Prepositions used with "tourism"

of, for, on, in or from tourism?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases tourism of is used

The number of tourism-related agencies also has grown.

Ahmed Ali Sawad, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Dr.

USVI Commissioner of Tourism, Beverly Nicholson-Doty, said the U.

A full-time Director of Tourism was appointed in 1963 and given a budget of J$1,000,000.

Cambridge, the near by town, is most of the time included in Boston in terms of tourism.

Achala Suranga Jagoda, Minister of Tourism, was the chief guest at the launching ceremony.

I recall the Department of Tourism (DOT) saying last year that the Sinulog, in fact, invites more visitors every year.

Kevin Bowler, CEO of Tourism New Zealand felt Nelson Tasman should see some significant benefits from The Hobbit films.

In the last two years, it would appear that the office of the Minister of Tourism has been fitted with a revolving door.

In 13% of cases tourism for is used

She was the State's longest serving Minister for Tourism.

Congress leader and union Minister of State for Tourism K.

Montego Bay was one of the first areas to be developed for tourism.

Minister for Tourism Leo Varadkar described Dublin's inclusion as a positive message.

Turkey enjoys the highest number of visits by Russians, primarily for tourism purposes.

Greg is a Non Executive Director for Tourism South East and is a regular PR industry speaker.

The potential for tourism to be a major earner of foreign currency has been recognised and this is being developed.

Kilimanjaro International Airport is located half way between Arusha and Moshi, both major destinations for tourism.

Although it's heavily built up and designed for tourism, it's great for budget hotels, cheap surf wear and cheap food.

In 12% of cases tourism on is used

Neither is our state based on tourism.

There's just much less attention on tourism.

In my estimation, it's survival can't be based on tourism alone.

Increasingly, the government is dependent on tourism to provide the much needed foreign exchange.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday extended the ban on tourism activities in core areas of tiger reserves.

Maldives survives on tourism, so it's best to pre-book your stay than search for it at the last moment.

Make sure to also check out other recently published books on tourism, sustainability and climate change, such as this one.

We also provide UK government with advice on tourism policy and raise awareness of the significance of tourism to the UK economy.

Without residents, the island would stay an enclave dependent on tourism, falling back on government subsidy when visitors were scarce.

Wegapitiya points out that power generation will have to keep pace with the new thrust on tourism and the commencement of mega infrastructure projects.

In 11% of cases tourism in is used

Amanda started her career in tourism at Airtours Plc in 1987.

It attributed the rise to economic liberalisation and an upsurge in tourism, especially in Zanzibar.

Of Othaya has invested in Tourism, Banking, Real Estate, Agriculture, Insurance and Telecommunication.

It's hardly surprising that the ease of getting there has contributed to the growth in tourism over the last decades.

I haven't been back in 3 years, but last time I did the Island Highway, I noticed serious downturns in tourism and fishing.

Helga came from Holland, got involved in tourism, opened her own office, expanded into property, opened Corfuhomefinders Dassia office.

From an initial core budget of 5 million the Government hopes to attract an extra 325,000 visitors and generate 200 million in tourism revenue.

As you can see from just this partial list, there are opportunities in tourism, hotels, power generation, cars, mobile phones, health care and agriculture.

Many practice nomadic pastoralism, while others have been absorbed into modern day jobs working in tourism where they showcase their culture to visiting tourists.

The house boat decked up for the wedding on the Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir In recent years, the valley of Kashmir is witnessing an excellent surge in tourism sector.

In 6% of cases tourism from is used

Government is going to lose a big deal of money from tourism.

Why does it not benefit from tourism? Because tourists prefer to go elsewhere.

The country continues to derive most of its foreign exchange from tourism, remittances, and bauxite/alumina.

It is distinct from other members of the UAE in that a large part of the emirate's revenues are from tourism.

Net earnings from tourism nearly doubled in the first six years of the decade, reaching US$437 million in 1986.

Tell me, what is left to gloat about? Mattie, to tell the truth I don't even know how well the country is faring from tourism.

If they get and income from tourism, they will do everything to protect the tiger from poachers because it is their livelihood.

Worker remittances and earnings from tourism have made a substantial contribution towards reducing the current account deficit.

Individual action is now recognized as one of the keys to tackling both global warming and the negative side effects from tourism.

Then I'd write another paragraph about how the negatives can be avoided and/or how countries can make sure they benefit from tourism.

In 6% of cases tourism to is used

It has forwarded Mr Bruun's column to Tourism Minister John Key.

From agriculture to mining to tourism to energy, investment opportunities abound.

The importance of integrating local community into tourism programs was also stressed.

The benefits, the maker of Just Jiggin lures says, will flow to tourism and the recreational fishing industry.

He commented that the government understands the importance of the?? wilderness beauty? of the Peel Region to tourism operators.

Fillip to tourism Gupta said that the project would help the economic development of these cities and towns, by giving a fillip to tourism.

According to R 6 dated 8 June 2007 the UDA attempted to claim that they had a proposal to develop the land that was acquired for a project relating to tourism.

END NOTICE++ Phnom Penh is still very much in its infancy when it comes to tourism development, and this includes the way certain properties within the city are run.

After more than twenty years of development, tourism industry has become the leading industry in Zhangjiajie, which has stimulated the development of other industries related to tourism.

In order to reflect these strengths and the spirit of the entries submitted, entries received have been grouped under the Gateway to Tourism and Gateway to Living strapline of the brand.

In 3% of cases tourism by is used

The very fact that the Gathering is being run by Tourism Ireland says it all.

Is that the living in a giant shopping mall program? Like it or not, NYC has been taken over by tourism.

A lot of this is driven by tourism and the media is also encouraging people to visit, so this tournament fits in well.

In general Mafia has a low security risk as it remains relatively undeveloped and unaffected by tourism -and urbanisation.

Heading west, there are some small fishing villages still relatively untouched by tourism, such as Luz, Burgau, and Salema.

Greater dissemination of information on these technologies and their economic and technical performance will be welcomed by tourism stakeholders.

On arrival at the airport the pax will be met and assisted by Tourism Window representative when they come out of immigration and custom formalities.

In 3% of cases tourism with is used

Agriculture forms the main base of the local economy, with tourism a fast-growing sector.

Spiegel's work will include creation of a Chinese language website about Monterey and building relationships with tourism agents who control travel out of the country.

Mr Huberts said it could help with tourism, with people being able to access their Facebook pages from the street, and post what a great time they were having in Gisborne.

Harassment and opportunistic theft go hand in hand with tourism almost everywhere in the world and form the basis for the majority of reported crimes committed against visitors.

Drops in export revenue along with tourism revenues, foreign direct investments, as well as remittances have hindered economic development and employment rates among developing countries.

In 2% of cases tourism as is used

Also included in the six-month average period are employees in businesses that have peak periods at certain times of the year, such as tourism.

I attach great importance to their views and look forward to working closely with them in our policy areas such as tourism, trade and technology.

In 2% of cases tourism through is used

Martin's love of travel as a way to promote greater cultural awareness, peace, and education through tourism.

Museveni's initiatives to restore the wildlife and the environment laid the groundwork for a plan to fuel economic growth through tourism.

Greater ties between the energy and tourism sector, as advocated by the International Centre of Peace through Tourism, are an example for such partnerships.

As part of the celebrations, the TTB is organising two prime events to remind the country and the outside world of Nyerere's and Tanzania's commitment to peace and freedom through tourism.

Thailand for example, despite its reliance to USD Dollars through tourism and sex industry, still revere their King as holy person and appreciate their country's history as the only country in S.

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