same time) and the potential for brand expansion is immense.

In 7% of cases interaction through is used

Dialogic truth is that reached through interaction, and this truth precedes restorative truth.

Building up relationships through interaction on G+ is vital to your acceptance and being added.

Conclusion: Much of the materials covered in this lesson can easily be learned through interaction.

However, as the dialogues show so tellingly, Socrates realised that such knowledge is gained through interaction with others.

Through interaction with the head of the school and the teachers, one can also detect if a school deserves to be one or not; and the environment in which the school is sited is very important.

The day hopes to expand the students ' understanding of the opportunities which the business community can offer, in a fun and engaging way through interaction with positive working role models.

In 6% of cases interaction in is used

It would appear that the Turkic rulers were much more statesmen-like and liberal in interaction with those whom they ruled.

As it seeks recognition, the more a territory engages in interactions with other actors in the IS, especially states, the more likely it is to be recognised as a state.

The issues and challenges that arise with a rapid growth in the population of a country are fundamentally inter-related with the political governance of the state in interaction with its society.

In 6% of cases interaction on is used

It will still require further research on interactions to assess the differences.

Mentalism relies on interaction with an audience, which Bolter prefers to acts that offer well-rehearsed material that only requires people to watch.

The global consultation provided valuable information on the opinions of a wide range of stakeholders on interactions between livestock and the environment.

Kazakastan President also invited Sri Lanka to join as a full member country of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA).

It's an extension of the Cloud Cities project which took over the roof of the Met in New York earlier this year, and once again the emphasis is very much on interaction.

In 5% of cases interaction by is used

This may be further modified by interactions between the various types of formatting objects.

The most important news about synapses is that they are formed, strengthened, and maintained by interaction with experience.

If the two have been drawn close enough together by interaction during a common envelope phase, they can spiral together by the radiation of gravitational waves predicted by relativity theory.

In 5% of cases interaction to is used

Remember that these are not species that have evolved adaptations to interactions.

In physics, fields are inevitably linked to interaction between material partners via interaction-particles.

However, as the business matures, the focus needs to be to interactions leading to commercial transactions.

The shift from form to interaction can occur at any time and is not limited to a particular stratum of learner ability.

In 2% of cases interaction at is used

There is no attempt at interaction.

Her area of focus looks at interactions of climate variability and change on systems and sectors important to human well-being.

In 2% of cases interaction from is used

Since any extinctions resulting from interaction are in addition to those resulting from demographic stochasticity, the more realistic shape for the extinction curve is concave upwards.

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