Prepositions used with "influence"

of, for, in, with or under influence?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 79% of cases influence of is used

We have spheres of influence functionally.

It's all within my little net of influence.

DeLillo-Franzen and the anxieties of influence.

An opportunity to expand your horizons, your community, and your network of influence.

These independent expert-istas are the developing gauge of influence in a noisy market.

But sometimes we become too comfortable that we alienate those within our spheres of influence.

The Protectorate of Northern Nigeria, proclaimed in 1900, was also just a sphere of influence claimed by the British.

The Catholic Church also still exerts quite a bit of influence even on non-religious affairs such as affairs of state.

We are building a strong group here in my area and have shared your website with several key people of influence here.

On top of that, it is a kind of colonialism carried out by a number of countries that compete over spheres of influence.

In 7% of cases influence for is used

Wanjohi's is interesting, but like I said I was going for influence.

We designed this manual based on our success stories and challenges in communicating research for influence.

Moreover, US imperialism was locked into an intense rivalry with Britain and France for influence in the Middle East.

But Kismayu has always been a tricky place to rule, with several powerful clans competing for influence and significant port fees to fight over.

I think the greatest threat comes from power struggles within the leadership as the second and third generation jostle for influence and personal wealth.

Uganda became the scapegoat of what was at the time a free for all when land and air forces from Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Angola and Uganda scrambled for influence over the fledgelingfledgling Kabila Sr.

In 5% of cases influence in is used

China's rise in influence across the Pacific has not gone unnoticed by the USA.

Her sound is eclectic, and brings in influences from reggae to electric pop music.

There's concern Erdogan will hook up with the Egyptian Islamists, who are growing in influence.

Notice, not a word about criminalizing trading in influence and abuse of function, which is what US party politics is.

The British continued to grow in influence and power and by 1844 had consolidated their power and began exercising considerable control over much of the area along the coast.

Add to this that the United States and its European allies have turned a blind eye to Tunisian Salafist excesses and an explanation to their rapid growth in influence emerges.

It was in Britain that Hendrix was signed to his first record contract, allowing him to develop the electric guitar style that is unequaled in influence amongst musicians of every genre.

In 5% of cases influence with is used

Carlin calls on ' those with influence ' to use it positively.

The aspect of speed of service will be looked after with influence of training.

It is desirable to try to target key people with influence with personalized approaches.

Shortly after his remarks, I spoke to a senior Western diplomat with influence over the SNC.

Gorana and Agnivesh tried reaching anyone they knew with influence in the state, but to no avail.

No-one with influence or at the head of a Western Government seems to really care about this tragic self-infliction.

In 2% of cases influence under is used

Being under influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs.

Karan Thapar: Everyone believes that the party is considering it under influence or pressure from the RSS to give Gadkari a second term.

A terrorist can readily be attracted by any strayed ideology, act under influence of terrorist, and engage in any kind of cruel and ruthless act.

In 1% of cases influence about is used

What is the best cut off level? Is your customer base sensitive to such an approach? Try, Fail, Learn and Try again! Bottom line about Influence You can not rely solely on these tools.

In 1% of cases influence through is used

So they concentrate on wielding power in the way they know best -- through influence and money.

In 1% of cases influence to is used

So sometimes customer goes to their home to influences them.

What would India be like without Gandhi? No doubt, Gandhi did a lot to influence the course of India's history.

In 1% of cases influence without is used

Living life on my own, alone with my own thoughts and without influence of familiar people, I managed to discover the potential I had to be someone better.

The beauty of Time Management is that the balance can be decided objectively (without influence from immediate deadlines) and self-imposed through the use of the diary.

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