Prepositions used with "fitness"

of, for, in, to or with fitness?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases fitness of is used

That and his chronic lack of fitness.

Paulo Ferreira has lost a considerable amount of fitness.

This makes the ride attractive to all ages and all levels of fitness.

Until the wheels of fitness finally become out of true -- I get dropped from the group.

His lack of fitness has already proved a liability for his team but he does have humour.

This is maintaining a certain level of fitness, but it's not challenging me or stretching me.

SOME SCOOTERS NEED A WARRANT OF FITNESS Scooters that are classed as motorcycles must have a current Warrant of Fitness.

SOME SCOOTERS NEED A WARRANT OF FITNESS Scooters that are classed as motorcycles must have a current Warrant of Fitness.

The only problem is, it was going to be hard physically anyway since I've lost a lot of fitness while rehabbing the injury.

Learn which rules you need to know about: the right driver licence, approved helmets, vehicle licence and Warrant of Fitness.

In 10% of cases fitness for is used

Whey protein is not only for Fitness fanatics and Bodybuilders.

Fitness boot camp exercises and exercise workouts tend to be excellent for fitness.

For fitness enthusiasts the hotel offers 2 tennis courts, a salt water swimming pool.

John Terry and Ashley Cole are in a battle for fitness for Saturday's match with Queens Park Rangers.

Fighting talk indeed, with ' Fitzer ' subsequently saying that his side will not be lacking for fitness.

So as you know I'd part of Nike's Make Yourself Movement, which is geared towards bloggers with a flair for fitness.

When doing exercise regarding Fitness forever or playing a sports activity for fitness be sure to be precautious and also use wise practice.

Being a corporate GO TO person for fitness related matters, I am often hauled up (literally) to answer any fitness related queries by the bosses.

Although I have been teaching classes on and off for the past twenty or so years, I have chosen to exclusively work for Fitness First for the last seven of them.

And the basic point is that evolution by natural selection is random genetic mutation over millions of years in the context of environmental pressure that selects for fitness.

In 10% of cases fitness in is used

It was a team made in fitness heaven.

If you are ready to take your body to the next level in fitness, get in on a session today.

Any words of wisdom from someone with so much experience, for those who are just starting out their careers in fitness.

Although I was doing my Master's in Information Science, I spent most of the time with my nose buried in fitness books.

They spoke on the latest trends in fitness and golf instruction, technology, and techniques that are shaping golf's future.

There may not necessarily be a correspondingly large gulf in class between the divisions, but there is certainly a significant gulf in fitness.

I never realized how large a component diet can be in fitness, and in addition how the eating patterns that I had become accustomed to affected my body in so many ways.

In 10% of cases fitness to is used

However, the path to fitness does not need to be painful or hard.

The fruity way to fitness YOU are extremely active and generally healthy.

None of these enquiries have proceeded to Fitness to Practice Panel hearing.

As for Jack, it's difficult to make that call without knowing how far down the road he is in regard to fitness.

They are forever on a quest to find short cuts to fitness goals that that normally take months or years to attain.

David's fun and exciting approach to fitness has earnt him the reputation of being one of the most innovative trainers.

Interestingly a parallel exists in biology, known as the ' overload principle ', which is commony applied to fitness and exercising, ie.

I guess I thought that if I could just get her back to fitness without any more physical problems, then I would get the great little agility dog back too.

In 5% of cases fitness with is used

For more articles about Reebok Shoes with fitness effect at mens resistance runner.

A defender who has been struggling with fitness is called upon to replace Gareth Barry; and now Jordan Henderson would be the obvious choice to replace Lampard.

However, I personally feel that quick fix and something for nothing disease are more rampant and insidious among people with fitness goals than they are among any other group.

Facilities Park Avenue has not only a wide private garden but also a big gym with fitness center and swimming pool offering lots of activities, tennis court, pin-pon table and a spa center too.

In 3% of cases fitness about is used

Seriously, click on the TV and watch the infomercials talk about fitness and training and diet.

Fair point, not sure a football match is ever only won for *one* reason, but fair call about fitness.

In 3% of cases fitness into is used

If you need something to give you the boost back into fitness then perhaps a fitness boot camp is a good option for you.

In 2% of cases fitness from is used

I've really come to enjoy books about healthier living, from fitness to improving one's food intake (' diet ' is a dirty word!).

I made this with some chicken in a red sauce and it was heavenly! I picked this one up from Fitness and Faith and I am slightly obsessed with them.

If it's your first time doing this, it is important to consult or seek advice from fitness trainer so you can be guided accordingly to make whatever ab workouts you prefer.

In 2% of cases fitness on is used

While time is winding down on Fitness Month, by no means should you slack up on things.

One suspects thought that perhaps too much time was spent ocusing on fitness rather than tactics.

A lot depends on fitness, suspensions, and if we further bolster our numbers in the next few days.

In 2% of cases fitness regarding is used

Alentus makes no guarantees regarding fitness of the products and services for any particular use or intent.

When doing exercise regarding Fitness forever or playing a sports activity for fitness be sure to be precautious and also use wise practice.

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