Prepositions used with "item"

of, for, on, with or in item?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases item of is used

Range of item numbers inputted.

Only two shelves of items were left.

The entire set of items is now over 120.

The above method appears to be more efficient when changing a specific number of items.

List down season wise possible availability of items for Break-Fast, Lunch &; Dinner c.

When you browse on eBay, you click through categories and lists of items -- exploring as.

There are lots of items you might want to purchase to go with your playhouse, including both fun and functional ones.

Auto-Remove Downloads List Items Safari makes it easy to minimize the number of items appearing in your downloads list.

Otherwise important items will be overlooked, and you will be discouraged by the sheer volume of items in front of you.

PANAMA CITY -- A local nonprofit is donating thousands of items to help needy families for the fourth consecutive year.

In 12% of cases item for is used

Earnings adjusted for items were $1.

Before you can bid for items, you must login.

Only use coupons for items that you regularly use.

The service enables you to view the highest bid so far and compete for items in real-time.

Like most people, i work 9-5 and have to take a days annual leave to wait on for items not to arrive.

Like most people, i work 9-5 and have to take a days annual leave to wait on for items not to arrive.

For items being sent to the USA, Canada, Central or South America, the sender's address can not be a PO Box address.

As well, you can feel free to use your work journal for items that wouldn't make sense to put into the clinic manual.

And there are people who plop down what for me would be ridiculous amounts of money for items to wear to the Derby, etc.

A simple Internet marketing tip for anyone is to allow your customers to pay for items at a wholesale price if they buy enough of them.

In 8% of cases item on is used

That is amount spent on items per month.

Stock up on items that you have coupons for.

Plan meals and snacks based on items you have coupons for.

It's great when savings are doubled on items you really need.

A 30% tax will be levied on items that exceed the above limits.

You should get commissions on items that you refer customers to.

Of the 50 American states, 48 have a sales tax on items purchased.

This allows you to reduce extra spending on items that you do not need.

Try to obtain multiple copies of a coupon on items you know you always use.

In 6% of cases item with is used

Get a cart and pile it high with items.

The team with items should be stated as the safe bet.

The ground was strewn with items from myriad households.

I love it how you can style outfits with items that are actually in store.

I've found people to be messy, drunken, rude, and I always end up with items being stolen.

There may be some overlap with item #1 as one of the WOTC categories is veterans with disabilities.

The defendant's house was then searched and a small list with items taken in the burglary was found.

Next, start to associate or link these images with items of furniture in a particular room in your home.

Of course, the best farming goods can't be bought with in-game coins, but need real money, with items ranging from a few pence to a few pounds.

This will assist your cabinets seem considerably more fascinating to you purchaser because they is not going to look crammed loaded with items.

In 5% of cases item in is used

There was no appearance in Item No.

Comely dancers shimmied in item numbers and raked in cash.

In survival mode you must collect all resources and combine it in items.

Thereafter, taxpayer can CHANGE the system-generated PIN assigned to him, for security reasons, following the procedures in Item No.

In 5% of cases item per is used

This will also affect the domain as per item 21.

How much? Price per item Weight 2k-75k 75k-250k 250k-500k >500k 0-10g Light 0.

Can Per Item shipping be in addition to USPS shipping? We have the USPS and UPS mods installed.

In the currency of the account within the limits allowed for such accounts (as per item H 1 above) * b.

If we installed and activated Per Item mod, would that override the USPS and UPS mods or would it simply add the additional $0.

This may not seem like a lot, but in my case it was enough to make it more worthwhile than spending two hours per item eBaying things.

For the Interislander, the allowance is two pieces of baggage per person, weighing up to 32kg per item and no more than 200 linear cm (height + length + width).

Achievements include a 30% reduction in waste in 2009, the establishment of 10 ethical supplier factories in 2010 and a 26% reduction in non-glass packaging per item in 2011.

In 3% of cases item to is used

The specific percentages vary from item to item.

Compliments slips etc attached to items should be stamped only as an exception.

This difference in the increases probably reflects an expansion of VAT to items of working-class consumption that were previously not covered.

Paddocks which expose horses to items of machinery, equipment or rubbish (especially wire) likely to cause serious injury must not be used to accommodate horses.

In 2% of cases item between is used

Sale prices may vary between items in store and online.

Users then should strive to discern differences between items.

The standard allows charging to take place between items from a number of differing sources.

The internal consistency was satisfactory, but the test-retest reliability varied between items from excellent to low.

We are also able to use some heuristics code to create relationships between items helping to offer relevant suggestions to users browsing the store.

In 2% of cases item by is used

Item by item you must seek your facts.

I really don't want to order item by item if I can avoid it.

Google for both cities and browse by items of your interest.

In 1% of cases item from is used

The specific percentages vary from item to item.

When asked if she's still grooving to her ' Dhanno ' number, she announces that she's taking a break from item numbers.

Apart from items that apparently had dropped from boats, such as Greek salt boxes and Italian oil cruets, from the labels he could see that most debris was blowing east from Ireland.

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