Prepositions used with "furniture"

of, for, on, with or in furniture?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases furniture of is used

Consider the bits of furniture you need to keep.

Stack boxes against the walls, not on top of furniture.

So, how do you determine what is the correct sort of furniture.

This may be a combination of bags, cans and pieces of furniture or other large items.

When we removed sugar Cian stopped climbing into the windows and on top of furniture.

He poked it against a piece of furniture, and it even collapsed like a paper lantern.

Varieties of furniture are available from which you have to make the right choice in order to achieve the right effect.

If you have bed bugs in other parts of the room or on other pieces of furniture or other stuff, they can still bite you.

He initially noticed the painless swelling in the left groin 2 days previously after lifting a heavy piece of furniture.

In an attempt to make the house more homely soldiers quickly acquired all sorts of pieces of furniture including a piano.

In 6% of cases furniture for is used

Try looking for furniture pieces that can have multiple uses, as well as those that use proportion and scale to their advantage.

C won the award in the retail category at the World Architecture Festival with his design for a shop for furniture brand Herman Miller.

They discussed how they plan to address production, marketing, design and compliance issues through an envisaged national export strategy for furniture.

In 6% of cases furniture on is used

Sculptures that run around and jump on furniture.

Wax is also commonly used to achieve an aged look on furniture.

Spending on furniture, carpets and other floor coverings advanced 2.

Finances How much should be spent on furniture, the house, food, etc.

And you know what? They may even leave a calling card, like urinating or defecating on furniture or bedding.

The increase in the December 2011 quarter results from increased spending on furniture and major appliances, such as televisions.

In 5% of cases furniture with is used

The trailer trailing our car was filled with furniture from the old house.

When Prime Time cut to Lea's other, unmentioned home - a mansion filled with furniture and other valuables - his fate was sealed.

If your aim is to coordinate or cross-coordinate with furniture or wall units then it is essential for the floor to dry out completely to see the true colour.

Behind the Scenes As with many hotel shoots, I had to take a shot of a Presidential Suite in China, normally the biggest room loaded to the ceiling with furniture.

In 4% of cases furniture in is used

The only catch is that the butt joint isn't used in furniture construction, so perhaps my butt joint test results are not all that relevant.

The folks who generate such furnishings have studied the craft of producing furniture through an university-level degree or completed an art course in furniture producing.

Members of Bangladesh Furniture Exporters ' Association talked them through their initiatives in furniture export from Bangladesh in collaboration with Katalyst and the Export Promotion Bureau.

In 4% of cases furniture like is used

And my natural instinct as an actor is to hang on to things like furniture.

The trick is to add the other necessary elements, like furniture, color and storage, carefully.

The thrift store offers household staples like furniture and clothing to financially needy families.

You can get both well furnished flats with basic amenities like furniture 's, Air conditioner, Television, etc.

In 3% of cases furniture to is used

Believing this to be due to furniture a transmission, I prefabricated a doctor's soul for him the next day.

This is the time when people today change to furniture that store and safeguard its items in a different way from a fridge.

In 2% of cases furniture as is used

Bulky Items such as furniture, doors, mattresses etc.

Still others represent a range of jobs, such as furniture assembler and sawmill machine operator.

In 2% of cases furniture from is used

Here are some beautiful double sofas from Furniture by Duval.

In the future, far more will be customized, from furniture to shoes to textbooks.

How do I protect my floors from furniture? Place felt pads under the legs of the furniture to protect your flooring from scratches.

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