Prepositions used with "integration"

of, for, on, to or with integration?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases integration of is used

The post-war process of integration was a voluntary process.

As a consequence the logic of integration would be interrupted.

That strength comes from a sense of integration and verticalization.

They have told me about the high level of integration between regulars and reserves.

My main issue with skype for Linux is the lack of integration in the desktop (in my case KDE).

In addition, the company avoids the complexities of integration inherent in mergers or acquisitions.

Another set of integration techniques includes Core Transformation TM (Andreas, 1992, p 3-5) and Parts Integration.

This is vital because Europe's future will be characterised by differentiation in the speed and extent of integration.

Another element holding back broader adoption is the high level of integration required to collate data from multiple applications.

Integrated management Sometimes the word ' system ' gets omitted, thus changing the subject of integration from system to management.

In 11% of cases integration for is used

Minister for Integration, Conor Lenihan, has backed the ruling.

This component is designed for integration with Microsoftr Excelr.

I will expand on each of these areas and provide ideas for integration.

The utmost need is there for integration of urban development with national sustainable development policies.

This will mark a significant phase in the programme with all major hull sections of the ship delivered and ready for integration.

In 10% of cases integration on is used

There's a lot of open questions on integration and process communication.

The difference is that they pick ' em small, vet the engineers intensely before acquisition, and work hard on integration.

For instance, last months Accelerator focused on the Autotask Project module, while the session I attended focused on integration between Autotask and 3rd Party products.

One model for Kyrgyzstan, for example, showed that regional cooperation on integration projects for transport, transit and facilitation would nearly double the incomes of the poor noted the report.

In 5% of cases integration to is used

Scheduling your automation runs from your test management application is another significant benefit to integration.

In 5% of cases integration with is used

For this ACCURA-TECH provides you with integration of SMS (Short Message Service) with your business.

Abel's theorem states that any such sum can be expressed as a fixed number p of these integrals, with integration arguments that are algebraic functions of the original arguments.

In 4% of cases integration towards is used

It is a natural temptation for Germans to impose constraints, as they are reluctant to take the next step towards integration.

In 2% of cases integration in is used

It leads the world in so many ways, in mutliculturalism, in integration, in creativity it's just a wonderful, wonderful city.

In 2% of cases integration through is used

This is achieved through integration with Hunchworks and other big data sources that record user preferences.

Our status will be better recognized by the public, through integration into the University Grants Committee in the near future.

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