Prepositions used with "being"

of, For, into, to or from being?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases being of is used

Gandhi with the PM of being virtuous.

Life is the experience of being alive.

Ontology asks the question of being, i.

Back to Contents Being found out The fear of being ' found out ' is common to many people.

He cunningly refutes the idea that computers can be conscious in virtue of being computers.

The only force the BBC wants to see dominating hearts, minds and souls of beings is itself.

The beach was crowded with all sorts of beings, men, mules, donkeys, horses, ammunition supplies, naval beach parties.

The two men have absolute fantastic chemistry and their joy of being and working together shines through in every episode.

He who is grasped by this power is able to affirm himself because he knows that he is affirmed by the power of being-itself.

Sentences with verbs of being (such as am, is, are, were) aren't necessarily passive sentences, even if they're often weak ones.

In 13% of cases being For is used

Kudos for being chosen for the article.

God bless you, Florence, and thank you for being you.

And most of what gets built is bad and for being soulless.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you and sharing your wonderful talent.

She even lived up to her big sister's reputation for being a terrifyingly demanding baby.

My family will always make fun of me for being frugal and I just don't really care anymore.

Caoimhin has received praise for being an imitator of Sliabh Luachra style music for years (even though he is from Dublin).

I think I worried that people wouldn't celebrate my mistakes the way I try to; that I would be judged harshly for being myself.

As usual, thanks for the great Canada Day post! Happy Canada Day, Steph! Thanks so much for being a vocal supporter of equality.

In 10% of cases being into is used

But the process that brings such into being must be managed by someone.

Then, how is the judicial cadre brought into being? Not directly from the grassroots.

SNM and its Armed Struggle How or when SNM became into being is no longer a relevant issue.

GS: How did JFLAG come into being? JP: What really sparked JFLAG was the need to consolidate our legal and advocacy effort.

In Canada since Confederation in 1867 over 40 political parties have come into being and won seats in the Federal Parliament.

How many of your members have been arrested since the law came into being? Over one thousand of my members have been arrested so far.

As you can imagine, this situation did not improve when ultrabooks came into being! However, for those who wanted a slim computing device, this was like a god-sent device.

With the help from the continual development of human being's practice and knowledge, man's ability to form conceptions from the abstract had come into being and developed.

It is not because He created that He deserves the meaning (of the term) ' Creator ' and not because He brought the creatures into being that the meaning of ' making ' is derived.

In 7% of cases being to is used

Meanwhile Australia slips closer to being third world.

At times I feel that I can not cope unless I transition to being a woman.

There are several other Arks with legitimate claims to being ' original '.

When he loses, which is normally the case, he reverts to being ' a Scot '.

Simplicity is to be understood in terms of elegant unification, and user-friendliness to beings like us.

Do you have to be Steve Carrell or Will Ferrell? It all comes down to being yourself and finding the humor within you.

I wonder if it's purely anatomical, purely sexual, because if it is, I'd probably not a trans woman, because there is so much more to being trans*.

Even if you are a little shy, being online-based means you can express yourself easier! Which brings you a step closer to being yourself in front of other people.

Quite a few motives action intconcluded for in such a, forth with r affixed with its attribule to beings acceptable tactualityahead aborted; up; out tactuality on bacon arctic america goose.

To describe this expanded sense of nature, Nagel appeals to a naturalistic teleology according to which there is an immanent directedness in nature, a propensity to give rise to beings like us.

In 6% of cases being from is used

This is far from being the case.

When he hit his teens, Steve went from being ' mild mannered ' to ' a bit wayward '.

The soft divider dragging him had saved the cyclist from being run over by the rear wheels.

The pressure from being second guessed by the beautiful, unambiguous graphic on the broadcast became irresistible.

Far from being proudly independent patriots, they are willing to be ruled by any foreigner as long as he's an enemy of England.

Phelps was in Chicago lending his support to a USA side that went from being 10-6 ahead to lose the 39 th Ryder Cup by a point.

I'd sure many of the criticisms are true, but we should also keep in mind that New England is just 3 plays and 4 points away from being 7-0.

During that time, I was dealing with looking after a broken-hearted mother as well my own dark depression and emotional burnout from being ' up North '.

Far from being a futile, unncessary conflict, Britain went to war in 1914 for the noblest possible ideal and best possible reason: her honour and self-defence.

Far from being ' played out ', over four decades after his speech she was in as strong an international position as she has enjoyed in any period since the Suez crisis.

In 5% of cases being about is used

It's about being ' control freaks ' in my opinion.

But have realized that it was all about being ' ANTI Modi haters ' and nothing else.

What's the best thing about being you? Freedom Who is Jody Highroller? Good question.

He borrows an epigraph from Lew Welch about being ' forced by poverty to move with leisurely grace '.

Facebook creeper: ENGAGE! Two hours previous he posted a status about being ' excited to get to the pool! ' or something to that effect.

How do you feel about being classified as a ' viral rapper '? Everyone around the world knows me as the biggest rising neon icon of 2013.

They began to preaching me about being depress, choice to get drunk blah blah blah And then they asked, why I have to be depress? when has this begin? You know what, I can't answer that.

In 5% of cases being by is used

It would be referred to as an exo-planet by beings outside the solar system.

Their lives will have been destroyed and this is what is meant by being ' killed '.

By being yourself you need to subtly let the guy know that what he sees is what he gets.

No, Matthew, it wasn't a slip up or a small error of judgement excusable by being p*ssed.

We don't give ourselves enough credit, or we think that by being ' tough ' on ourselves, that is the way that we get results.

Cognitive Closure The British philosopher Colin McGinn argued that consciousness can not be understood by beings with minds like ours.

A woman becomes a woman, not only by owning the sporting equipment, but by being in charge of it at all times, whether she wants to play, or not.

However, by being yourself, being comfortable with who you are and approaching him slowly, you'll most likely be able to engage him in conversation.

Whatever spirits have gathered here, -- on the earth, in the sky -- let us pay homage to the Buddha, the Tathgata worshipped by beings human and divine.

Whatever spirits have gathered here, -- on the earth, in the sky -- let us pay homage to the Dhamma and the Tathgata worshipped by beings human and divine.

In 4% of cases being as is used

The outstanding physicians named fasting as being; the medicine for the 21st century.

Rather, it is an affirmation of allegiance to a nation which describes itself as being ' under God.

This he describes as being ' nearer than we think ', both in our midst and in our hearts: ' He loves us infinitely.

Even I understood that it was being done to differentiate the God-Fearing United States from the Godless Russian State.

Jomy? s friend Jino, also Indian, describes the economic troubles as being? industry-specific,? especially in the banking sector in which he works.

In this instance, the finger was being pointed more at genuine software errors, rather than deliberate back doors being left on the devices in question.

The line was answered immediately by a lovely lady, who when I explained what I was being asked for, by Createspace, told me I needed an EIN not an ITIN.

In 4% of cases being with is used

There are some great academics out there but, like anything else, there are those who could do with being ' let go '.

While this protects the human population in this area (many of whom are visitors and not as familiar with being? croc-wise?

In 2% of cases being on is used

At least Rudd's Labor Party, and The Greens are intent on being active in the fight against Climate Change - whereas Abbott is on record for saying ' Climate Change is crap '.

Pretty self-explanatory, and more or less what you've detailed above, except that calling on beings from another dimension was more difficult than drawing on the energy of the world around you.

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