Prepositions used with "creativity"

of, for, on, to or with creativity?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases creativity of is used

Change your definition of creativity.

It was the work of creativity and imagination.

Graham, but she credits the a boost of creativity to the break.

Women are also an embodiment of creativity, active intelligence and dynamic power.

You can think logically and maintain a high standard of creativity and initiative.

This playfulness stimulates the right brain activity which is the seat of creativity.

Not enough can be said about the sheer volume of creativity that was poured into every aspect of those first movies.

I fear it can ultimately result in over thinking a subject, that is, the subject of the essence of creativity itself.

There is a lot of creativity in Ireland and we could be driving models like this not just here, but around the world.

A major strand of the activity is BP's support of the Cultural Olympiad, the celebration of creativity around the Games.

In 9% of cases creativity for is used

Not only for creativity but to develop as a human being.

One way to prime for creativity is to generate an awareness of what you want to accomplish.

The winning entry is stunning, funny and highlights the spirit of Coke's push for creativity.

PhudScience just trying to help everyone out, naivety is good for creativity, just not for proclamation.

Looi's passion for creativity is apparent in the numerous dishes we sampled at Suffolk House Restaurant.

This desire for creativity by these automotive owners has spurred an industry that caters directly to them.

Other theorists have argued that, in its pursuit of certainty, science and its tools provide no room for creativity.

This is the beauty of networking! It provides the so much required space for creativity, mutual sharing and exchange.

It is this fear that has undermined the potential for creativity and modernism in the intellectual and cultural domain.

In 7% of cases creativity on is used

Of the two, Jobs ' perspective on creativity is much more aligned with Dawkins ' notion of memes.

Nokia is concentrating more on creativity, which will catch the eye of the consumers at the global level.

In view of the emphasis on creativity and critical thinking skills, NIE hosted the 7th International Conference on Thinking in June 1997.

More and more people are finding more and more ways to parent, make money, find friends, and generally live well by relying on creativity.

There is no doubt that advertising, with its strong focus on creativity and the use of ever evolving media technology, remains a bit of a mystery.

The result is the world's only significant international marketing recognition awards program that recognizes campaigns on creativity, originality, execution and results.

Workshops and other events: Workshop on Creativity by Regional Travel Grantee Kathryn Hagy: This workshop was open to anyone interested in increasing the creativity they bring to their daily life.

In 7% of cases creativity to is used

There's no short-cut to creativity.

They are simply providing the sparks to creativity.

And although love is a fairly good spur to creativity, in the end, Love is not a necessary component of God.

The question is of interest too in relation to creativity We use brushes in digital art programs, and they can use watercolour or oils.

A slow-building LCD Soundsystem track plays soundtrack to this ode to creativity, directed by Sherpas mad genius Dave Mossop and Auclair himself.

In 7% of cases creativity with is used

We need to buy arshain or someone with creativity.

I'd often drained of all energy after being with people for extended periods of time, but being with a book can set me on fire with creativity and energy.

So what is considered compelling content in this environment bursting with creativity? Who will be the content winners? The definition of content has changed.

Tools Used This is the best part, Steve uses uber cheap tools to create his lighting, but compensate for money with creativity, smart use of lights and a ton of Pringles.

The last-born child will have the least limits and therefore be liable to take the riskiest options Creative and innovative Being disorganised isn't all bad - in fact, it's linked with creativity.

In 5% of cases creativity in is used

They revel in creativity, struggle, and self-mastery.

The variety that is offered offers you limitless possibilities in creativity.

It leads the world in so many ways, in mutliculturalism, in integration, in creativity it's just a wonderful, wonderful city.

Do they deliver?? YES! No one went to campus and got A's in creativity so it's just sad when they emphasize on grades one has.

This year, researchers at the University of Kansas reported a 50% boost in creativity for people who were in nature for a few days.

In the below interview with Tim Westwood, she states that Mugeez of R2Bees is an artist who takes her to another level in creativity.

She talked about how Windows 8 can be used in creativity through the paint app which is as precise as a real oil pastel used in real painting.

There are five award categories that recognize achievement in creativity and innovation, education and awareness, leadership, mentorship and inspiration, and stewardship and sustainability.

In 3% of cases creativity about is used

This organization is all about creativity and artistic detail.

The writer Elizabeth Gilbert talks beautifully about creativity.

What this is: quite long! I have been following various recent discussions on Twitter about creativity between some very different photographers.

The commen-ter painted that in negative light, saying that while the makers of the site care about design, they obviously don't care very much about creativity.

In 2% of cases creativity through is used

Comments About Us Design Indaba is a multifaceted platform committed to a better world through creativity.

Success has never been about intelligence but the ability to generate new approached through creativity and work hard on them.

In 1% of cases creativity at is used

There are two ways to look at creativity and innovation.

In 1% of cases creativity between is used

And to no-one's surprise a large-scale Swedish study shows a Link Between Creativity and Mental Illness.

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