Prepositions used with "project"

of, for, on, In or to project?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases project of is used

About Me I'd no fan of Project Ulster.

I have a number of projects in the stewpot.

This kind of project is typically a kickstarter.

You don't want to be the company that lays off people at the start and end of projects.

About 90 per cent of projects already approved but not being built yet won't be needed.

The Foundation has funded a number of projects to date which aim to improve debt management for low-income people.

We also provide information on uses for the fabric so you can gauge what kind of projects it would be suitable for.

Some people make a day out of projecting their own psychosis onto whatever environment they are currently attending.

The Amore rhythm is the latest in a growing catalogue of projects from the Adrian Hanson led Donsome Records label.

In 14% of cases project for is used

I use Asana for project management.

The portal also includes software for project management.

One for things that truly are Tasks, and one for Projects.

I've even picked out patterns and ordered yarn for projects to work on when I get home.

The rest of 30 marks were awarded for project work given to the students throughout the year.

They're trying to raise awareness of the work the Irish Charity does for projects in Uganda.

Highway Trust Fund money should be used for projects that meaningfully increase mobility in a cost effective way.

I still have ideas for project I thought of more than 5 years ago that I have not been able to realise as a visual project.

The outlines for projects can be submitted to the UNHate Foundation website and will be voted for by the online community.

Kickstarter should reduced the amount of risk by setting the MAXIMUM funding for Projects; perhaps a rule of 2x Goal funding.

In 14% of cases project on is used

Some cover food and travel while on project business.

You will be working on project work offering you a great variety.

If you don't enjoy spending your time on projects, buy something finished.

They're going to invest up to 100m on projects targeted at those in society with complex needs.

IBM embarked on Project Chess, which delivered Big Blue's interpretation of this era of computing.

In addition judicial reform, the A2J works on projects focused on anti-torture and electoral reform.

For my first Bling It On project, I chose the neutral sweater I recently snagged from Banana Republic for a cheap $2.

And since most entrepreneurs are really working on Projects, then it's important to begin treating them accordingly.

By the way, you're never too young to start learning about IP: only last month this Kat posted on Project EduKat, here.

I would like to pay tribute to the schools and teachers who are working on projects for the Young Scientists Tanzania.

In 12% of cases project In is used

I have a BS and a shiny new MS in Project Management.

He has an expertise in project development and co-operation.

Identify reasons for delays in projects and plan activities to overcome these.

Okay, after quite some time I want to share some of my experience in project management.

In project management it is also important to link the working hours to the goals of the project.

Question: You asking for more money for Haiti? You said that previously you had about $500,000 a year in projects.

He's president of Montreal-based SIRIUS Conseils, a consulting firm that specializes in project management services.

Sutcliffe is the HKFA's second chief executive -- and he's been involved in Project Phoenix since its inception in 2009.

There was a time when customers preferred to buy completed projects rather than put in money in projects under construction.

In 6% of cases project to is used

Any references to projects would be helpful.

Most of the people moved to cities, they moved to projects.

The meaning of the term seems to change from project to project.

The IFSC regime does not apply to projects established after 1999.

Grants of up to 50,000 are available to projects where a London Borough is the lead partner.

Kickstarter allows people around the world to donate small amounts to projects they want to see completed.

How much will I be working? Normally you will be working 9-5 Monday to Friday, however this varies from project to project.

In addition to project work, the ideal candidates will also be on the lookout for ways to automate and improve the localization process.

These range from growing grapes organically through to projects that reduce the environmental effects of operations in the processing plant.

As a reference tool, this glossary contains many terms specific to prevention as well as other terms pertaining to project development and management.

In 4% of cases project with is used

Toots ' husband, Gary, is a carpenter who also helps with projects around the tavern.

However even with this progress most project manager's still face difficulties when dealing with project teams remotely.

Our skilled specialists have extensive experience in dealing with projects of any complexity from an ordinary HTML/PHP template to custom functionality development.

School is 1 hr away from home, lessons end very late, ccas ending later in the night like 9pm, with project work and schoolwork to do, this is simply too much for me.

WTF? That's one of the problems with projects like this -- slogans that at best mean nothing and at worst are merely spin intended to distract from the poor thinking behind them.

In 2% of cases project as is used

I have worked the hourly side as well as projects.

At one extreme, content such as project updates or meeting minutes can be of a quite low quality.

They have a Professional Development advice and information service, as well as project management and consultancy services.

The statement should include the product scope description, product acceptance criteria, project deliverables, as well as project exclusions and constraints.

Shadow Financial Secretary, Chris Leslie listed a number of failed lending schemes such as Project Merlin as examples of the government's indecision over the financial crisis.

A number of fully-equipped studios exist for the audio program and are used to create both commercial projects, as well as projects for participants enrolled in Banff Centre programs.

In 2% of cases project by is used

Most prioritization approaches are subjective, biased, and influenced by project politics.

Volunteers would also be engaged in various related activities requested by project staffs.

In my experience most clients are looking for a one-time project, so typically we charge by project vs.

At the beginning, you might be in the mood to simply take what you are offered, but as time goes on you can make the decision as to whether you charge by the hour or by project.

In 2% of cases project from is used

The meaning of the term seems to change from project to project.

How much will I be working? Normally you will be working 9-5 Monday to Friday, however this varies from project to project.

He faced continuous harassment from project supporters and from the company SGSOC (HERAKLES ), which has recently pursued legal action against him.

Mace's role evolved from project to construction management, before a fixed price solution was negotiated with the requirement of completion ahead of the London 2012 Games.

As Pueblo Viejo transitions from project to operating mine, management is reaching out to stakeholders to explain the potential social and economic benefits of the operation.

Designers always have to be on the look out for like-minded clients who do value design, and I often think the best design work comes from projects where the client trusts the process.

In 2% of cases project into is used

Several studies find that cost reduction is the initial justification for incorporating SOA practices into projects.

Impulse spending as well as the urge to jump into projects is strong, but rethink and review all details before committing.

We look into projects reported by our community for guidelines violations and suspicious activity, and we take action when necessary.

Do you tend to jump into projects whenever someone needs help? That's an admirable trait, but it can be detrimental if it wears you out or keeps you from your own responsibilities.

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