Prepositions used with "transaction"

of, for, per, to or in transaction?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 52% of cases transaction of is used
    Number of transactions per customer (retention rates) 4.
    Every day billions of transactions are made around the world.
    Trust enters the smallest and the largest of transactions in our lives.
    There, the level of transactions is running at about 1780 trillion pounds a year.
    The key metric for a transaction business model is, well, the number of transactions.
    Settlement Dates INVESTMENT FOLLOWING THE DAY OF transaction, SETTLE BY: Canadian and U.
    The duration of such contracts is limited to a period from the date of transaction to the date of settlements i.
    There are a few good ones that merely see themselves as facilitators of transactions or trusted resources for clients.
    Why are we protecting the right of banks to do trillions of dollars of transactions per day with no cost? We must be insane.
    I am the gateway which allows billions of transactions to happen everyday and my owners take a cut every time a trade occurs.

    In 13% of cases transaction for is used
    For transactions prior to the last 120 days please refer to your paper statement or your online statements.
    Which is great for transactions or services that usually occur with the consumer present, but it excludes remote or not present transactions.
    If you accept cash payments for transactions at your place of business, you will be affected by minor changes to the way you deal with the total prices, after taxes.
    The Bretton Woods system caused the dollar to become substantially overvalued as a result of worldwide excess dollar demand for transactions and foreign official reserve holdings.
    Limit the credit you have in certain accounts Use a separate account or credit card with a low credit limit, which is not linked to your other accounts, for transactions over the phone or internet.

    In 9% of cases transaction per is used
    Saves you $5 per transaction and the exchange rates aren't too bad either.
    The booking fee applies per transaction, regardless of the number of journeys booked.
    Fees per transaction for small retail customers are also somewhat high by comparison with fees in the U.
    While regular stock brokers charge per transaction, penny stock brokers can set a fixed fee for a specific number of transactions.
    Leaving aside the various exemptions, ATM and Laser transaction charges are somewhat lower in a range of 17p to 22p per transaction.
    The forms we submitted are being handled in bulk, so the fees the bank and Euroclear charges GWC can be kept to a minimum per transaction.
    For personal customers, paper transaction charges applied by banks are generally between 20p and 25p per transaction, although in some cases exemptions apply.
    Is there a limit to the amount I can transfer between my Royal Bank and RBC Bank accounts? Online transfers are limited to $25,000 (CAD or USD) per transaction.
    At USD and Canada, a charge of USD 25/- (at US ticketing offices) and CAD 25/- (at Canada ticketing offices) will be charged per ticket, per passenger, per transaction.

    In 8% of cases transaction to is used
    This relates directly to transactions, with search being a part of that process.
    And you're pondering, am i not gon na shell a bundle due to transaction MacBook Pro Cyber Monday.
    People contribute and create engaging content, and this content leads conversations to transactions.
    Footnotes to transaction costs table Legal fees: Lawyers attend to almost every aspect of a property transaction in Jamaica.
    Section 13-Application of sections 8 to 12 Sections 8 to 12 apply, subject to section 11, to transactions taking place after the commencement of this Act.

    In 7% of cases transaction in is used
    In transactions like this, the economy has a kind of relativity to it.
    Handling multi currency in transactions manually results in hectic work loads.
    A five percent reduction in transaction costs over the next five years through the elimination of red tape is targeted.
    For example, if you try to track operations in transaction logs to identify page splits, you may make the application to slow down.
    We use industry-recognized standards in transaction security to protect the information you provide when you make a purchase at Saba Communications.
    Article VII (8) of the General Bylaw of the Board of Governors concerning declaration of interest in transactions shall continue to govern those matters referred to therein.

    In 2% of cases transaction as is used
    You located me in the servers of the dominant stock (NSE) and commodity (MCX) exchanges, as well as transaction exchanges for second hand goods (EBAY).
    I also checked with LOPUNDODELETESPLIT operation in extended events as well as transaction log, and it does not fire when a transaction is rolled back.

    In 2% of cases transaction from is used
    Tax payment made by taxpayers to the BIR through Accredited Agent Banks (AABs) can be confirmed within 48 hours from transaction date via these services.

    In 2% of cases transaction on is used
    If the banker makes any charge on transactions which is not permissible in Islamic Shariah.

    In 2% of cases transaction with is used
    Going further keep up with transaction complexity across a large variety of installation commands, and trend performance as a function of the dependency complexity.

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