Prepositions used with "function"

of, for, in, with or at function?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases function of is used

HTML tags have a lot of functions.

No major loss of function resulted.

This is called ' allocation of function '.

Culture has been fulfilling a number of function among which the following may be noted.

They're easy to use once you know what they do, and can perform a variety of functions.

Howe, and myriad admirers of the building since, saw beauty in that expression of function.

This can provide a number of functions like atmosphere shift, safety and lightweight transfer in your own property.

This can provide a number of functions like atmosphere shift, safety and lightweight transfer in your own property.

Notice, not a word about criminalizing trading in influence and abuse of function, which is what US party politics is.

FINCAD provides a toolbox of functions and several application workbooks that calculate VaR based on this methodology.

In 10% of cases function for is used

Normal bookings are for vacation purposes and special permission must be obtained for function.

Yet for most practical purposes human memory works to supply information that is useful for function and application to other tasks.

On offer is a casual opportunity to provide support to the team for functions, as well as providing cover for when our staff are on leave.

Many enterprises have adopted SaaS applications for functions like sales force automation, which are offered by vendors such as Salesforce.

Instead, it's faster to do: for ($i = 0, $count = count ($array ); $i < $count; $i ++) Come up with a naming scheme for functions, variables, and column names.

Ultimately, any sort of rideable creature will likely be something more used for show than for function, and it's possible that some might even cost Crowns to purchase.

In 10% of cases function in is used

They also vary in function within a company.

Figures 8 and 9 show the definitive restoration after almost six years in function.

While doing my research, it was sometimes opperative but most of the time it was not in function.

This is exactly why the Petronas Twin Towers has its own service building to keep everything in function.

Harmonizing to complete the loudspeaker chain in function and form, letting it simply work without resonance interference.

I'd sure when they are a bit older they will ban me from using the listening in function and I won't blame them!! Thanks again.

Not all believers exercise the gift of tongues, which is different in function from the tongues given by God as the initial sign of the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

The F 1 complex contains three a subunits, three b subunits, and one of each of the other subunits, where the three b -subunits are catalytic and the three a -subunits are regulatory in function.

In 6% of cases function with is used

The festive season is booked solid with functions, friends and family expectations.

In addition, it has over 500 rooms and suites, with function rooms that can accommodate up to 2,500 guests.

Because we've dispensed with so many other devices, the line-break's become if anything overloaded with functions.

The sizes of lipoproteins, often equated to ' densities ', are almost certainly associated with function and ' intended delivery addresses '.

As the result of this (Jamaican agreement ), USD became international reserve currency with function of universal mean of payment and the evaluation of currencies of other countries.

That said, I will say that one of the things that makes biohackers unique from other body modification communities is that they are often more concerned with function than with form.

In 4% of cases function at is used

Have noticed that she is no longer accompanying John Baird at functions.

Whether or not you are at household or at function, it is highly preferred amongst buyers.

Buddy Boland - RIP: Buddy continued to entertain throughout the years, regularly performing at functions in and around Bray and Dublin.

My dad is a capable pianist He plays at functions locally, and the sound of piano music drifting through the house is a familiar occurence.

But the erratic price tag of oil has induced some to wonder what function this sort of speculation had on the average American via a great aspect of 2008.

The participants also took a ' Mini Mental State Examination ' made up of 30 simple questions looking at functions including arithmetic, memory and orientation.

In 4% of cases function to is used

Things that were rough in my experience usually were not related to function, but to speed.

Form compared to Function When deciding on among a variety of kennel area styles as well as resources, your own main issues will likely be of kind and performance.

Based on current research through Forrester, close to 13% associated with info employees are utilizing mobile phones with regard to function at least one time per week.

In 3% of cases function as is used

This helps the AR to regulate and direct the development of male sexual characteristics as well as functions in both males and females such as hair growth and sex drive.

The dynamic nature of culture allows creation, learning, borrowing and transmission of cultural ideas, values, beliefs, knowledge and practical skills as well as functions.

In 3% of cases function by is used

I can see how grouping by function would make *great* sense.

If arranging by functionality was easy, we wouldn't need this tool (nothing against it, it's cool in it's own right).

At the simplest level, it is assumed that each element specified in the z-matrix is to be described by functions belonging to the same category of basis set.

In 2% of cases function about is used

My father-in-law rants about function being the only necessity.

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