Prepositions used with "pc"

of, for, on, to or from pc?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases pc of is used

My fear of PC gaming persisted.

The end of PC Welcome to the Post-PC Era.

That was an uptick in my rate of PC gaming.

The convergence of PC and mobility means that ARM and Intel will meet somewhere in the middle.

Within both repositories of PC victimhood, pomowankers fashionably repair to Foucault's power BS.

He joined the local Revolutionary group Jugantar in 1927 as a student of PC Sen Saroatali High School.

I have personally seen plenty of PCs where WeatherBug was installed and where people asked me how, please, to uninstall it.

In July 2010, Microsoft announced that the number of PCs using a 64-bit version of Windows had finally broken the 50 per cent barrier.

I do play a lot of PC hard core sims as well but F4 is just an overall great package from Handling, Sound, Graphics, Multiplayer and Game Meta Structure.

Chief Chikanta, the traditional leader of an adjoining area which is about to receive a shipment of PCs from Computer Aid, believes the Macha model is a good one.

In 19% of cases pc for is used

Now on to end-user demand for PCs.

Also, a point about demand for PCs.

Avault is searching for PC game reviewers.

These days, it is now available for PCs, Linux Distros, Boxee boxes, and most importantly Raspberry Pi.

While the tablet market remains small, demand for the devices is growing much more quickly than for PCs.

While the tablet market is still small, demand for the devices is growing much more quickly than for PCs.

Could you look up that chart using iPad or kindle for PC which shows it in color and maybe it will be clear to you? Best.

Then the mix goes through the Timeworks Mastering Compressor, which unfortunately only exists in DirectX format, at least for PC.

She said that the design Vole used does not make sense for PCs and has the potential to confuse desktop users and slow them down.

In 15% of cases pc on is used

I have created a package with all the dlls and instlled on PC.

But he stressed the firm was still confident about its future on PCs.

When I turn on pc after 2 hours its says 4 hour or 5 hours till next havrerst!

Ricecrispy2128 i kno right! Derp yaa not everyone has a mac DERP Help you can do it on pc's too.

I've also installed both 32-bit and 64-bit versions on PCs at the minimum system requirements and had no problems.

I'd twenty-five now, but I first played IF in my schooldays: first on Acorn BBCs, then on PCs; Level 9, then Infocom.

Are you playing on PC or console? I would recommended that you try to delete the game and make a new clear installation.

It will also prevent the attacks on PC? s by robbers during their journey to the various farming societies to pay the farmers.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is out now on PC, with an Android version set for release before Christmas and Mac ' sometime later '.

In 13% of cases pc to is used

Skype Out: Free PC to PC calls.

So be careful to plug first the debug USB to PC.

The media preferred to ask all the questions to PC and RK.

This prevents the USB part of MCU from sensing that the USB is plugged to PC (as a device).

With PC to PC phone calling, you have unmetered talk time (remember free speech? We still have hope.

The first option is to right click on the lower right hand side of the screen and go to PC SETTINGS.

Any one know of other location to download to pc to side load? Thanks Mark Try cleaning your cache then retry to download.

From around the web Steve is a networks expert and a contributing editor to PC Pro for more years than he cares to remember.

I can get a clean signal going straight to PC input from the A3000 for the desktop, but so far no games I've loaded up will display.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Pakistan has a very solid infrastrusture for IT-- albeit mostly restricted to PC machines.

In 10% of cases pc from is used

I backed away from PC gaming again.

Said he was calling from PC Connect.

I bought my computers from PC Hub in Gilmore.

My husband has a Dell laptop, mine is from PC world.

Thus, the TVs from PC project took on a life of its own.

In coming years too this shift from PC to mobile would be increasing.

By Prue Goredema Tom Musili's TVs from PCs drive is the ultimate in repurposing.

By Prue Goredema Tom Musili's TVs from PCs drive is the ultimate in repurposing.

The WEEE Centre's TVs from PCs venture is in fact a spinoff of a larger project that Musili has run for a decade.

The WEEE Centre's TVs from PCs venture is in fact a spinoff of a larger project that Musili has run for a decade.

In 8% of cases pc with is used

I keep mine in a savings account with PC Financial.

It's a little off the wall and cheesy sometimes but not infected with PC.

With PC's you don't need to be a fanboy because it's cheaper and just makes sense.

With PC to PC phone calling, you have unmetered talk time (remember free speech? We still have hope.

With PC Antivirus Pro 2012, you get the best antivirus protection in the industry at a price that is tough to beat.

Of the communication features worth noting GPRS: Class 12, Bluetooth of the second version, synchronization with PC via USB-cable.

The company began doing this after research suggested that people who use Mac computers spend up to thirty percent more for hotels than people with PCs.

The software works with PC, Mac/iPhone/iPad and Android devices (but not Blackberry ), and is compatible with Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari Web browsers.

There's no Blackberry compatibility, though, and while the software does work with PCs and Androids, many Windows and Android users have complained about bugs in the service.

In 6% of cases pc in is used

To say this show is going in PC territory is way too premature.

For me this is part of the core element missing in PC racers of the day, from day dot.

The use of servers in Japan therefore will also have been boosted by growth in PC sales in 199C.

In this case, I gave some moolah to my brother and told him to go to and do the business in PC World or some such place.

Intel has been trying unsuccessfully to use its prowess in PCs to establish a beachhead in semiconductors for mobile devices.

He served as full time officer in the CPSA from 1970, deputy general secretary from 1986 to 1992 and as senior policy officer in PCS until his retirement in 2006.

I too stopped being able to get a Bluetooth connection in PC Suite, even though the PC could see the phone (6230) in Bluetooth settings and I could see some of the folders on the phone.

In 4% of cases pc by is used

After the fix, the bard was recognized by PC.

In the meantime, Nichols ' body has been found by PC John Neil, 97J.

Crusader Kings II Crusader Kings was loved by PC Gamers all over the world.

According to tests by PC Magazine and others, AT &T's; 4G network is smaller, but often faster.

I actually had to reposition by PC closer to where I was sitting in order for the cable to reach.

It was also a call made by PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka and Unite's Len McCluskey on the 20 October demonstration.

This fact is almost completely ignored by PC commissars, they seem to regard ignoring this as a virtue rather than a weakness.

In 1% of cases pc at is used

Shahbaz Ahmed, 20, graduated with a degree in computer science from a local Kashmir University-affiliated college and now works at PC Planet.

In 1% of cases pc via is used

Anyway, the A3000 displays WB just fine to my LCD TV via PC input, but when I load games, it goes dark.

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