Prepositions used with "relief"

of, for, in, with or to relief?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases relief of is used

I remember the feeling of relief.

Robert and I heaved a sigh of relief.

It was the one grain of relief I had.

In our fast moment of relief and happiness he grabbed me, looked at me, and kissed me.

For Jane Davies, who was caught sitting on a mall bench, the feeling was that of relief.

Although, rest of the world heaved a deep sigh of relief at the prompt action of George W.

MORE RELIEF, LESS HASSLE With A Little Bit of Relief, there are no tablets to remember, or dosages to keep track of.

When Perry abandoned his run after a disastrous campaign, Romney's campaign apparatus could breathe a sigh of relief.

On with the slippers and up with the feet, followed by an almighty gasp of relief that another day has been conquered.

But in the end Kali's appearance is to some extent a sigh of relief from the orthodox and stubborn caste system to many.

In 13% of cases relief for is used

So hot that vests must be ripped off for relief.

Students went from house to house collecting money for relief.

Vicks Pure Warm Mist Humidifier for Relief of Cold &; Flu Symptoms.

Even the resources available for relief distribution in the last mile were not sufficient.

Around two and a half lakh rupees for relief distribution were also lost as the boat toppled.

Critical time period for relief is the time during which the greatest number of lives is lost.

Why do kind-hearted persons call in the political power? They can not deny that the means for relief must come from production.

Having exhausted all options of redressal from the ministry, Singh now has the option of approaching the Supreme Court for relief.

On a personal note: soon after the terrible October 8, 2005 earthquake, I had gone to various areas of Azad Kashmir for relief work.

In 10% of cases relief in is used

Ghiyasuddin: Religion in relief camps.

I sighed in relief, wished him well, gave him hearty farewells.

This has led to visible chaos in relief and response at many places.

The insight bathed me in relief and I was clean with enthusiasm and new with desire.

Majority of people from Rampur Lahi, who stayed in relief camps were on MVC embankment.

I have not usually worked in relief settings, so thought you may have some experience with very underweight children.

He went 7 of 14 for 73 yards in relief against the Chiefs, leading Pittsburgh to a go-ahead score in the fourth quarter.

It offers university students in Japan a chance to participate as volunteers and help in relief work in the affected areas.

Till this day, when I dream that I am still teaching, I wake up in relief that I am now free from the nightmare of teaching.

Commercial chain has a predictable and relatively stable demand pattern, whereas, demand pattern in relief chain is highly unpredictable.

In 10% of cases relief with is used

They were laughing with relief.

He sat down, drooping with relief.

Ah: one of them has noticed, I think with relief.

He held the bucket in front of his private parts and sighed with relief.

Christabel didn't know whether to sob with relief, or with disappointment.

Each tier is heavily ornamented with relief carvings, statues, and a colonnade.

The business gasps with relief, wins orders for more widgets and pays back the loan.

The first phase is kicking off on 15th April 2011 visiting the community with relief and health support.

If your life goes on to be good then you probably don't even glance back except with relief to be out of the situation.

Their chariot's surface of bronze was wrought in the still exquisite workmanship of Greece, with reliefs of the Olympian games.

In 3% of cases relief to is used

And although changing bad habits is always tricky, it's also a more certain path to relief.

Let's just say the liver scene should reassure you that young men have always been creative when it comes to relief.

Dalit communities were denied access to relief camps because of their caste and were forced to live under the open sky.

For instance Capsaicin derived from hot chilli peppers (cayenne ), I have found extremely useful to relief the pain of sore throats.

In the extreme, we can become passionately attached to these fixed positions as a guiding light, a light that we fantasize will lead us to relief from chaos, worry and self-doubt.

In 2% of cases relief on is used

Herds are smaller than ever before, and most people are relying on relief food.

Till its construction relief, material could be brought to the Shankarpur head quarter, only through boats.

After a disaster like this The Salvation Army believes its responsibility is to give the most vulnerable people like Aruti and her family first priority on relief supplies.

You may wish to create several timelines, each with a specific focus (such as one focusing on relief efforts, one focusing on survivors, one focusing on science-related topics, etc.

Rajinder Yadav, camp Incharge of the camp at Rampur Lahi Pul was also the incharge of two other camps at Jitpur Nahar and Idgah nahar (refer to Collectorate Report on Relief Camps dated 22/09/2008).

In 1% of cases relief from is used

Participants will hear first hand experiences from relief workers, learn about the nature of humanitarian relief, and look at the skills they have to bring to the sector.

In 1% of cases relief into is used

They are not complete descriptions of the world, only the right way of seeing in order to throw choices into relief.

Their principled stand throws into relief the moral bankruptcy of the assorted worthies who fted this grotesque fraud.

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