Prepositions used with "expression"

of, for, in, with or by expression?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 84% of cases expression of is used

Freedom of expression is first among them.

It became my mode of expression musically.

Freedom of expression is fine, within those rules.

The list is long who have take mileage from the freedom of expression controversy.

Most obviously, we need the right to freedom of expression, in order to assert our economic and cultural rights.

The force of expression amounts only to vocalic sounds, when the subject is there in person to utter his passion.

Again, freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights of the citizen which an Islamic State must respect.

Khawam speaks to the power of art to challenge sectarianism and limits on freedom of expression in the Middle East.

In 5% of cases expression for is used

Watch for expressions of extreme rigidity in play.

With a 3 yr old, you could begin by giving him more opportunities for expression.

It is a showcase of deep sophisticated emotions and experience that veterans can use as an outlet for expression.

They, like us, like anyone else, feared the unknown, and yet just as universally, they also yearned for connection, for expression, to be understood.

Through this film, Guerrero visualises those silences of sex and desire, opening these up as ambiguous spaces for expression without tying them down via dialogue.

Under the strain of difficult conditions, or in severe loss or bereavement, or when emotionally moved by a scene of natural beauty, there is something within us that cries out for expression.

Environment Canterbury and the district council asked for expressions of interest, and then people were put through a process aimed at identifying whether they had the ability to work together.

Future of the Toronto Zoo Council adopted a motion directing the City Manager to cancel a Request for Expressions of Interest concerning options for the Toronto Zoo that was issued on October 1.

In 4% of cases expression in is used

The only variability in them is in expression, not in feature.

When it is used in expressions such as ' quite a few ', it means ' quite a large number.

Note: Pixels should not be mixed with other absolute units in expressions as they may cause undesirable effects.

I'd waiting, too, for a love of language to return, an appreciation for the words we use and for style and grace in expression.

Conversions C allows types to be mixed in expressions, and permits operations that result in type conversions happening implicitly.

Arabic language had never been so rich in expression, poetic value, vocabulary, and variety in literature, as it was in the time of Quran.

The Arabic language was at its peak in expression, richness, vocabulary, artistic, and poetic value during the time the Quran was being revealed.

I realise that the gap between any essential understanding of karma and the forms it takes in expressions of popular culture is too broad to take on.

With (350) man the respiratory organs are of especial importance in expression, not only in a direct, but in a still higher degree in an indirect manner.

In 2% of cases expression with is used

And there were those with expressions of deep contemplation.

Based upon the local dialects, it was leavened with expressions from Sanskrit, Prakrit, Persian, Arabic, Bengali and Marathi etc.

In 1% of cases expression by is used

It simply holds a set of traits that may be accessed by expressions.

This movement is characterized by expression of a closeness to nature and sometimes by tenets of Gandhianism and Prudhonianism.

These statements can be identified by expressions of belief, expectation or intention, as well as those statements that are not historical fact.

Therefore, should a particular gene mutation occur, it may not be noticed, as the fetus will likely not live to term, or the mutation is masked by expression of the correct, dominant gene (Neel 10).

In 1% of cases expression on is used

The first phase of this campaign is to identify where these (libel) laws exist because where they are they have a chilling effect on expression.

In 1% of cases expression to is used

Highlights include the ' Supernatural ' violins, cellos and brass (the mod bar is assigned to expression on several of these sounds).

They are as full of significance to us in regard to expression, as are ordinary rudiments to the naturalist in the classification and genealogy of organic beings.

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