Prepositions used with "cake"

of, for, in, with or like cake?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 64% of cases cake of is used
    Managing it is also a piece of cake.
    Drilling the hole is a piece of cake.
    My mother has never baked that kind of cake again.
    In fact these persons try to profit of a kind of cake with a pseudo mathematical method.
    A quick peruse through Pinterest and I found this recipe from Your Cup of cake and it was perfect.
    We can also assume swapping out bands is a piece of cake for Qualcomm and won't affect handset costs.
    Everything would have been fine, except that before she went into the house she told me the kind of cake she had baked.
    Who ate that entire bowl of chips? Who had four pieces of cake? Who ate the entire pizza? IT WAS ME!! Because I lost control.
    But their costumers were their neighbors and friends; if these people turned instead to a box of cake mix, this was income lost for the farmwoman.
    If you would of asked me 4 years ago if I would be writing a book about my weight loss, I would of laughed at you and went to eat a piece of cake.

    In 7% of cases cake for is used
    She don't care for cakes or cookies.
    Decoration -- gold can be thinned into embroidery thread or even used as gold leaf or gold dust for cake decorations.
    Drugs and neck rubs were administered, followed by chicken noodle soup and then a wheezing plea for cake and ice cream.
    Almost 80 percent of wheat flour is used for bread making, while the remaining 20 percent is used for cakes and other pastries.
    Bifield says it's important to take the cost of ingredients into account when you're trying to determine how much to charge your clients for cakes.

    In 5% of cases cake in is used
    In cake all round an egg fluid.
    Ginger is one of the ingredients that I use by the root, tons of it every week even in cakes and the ground powder just doesn't compare.
    Local reports said ammonium nitrate was used in the devices that were hidden in cake boxes and thought to have been detonated with digital timers.

    In 5% of cases cake with is used
    Between lunch and dinner guests can help themselves to high tea with cakes, scones and cream.

    In 4% of cases cake like is used
    When I lost so much weight I ate things like cake and pie.
    What you should end up with is a mixture that appears like cake crumbs.
    Sugary foods like cakes and biscuits should be avoided to prevent cases of tooth decay.
    Exception sometimes perishable items like cakes, flowers that can't be belivered anywhere in Bangladesh.

    In 3% of cases cake about is used
    I n my husband just have coffee n???? and we are discussing about cake.
    I am always concerned when people comment about their fears and worries which appear to surface just by reading a post about cake or a mention of butter or the like.

    In 3% of cases cake to is used
    Raising money There are hundreds of ways to get involved in fundraising fun, from summer BBQ parties and sponsored events, to cake bakes and off-road adventures! More fundraising ideas.

    In 2% of cases cake as is used
    Simple sugars are often found in foods, such as cakes, biscuits, chocolate, and also in fizzy drinks.
    She ordered a small meal of bread, butter, and other niceties, such as cakes, tarts, and biscuits, to be brought secretly to her boudoir.

    In 2% of cases cake into is used
    Add the egg, a little at a time, until you have a firm mixture that you can form into cakes.

    In 2% of cases cake on is used
    Feeding your face Breastfeeding and keeping very long hours can really help you shed the kilos -- unless you're gorging on cake and sugary drinks in an effort to keep going.

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