Prepositions used with "achievement"

of, for, on, to or in achievement?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases achievement of is used

Also, we are talking about extremes of achievement.

You've reached a new, higher plateau of achievement.

This sounds very like the 1990's National Records of Achievement.

They pile up a solid record of achievement in domestic and international affairs.

Anyway, it was a celebration of achievement, the future and, dare I say it, life.

Try these tips and set your business up for the type of achievement you want to see.

This part of the walk involves some scrambling which adds to the sense of achievement upon reaching the summit.

And the list goes on There is a very long list of achievement (failures) of this useless and incompetent agency.

When you do so, you not only help yourself, but also bring your best friends along up the ladder of achievement.

The sense of achievement that comes when you're playing an active role in maintaining the well being of society.

In 9% of cases achievement for is used

By doing so, it will be easy to measure your advancement and remain encouraged for achievement.

The Twain prize, named after the 19th century satirist, is the nation's highest honor for achievements in comedy.

The Twain prize, named after the 19th century satirist, is the nation's highest honor for achievements in comedy.

Whenever one takes part in this kind of exercise, the two combinations have to be done severally for achievement of maximum gains.

Life gives us the opportunity to learn, to grow and accept responsibilities, contribute to others, and be recognized for achievements.

For this privilege, it sets high standards for achievement and judges the men harshly by equating failure with weakness and less manliness.

This apparent dynamism and need for achievement is often related to their position within the family, relationship with parents, and domestic environment.

We all go about our activities under the mistaken notion that we all act individually and independently taking the credit for achievements and blaming the failures on others.

In 6% of cases achievement on is used

After a certain amount of homework the positive effect on achievement disappears, and might even turn negative.

One supreme sign-post is to set your sights on achievements that really matter, that will make a difference in the world.

Effect: Each risk is evaluated as to whether the effect on achievement of objectives would be low, medium, or high should it occur.

What Has Been Your Most Recent Achievement And When Was It? Achievers (if they ever become achievers) live literally on achievements no matter how small or big.

So if you're basing your decision entirely on achievement system on buying your next platform of entertainment, that sounds more like an epic fail to me than anything else.

Large volumes of data are available to help manage the Programme, though communications have tended, to date, to focus on achievements rather than what remains to be done.

In 5% of cases achievement to is used

Rousseau saw talent as naturally leading to achievement.

Your desire to achievement is usually pointed to through your interest.

One Latino respondent (28 ), for instance, is adamant about the belief that having a strong work ethic leads to achievement of the American Dream.

We want feet kept off our necks, the removal of false barriers to achievement, equal representation, the control of our own bodies, and the ability to soar or stuff up the way men do.

In 4% of cases achievement in is used

While there was some growth in achievement before the takeover, the growth since the takeover has been considerably higher.

The last case of smallpox was registered only 3 years and 5 months after the world decided to go after it -- a dramatic demonstration in achievement.

We need to tell our sons, Those songs on the radio may glorify violence, but in our house, we find glory in achievement, self-respect, and hard work.

The differences in achievement for cholesterol were consistent with lower rates of statin prescribing relative to disease burden in very remote practices.

Further, the two mentions arise in achievement indicators, which are defined as follows: may be used to determine whether students have met the corresponding specific outcome.

In 2% of cases achievement regarding is used

A system of internal control provides a framework for all processes and activities designed to give reasonable assurance regarding achievement of objectives.

A lot of designers perform, even so, seek out practicing a profession in interior decorating in which they are doing be given a certificate regarding achievement.

In 2% of cases achievement with is used

With achievement comes the right to praise and congratulate oneself.

So whilst we should be happy with achievements to date, we should not be happy to just stop.

Her life, outwardly at least, was something of a Scottish idyll, filled with achievement and modest contentment.

In 1% of cases achievement about is used

I grew up in a family that was about achievement and aspirations.

In 1% of cases achievement between is used

That link between achievement and risk is always unhelpful.

The thing we need to address right now is the gap between achievements in the Malaysian national schools, Malaysian private/international schools and the rest of the world.

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