Prepositions used with "tablet"

of, for, on, in or to tablet?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases tablet of is used

I was given a set of tablets called Carbamazole.

Games It? s been proven that the top use of tablets are for games.

Based on Google's studies, 61% of tablet usage is for entertainment.

According to a new report, 69% of tablet owners watch TV and surf the web at the same time.

That have created an upheaval in the pricing scheme of tablets could -- just so much cheaper.

Forty-two percent of tablet users also admitted to missing this important layer of protection.

Sales of tablet devices are booming with nearly 69 million units sold in 2011, which was an increase of 155% on 2010.

Presentations -- A rising trend amongst students and business people is the use of tablet devices to run presentations.

That ran headlong into the vision of tablet computing laid out by Steven Sinofsky, the head of Microsoft's Windows division.

Second is the continued penetration of smart phones and third is the rapid emergence of tablets as both a mobile device and.

In 24% of cases tablet for is used

Thank heavens, then, for tablet computers.

I only recommend it for tablets running ICS.

Most apps haven't been designed specifically for tablet use.

Here are some of the cricket apps for tablets which the owners of tablets can enjoy.

Cricket Mania Cricket Mania is one of the most highly rated cricket apps for tablets.

Android Sticky Notes HD widget for tablets: A fast way to write and organize reminders.

Einen Kommentar schreiben Name * eMail * Website Kommentare For tablets, I've used iPad2 until my mom asks for it.

It certainly hasn't helped Google which requires multiple versions of their apps for tablets, googletvs and phones.

In late 2009, before the iPad had launched, the Courier team recognized the market for tablets was ready to explode.

In late 2009, before the iPad had launched, the Courier team recognized the market for tablets was ready to explode.

In 19% of cases tablet on is used

An app on tablet with price per read for quality writers will fill the market.

Allah revealed to prophet Musa (pbuh) the Tawrat inscribed on tablets of stone.

Fragility -- The thin glass screens on tablet devices are not made for absorbing heavy impacts.

For optimal reading experience on tablets, it's as simple as placing the minimum text size at 14 pixels.

An app store, a Windows Phone interface, and the ability to run on tablets and -- potentially -- smartphones.

Then the Lord answered me and said: ' Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so that a runner may read it.

The interoperability promise of Windows 8 is huge: Buy your app once, and use it on tablet, on laptop, on desktop.

Over the years I got depressed several times, so much so that my doctor recommended that I should stay on tablets.

I've personally found doing any kind of word processing/photo editing to be an extremely frustrating experience on tablets.

In 10% of cases tablet in is used

The interest is in bringing in tablets.

These are conveniently available in tablet form.

Close the lid of the Asus Taichi and it's in tablet mode.

Even in tablet mode, you'll find no issues with the performance of the phone's hardware.

I think Windows8 is far superior to Android in Tablets &; not suitable for desktops &; Laptops.

Shopping for the latest in tablets as we near the end of 2013 means you can find what you're looking for.

Let's take a look at what people look for in tablet computers, and why it's mostly the iPad that seems to fit this criteria.

Our arms got quite tired after a while, so this isn't an ideal solution if you want to use the PadFone in tablet mode for long periods.

We are a leading publisher in tablet markets and our online audience has grown by 70 per cent to more than 50 million unique users a month.

So to decide if every ECE should invest in tablet PCs, I will consider their role in each of the three ways we know early childhood investment works.

In 8% of cases tablet to is used

The update lets you manually set whether apps stay opened when it switches to tablet mode.

If Microsoft don ' t limit Windows8 to Tablets, it will become a disaster than Vista itself.

Windows 8 is in fact the best bet any company has to jump device formats such as smartphones to tablets and beyond.

Most consumers will see ultrabook as an alternative to tablets unless their screen is so big that hinders portability.

Processor intense activities such as rendering video, complex spreadsheets, or image editing are not suited to tablets.

Businesses have often adapted to tablets through some kind of virtualised or hosted environment to access existing secured resources.

The Windows RT device which goes by the name Microsoft Surface is similar to tablets in its genre and like them operates on the nVidia built ARM based CPU.

In terms of standardisation, I think Google is quickly establishing the Android platform, Microsoft is coming from the opposite direction, bringing PC-like functionality to tablet and hybrid devices.

In 3% of cases tablet about is used

I can't say the same about tablets.

The same thing some times might have come in many minds when we think about tablets.

In January, the court is set to rule in yet another case between the two in a case about tablet design rights.

Your technicians may well be ill at ease about tablets, but there are ways to control the access students have to app buying etc.

Important Facts About Tablets in 2013 There are tons of great reasons for buying a tablet in 2013, so this is a great opportunity for you.

Head to Settings in your app drawer and press the ' About Phone ', ' About Tablet ' or ' About Device ' section depending what appears and then press the ' Check for updates ' option.

In 3% of cases tablet with is used

Both are decent brands but the problem with tablets for us is that they are often high ratio of clay or other composite material to actual fertilizer.

In 2% of cases tablet as is used

Mobile solutions such as tablets and smartphones are growing rapidly, and the majority of these devices are powered by ARM-based chips.

In 1% of cases tablet from is used

His favorite gizmos span from tablet PCs to UMPC, to PMPs, gaming consoles, mobile phones and anything with WiFi 802.

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