Prepositions used with "equipment"

of, for, in, with or to equipment?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases equipment of is used

The level of equipment for the price is simply outstanding.

Provide for emergency plans and assistance in the event of equipment failure.

There was a lot of equipment that you had to put on before getting on the ride.

And there are also other issues, such as the looting of equipment for sale/other uses.

Despite its clear shortcomings, it can actually be a very liberating piece of equipment.

There were 800 tables, provided locally, and some 15 tons of equipment sent from Memphis.

Scalp Coolers are pieces of equipment that at least minimise and often prevent hair loss in chemotherapy patients.

Adaptation of modern technology both in terms of equipment and banking practice ensures efficient service to clients.

That when I said enough is enough, we are not re-installing a working piece of equipment on a defecting installation.

It really is hard to believe anyone can obsessively defend such an inadequate piece of equipment, as the cycling helmet.

In 9% of cases equipment for is used

They use the money for equipment, training and operational expenses.

However, the resources for equipment repair were now generally spread amongst many Corps.

Vehicle installational supporting is easier for equipment to station in the working place.

To be able to do this, the EC needs the necessary budget support for equipment and manpower.

Patient mix affects expenditures for staffing and for equipment, including monitors, intravenous pumps, and ventilators.

The best exercises to help give you the desired shape can be done in the comfort of your home without the need for equipment.

The entire proposal is estimated to cost about $450 million for equipment and additional funding to set up wireless Internet access at schools.

A report by the public administration committee said the Government pays between seven and 10 times more than standard commercial rates for equipment and services.

Small Grants for Equipment Announced The Community Foundation is pleased to announce that it will hold a once off round of small grants for equipment in early 2013.

Small Grants for Equipment Announced The Community Foundation is pleased to announce that it will hold a once off round of small grants for equipment in early 2013.

In 7% of cases equipment in is used

Making bamboo bikes doesn't require electricity or a large investment in equipment.

In addition, the Port of Tauranga is also making the necessary investments in equipment and partnerships.

Mr Reynard said during the period the company had invested over six million dollars in equipment and terminals.

Mr Reynard said during the period, the company had invested over six million dollars in equipment and terminals.

There's a beauty in the small details -- the flying shells, the collateral damage, the quick changes in equipment.

This has been attributed to improvements in equipment, monitoring, anaesthetic training and peri-operative care (1).

Farmers must plan and budget for aerial top dressing, which gives the aviation industry confidence to invest in equipment, tools and technology.

Because most dive centers and resorts rent equipment, you can invest in equipment over time, renting what you don't have until you make the investment.

I have no clue how good or bad you are after your accident but could you retrain, work from home, invest in equipment that would allow you to work etc.

In spite of the fact that these two armies (the Romans and the Muslims) were incomparable in equipments and persons but the Muslims showed an extra sacrifice and took toll from the enemy.

In 5% of cases equipment with is used

Many of them have outdoor gyms with equipment that utilises body weight.

Meteor may issue such reasonable instructions, either with Equipment or on www.

The funds will be used to offer courses in textile industry trends as well as help with equipment upgrades and infrastructure.

Mr Wepener stated that approximately every fourth liter of milk worldwide is extracted or further processed with equipment of the GEA Group.

The company has just delivered its first aircraft to be fully installed with equipment from AeroMobile, part owned by Telenor, to its customer Thai Airways International.

In 4% of cases equipment to is used

Floodwater and contaminants promote corrosion and insulation damage to equipment and wires.

Apart from that, there are other issues facing local musicians including lack of access to equipment, training and suitable venues.

Even if it gains regulatory approval, it's certain to be legally challenged and then, in all likelihood, confronted by protesters chaining themselves to equipment.

In 3% of cases equipment as is used

These companies facilitate the required amount of workers as well as equipment to get the work done.

All of our apartments and accommodations include all the furniture as well as equipment that would be needed by families.

These machines can offer weight resistance exercise for a complete body workout, or less, depending on the additional features, such as equipment for working the abdominal muscles.

In 3% of cases equipment on is used

In this post we'll look at what a VAR is and how to reduce the time lost on equipment ordering.

The VAR adds a percentage markup on equipment sales to make a few bucks, in addition to offering support and professional services.

In 1% of cases equipment from is used

I have made the rounds from equipment manufacturers to component manufacturers, project developers and investors, and given a talk at the conference.

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