Prepositions used with "joke"

of, for, inside, on or with joke?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 61% of cases joke of is used
    There's a plethora of jokes for the kids and adults alike.
    Katee cracks a lot of jokes and Michael is pretty hilarious.
    Taunting Is one sided, with one person always being the butt of jokes or insults.
    They are excellent at doing business but in a martial society they are the butt of jokes.
    Somewhere along the way, maybe with the evolution of the PC Police, dads became the butt of jokes.
    PS: Pa Broon's got a brilliant piece over here (with a couple of jokes thrown in, incase you get bored).
    That sequence of jokes (more than anything) solidifies the fact that Norm is the 90's/00's/10's version of Andy Kaufman.
    I would stay in that class with my new friends, plus this class sounds like it's a pretty fun class where I'll get a lot of jokes! (lol).
    Q: It seems like you allow people to run and run with their jokes, so are there extended versions of jokes that you might put on? NS: There is so much extended stuff.
    Invercargill is the butt of a lot of jokes in New Zealand since it's a pretty rural area and there are a lot of farms in this area -- definitely life in the slow lane.

    In 10% of cases joke for is used
    For jokes are vital to his art - not only his poetry but his novels and short stories.
    No room for jokes in either version Both movies have a good amount of gore Differences.
    But nowadays this easily cloned and unstoppable Neeson character seems to be verging into a territory reserved for jokes that have run their course.
    Only being in the 2nd half of the show, favourites and more serious acts will have more solid fanbases which will leave less votes for joke and pantomime acts.

    In 7% of cases joke inside is used
    That's because its actually a critique and (an) inside joke.

    In 6% of cases joke on is used
    Even his delivery on jokes can feel stilted and unnatural.
    However if the person additionally has a humorous character, a book on jokes would be a desirable Christmas gift.

    In 6% of cases joke with is used
    Not everyone knows how to deal with joke But a range of the people need to panic about Namely, Caroline.
    Ribs would be cracked with jokes by Igos, Lolo 1 (both of Wazobia FM ), MC Ice, Baba de Baba and many more.
    A situation comedy, also known as sitcom, is a genre of comedy that features recurring characters in a common environment such as a home or workplace, accompanied with jokes as part of the dialogue.

    In 3% of cases joke after is used
    joke after joke after joke! No apology, no nothing.

    In 3% of cases joke in is used
    If I knew I was writing the vows just for John's consumption, they would have been very different, full of in jokes, and our own private way of communicating that nobody else would understand.

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