Prepositions used with "talent"

of, for, in, with or on talent?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases talent of is used

People of talent and experience.

He has 22 years of talent and quality.

The Lib Dems have a fair bit of talent.

We've abundance of talent but for some reasons we aren't as consistent as we should be.

But the most serious knock-on effect would be to reduce the pool of talent in each city.

Insecure bosses and co-workers can't stand to share credit for the recognition of talent.

It's not that the boy is altogether devoid of talent, but he is devoid of discipline, compassion and emotional depth.

Employers are typically so bereft of talent, they will make substantial offers to even marginally qualified candidates.

They've had plenty of talent and a respected head coach, but until last year they didn't seem to have a solid direction.

Cleveland could use some help in the front court but there's no way they are parting with that lightning-fast wad of talent.

In 8% of cases talent for is used

We are spoilt for talent in strike.

Harvey didn't look for talent outside Detroit.

China needs a good filtering system for talents.

Casinos, contractual food companies, hotels, and high volume tourist attractions are looking for talent.

The production had limited time to find a new leading man, causing them to search for talent in unlikely places.

However, there are a LOT of companies who are hiring near 6 figures for talent immediately out of a 4 year program.

No matter how bad the market, I can't see it going down from that level (they are competing with each other for talent).

Look for talent you don't have- If you're great at face to face, but you're bad with social media, find someone who is great at it.

You want to be loved and admired for talent and skill, and if you do not feel either one, anxiety and frustration will lead to a sense of nervousness.

In 5% of cases talent in is used

But there is no comparison in talent.

A lot of top flight clubs have brought in talent from abroad.

Twelve percent were acquired, but likely in talent acquisitions that lost money for the angels.

What Cristiano Ronaldo lacks in talent (if any) he covers in this almost Herculean physical conditioning.

It used to be confined to a small group of shameless individuals who made up in visibility for what they lacked in talent.

Over the past few years there has been a seismic shift in Chelsea's transfer policy towards bringing in talent as young as possible.

The contrast in talent between the teams can't be ignored, though, and with the game in Candlestick, the Rams are going to be hard pressed to win the game.

In 5% of cases talent with is used

Ferguson bought a lot of players with talents.

This team is deep with talent and plays better with adversity.

God has truly blessed us as a nation with talent and I believe this is our time to really shine.

Yet, he was consistent enough to bat in the top order of an Australian line up which brimmed with talent.

All that said, those with talent and perseverance do succeed, and if not, there's always PR or copyrighting.

Lighting, photography, working with talent, creating images under pressure, making the images you see in your mind's eye a reality.

Villa are well stocked with homegrown kids blessed with talent -- whether they have the ability to keep the club in the Premier League (or.

So part of how to make a million dollars is finding your talent, then finding those with talents that will help you bring your talent to the market place.

Are you seriously trying to say that players wanting to play on teams with talent, or in a bigger market is something new? Kobe did this before he even was drafted.

I believe Africa is a good learning ground where instead of being relegated to defunct committees, most individuals with talent and interest are busy working in the field.

In 4% of cases talent on is used

People now focus on talent and skill.

In doing this, they undoubtedly missed out on talent that could have served them well.

A team that contained the likes of Romario, Dunga, Bebeto, Taffarel, Aldair and Careca, though, was far from short on talent.

Although its productions budgets, like the BBC 's, have been trimmed, it still has a sizeable sum to spend on talent and programming.

In 3% of cases talent about is used

Recently, I have been thinking about talents.

Performance is about talent, consistency and commitment and must be accorded due recognition.

Shenk's book will convince many readers that the conventional wisdom about talent is due to be overthrown.

He was judged on his singing ability, not his disability in a program that is also as much about marketability and image as it is about talent.

Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! It's all about talent! That's the theme of the 1st 2012 Oracle &; Taleo European HCM Summit in Paris.

In 2% of cases talent to is used

Also, access to talent is limited in scale in particular in the area of engineering.

In 1% of cases talent as is used

While I'd a fan of none, I love how Frieda Pinto is recognized for her style as well as talent.

The players represent both established names in the Finnish scene as well as talents who should reap their potential this season and go on to even greater things.

In 1% of cases talent like is used

Big vessels require a lot of time to build, like talent matures slowly.

In 1% of cases talent over is used

So I think potential PR contestants really should be sussed out for who can come up with good ideas &; designs quickly over talent that they've developed over time.

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