Prepositions used with "wildlife"

of, for, in, to or on wildlife?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases wildlife of is used

Quite a lot of wildlife can be spotted here too.

Fencing in the pond is a ridiculous idea! The pond is full of wildlife.

They take us canoeing and point out various types of wildlife and fish.

Lots of wildlife to see, beautiful scenery, people being stupid is also fun to watch.

Largely uninhabited except for scores of wildlife, the islands are great for snorkeling.

Tour the Queen Elizabeth Park with its amazing biodiversity and enormous variety of wildlife.

On our first day of exploration, we boarded small skiffs and headed up the Tahuayo tributary in search of wildlife.

It also led to the area being inhabited by an incredible diversity of wildlife, supported by the contrast in habitats.

Almost as much water as they are land, these landscapes offer a tangible sense of tranquility and an abundance of wildlife.

In association with development and changes of the way of life, the image of wildlife roaming free is slowly getting erased.

In 15% of cases wildlife for is used

Look for wildlife on the Icefields Parkway.

Photographers will need a zoom lens for wildlife (70-300 or similar).

This nationwide park is India's first park that was built for wildlife.

The first place up for consideration to tour for wildlife is the Jim Corbett Nationwide Park.

These trees now serve as water catchment areas, provide richer soils and a habitat for wildlife.

It is a tragic situation, destroying acres of native British flowers and a whole eco-system for wildlife.

Situated in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, the area is a haven for wildlife and their habitats, flora and fauna.

The peatlands are a fantastic place for wildlife with one of the highest rates of biodiversity in Indonesia, and some of it came to visit us by the banner.

Attention: Lente &; Adine Roode, I read an article of you and the Camp Jabulani in the Beeld (way back) regarding the work you do for wildlife conservation.

The RSPB is concerned that the size of the budget for wildlife-friendly farming is already too small and in some parts of the UK funding for vital conservation projects has run out.

In 10% of cases wildlife in is used

It is one of the places in Africa that still prides in wildlife concentration.

Education is needed for all stakeholders in wildlife tourism, from guides to accommodation providers to customers.

So keeping in mind their popularity due to their scarcity and importance in wildlife and off course people interest in them.

Rose Peter Kicheleri: A graduate in Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management from Sokoine University of Agriculture (2007).

Why is it needed? Traditional efforts in wildlife conservation have focused on highly threatened or well-known iconic species.

Children (over 12 years) who have an interest in wildlife and who are comfortable in an adult environment thoroughly enjoy the camp.

She mentioned that she would now like to do a course in wildlife conservation or something like that (not sure about the detail ), rather than follow her law career.

Jane Alexander has been active in wildlife conservation for decades, serving as a Trustee of the Wildlife Conservation Society and a founding board member of the American Bird Conservancy.

The WildTech Project is a multinational European collaboration based out of the United Kingdom, the goal of which is to design microarrays for rapid diagnosis of infectious disease in wildlife.

In wildlife photography that particular shot could have been seen probably for that moment only sorry to hear that you missed one of your dreaming shots, and thanks to share your trip experience.

In 9% of cases wildlife to is used

Because of this, their activities represent no threat to wildlife.

Agenda 21 implementation, taking land from farmers and converting it to wildlife preserves needs to stop.

Local communities support: Our Team of dedicated staff are committed to wildlife conservation, environment.

Destructive to wildlife? That is controversial, and one would have to compare it other forms of power generation to make a judgement.

Wind power is good, but wind turbines as they are at presently conceived are destructive to wildlife, Far less than cats or windows are.

These changes have enabled businesses to start in the areas of custom portrait and pet photography, to wildlife and even automotive areas.

Also you will find jeeps parked near the hotel entrance by local tour operators to catch some business by taking visitors to wildlife parks.

She also made significant contributions to wildlife projects to save endangered species, and to the arts, including the restoration of the Theatre Royal.

The department will have to pay for a scaled-back surveillance program, using money that otherwise would have been directed to wildlife management, habitat creation and hunter issues, he said.

In 6% of cases wildlife on is used

See below for a small selection of references to research on wildlife tourism and.

The impact of irrigated agriculture on wildlife had an immediate effect on public perceptions.

He has gone on to consult on wildlife projects and zoos in different parts of the world from Myanmar to Armenia.

The assertion by animal protectionists that these conflicts are our fault because we encroached on wildlife habitat is only half the story.

And they had the Cineflex heligimbal, a camera that has had a vast impact on wildlife filmmaking, and was first used by the NHU in Planet Earth.

Knowing I would need a pretext to gain entry, I typed up a letter offering to give a presentation on wildlife in Afghanistan, which I had been studying.

About Tanzania Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa, is focused on wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism, with approximately 25 % of the land protected by the Government.

Having recently come back from Namibia where the main tourism draw is wildlife, I was interested to attend a session on wildlife tourism, featuring speakers from Africa, India and Scotland.

In 5% of cases wildlife with is used

It is heavily wooded with native and exotic vegetation and abounds with wildlife.

Gravel pits near Edmonton reveal that during this time the area is teeming with wildlife.

Katavi National Park is vast at about 5000 square and is teaming with wildlife, which is unmatched anywhere else in Africa.

Whatever you choose to call it this is a seriously thrilling cruise, packed with wildlife, steeped in history and cloaked in comfy.

He wanted to preserve part of the traditional Gaelic culture and show that efficient farming methods could be compatible with wildlife conservation and sustainability.

In 4% of cases wildlife about is used

Part 3, still asked me about wildlife environment but regarding wildlife.

I learned many things about wildlife and people, their customs and traditions.

You can stop along the way to read exhibit panels about wildlife found around the river.

The question was about wildlife in my country and Australia and many questions about environment.

This means that art about wildlife is now so much easier to get and thus is making it more popular.

Very little wildlife A drive through this area may be about wild places, but it is not about wildlife.

She started having nightmares about wildlife getting captured and used in circuses, but I don't understand it.

Using 48K and 56K modems meant you weren't hanging around a site long enough for ads about deodorants to load on sites about wildlife.

In 2% of cases wildlife by is used

There are 3 water holes down there, and it looks good to see the Maasai living as they must have for so very long - surrounded by wildlife.

In 2% of cases wildlife from is used

This marks the first time that these Maasai landowners have received substantial and direct income from wildlife.

ON TOUR Remain on trails, keep far from wildlife, be silent, wear natural colors, do not take or introduce anything to the environment.

Private individuals are adapting these drones, which are capable of programmable flight paths, for their own uses, including everything from wildlife surveillance to farm management.

In 1% of cases wildlife into is used

Whether you're into wildlife spotting, windsurfing or laid-back breezy caf culture -- Cape Town has plenty to offer.

Marina Christopher, who is as much into wildlife as she is her eclectic collection of plants, is a true naturalist, and the stock beds are overgrown with self-seeders.

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