Prepositions used with "thought"

of, for, in, with or to thought?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases thought of is used

Two schools of thought emerge here.

There are three schools of thought.

I couldn't keep my train of thought.

We need to consider several posts from Rubin to string together this train of thought.

Some players have the speed of thought but now the athleticism or skills to pull it off.

It's a very informal practice, just a flow of thoughts, but I find it very therapeutic.

Information is not as necessary to the training of the disciple or initiate as is the proper use of thought energy.

I think most of thought of it as raising awareness and were not thinking of how it would actually effect survivors.

Zazen is used to hone the mind to one single subject of thought, not letting it jump from one randemness to another.

It is known that the four well-known Muslim schools of thought differed to no small degree in their interpretations.

In 13% of cases thought for is used

That's just a little food for thought.

You gave me pause for thought over my porridge.

So anyway, I'd just saying its food for thought.

Three teas and a reception had provided adequate sustenance as well as food for thought.

It should make anyone looking to buy property, especially in Auckland, pause for thought.

It could be everything wrong, but, I think is good food for thought in different ways like.

Food for thought? I believe if Federer was playing someone besides Murray he would of put more of a Effort to win.

I will try to place before you foods for thought on this topic which others more qualified than I am have prepared.

For the science geeks there is plenty and for the environmentally conscious, there is a lot of food for thought too.

Some choice food for thought from Helienne Lindvall on streaming services and the financial payback for songwriters.

In 8% of cases thought in is used

It does not exist except in thought.

I spent much of that week deep in thought.

He looks so surprised and lost in thoughts.

In Thoughts from the Frontline we cover economics and investments, money and finance.

Plus, it gave me a concrete history of the church's evolution in thought toward suicide.

As, therefore, if one has (psychically) the movement in AB, BE, he constructs in thought (i.

I only felt that human kind's evolution has not stopped for there are issues with acceptance and boundaries in thought.

Mental illnesses are psychological and behavioral in nature and involve a wide range of problems in thought and function.

Lost in thoughts, I have no idea how long it has been before I realize that I have finished with my meal a long time ago.

He admits he was not paying attention but was too deep in thought about his new situation and the problems that was causing.

In 4% of cases thought with is used

Quotes from many sources of wisdom coupled with thoughts from the author.

A little at a time, Castiel began to comfort himself with thoughts of Dean.

His eyes flickered rapidly, as if his whole head were trembling with thought.

To practise Right Thought we must fill our minds with thoughts of love and compassion.

Others I was with thought it funny though so just goes to show you can't please them all.

A person with thoughts, feelings and opinions that have value and deserve honor and respect.

With thoughts of that Beat Generation of coffeehouse poets and musicians, I begin planning my road trip for this year.

This big contraption that you strap to your head can pick up brain signals associated with thoughts, and then translate them into movement.

Since we are dealing with thought of markets-not necessarily truth, you are wasting your time searching for the many reasons markets transfer.

For the first years, I commonly employed myself during the time set apart for devotion with thoughts of death, judgment, hell, heaven, and my sins.

In 2% of cases thought to is used

Thank you for putting words to thoughts that I've had trouble explaining.

Thought joined on to thought like things that whisper warmly in the shadows.

The only thing that came to thought is how our site we came from originally had theirs set up.

The recital of the difficulties is, they say, a stimulus to thought and exertion rather than a deterrent.

Watching Sayid's interrogation made me flash-forward to thoughts of their encounter in season five and how important Sayid was in Ben's development.

In 2% of cases thought without is used

Well-thought-of statuses and tweets, or sometimes even posts without thought.

It observed its own low-level processes being carried out across the systems without thought.

And be wary of those who, without thought for the suffering of others, declare Madeleine dead.

While one reaction was to absorb without thought what was coming from the West, the other was total rejection.

Or he is reacting without thought to a learned habit of sacrificing his own interests for the sake of another's.

Realising this, how readily we ' knock ' ourselves without thought, can be a turning point in the struggle against negative self-talk.

He is instinctively reacting without thought to an evolutionary scenario where the person in danger was almost certainly a close relation.

I can not recall a word in these articles set down without thought or deliberation or a word of conscious exaggeration, or anything merely to please.

On April 14, 2009 at 5:24pm Howard Partch wrote: And I suspect there are many many invisible poems who see the day and are put down without thought of wider criticism.

A government that is not managing its bottom line is one that will grab at taxing something as a means of producing revenue, without thought of the long term implications.

In 1% of cases thought between is used

Fresh words could help us arrive at fresh ideas, for there is an intimate connection between thought and word.

THE CONNECTIONS BETWEEN THOUGHT AND LANGUAGE Being able to speak means being able to produce sounds that are recognized by a group as conveying meaning according to established conventions.

In 1% of cases thought by is used

The thinker is created by thought.

Imagination are mental pictures induced by thoughts.

Being by thought, choice and action who you uniquely are at your core is to be authentic.

How about typing words? Changing the channel on the TV? Operating a robotic lawnmower? So, a car that can be driven by thought - not a good idea.

These are timely results, especially as other scientists are busy developing increasingly advanced prosthetic limbs that can be controlled by thought.

German scientists working there have installed a car with new technology that can read the driver's brain waves, thus allowing the car to be steered entirely by thought, reports Science Daily.

In 1% of cases thought from is used

The bliss state is neccesary to lure you away from thought, it has a function.

Though language is often regarded as indissociable from thought, it is still important to distinguish the two.

Rhally said that for Yale students especially, the workshop is an escape from thoughts of resume padding and homework.

In 1% of cases thought on is used

Atheists: Not allowed to appear on Thought For The Day.

There must be no limit on the range of temperate discussion, no limits on thought.

Even though you'll find that there's some form of considerable time that will deal with on thoughts if your buyer is actually thinking during the uggs better value.

His perspective on thought and consciousness as lying outside the spheres of natural science was a really significant idea which we are still trying to come to terms with.

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