Prepositions used with "learning"

of, for, in, to or on learning?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases learning of is used

Difficulty is a form of learning.

She entered the place of learning.

We can have two modes of learning.

In this model ' each era has its distinctive and unifying character of learning ' (op.

Everyone has opinions, and the bulletpoint is apparently the mortal enemy of learning.

If we are serious about developing our citizenry into an educated force, this aspect of learning must be addressed.

I am using system here advisedly since there is no manner to the parlous state of affairs at our places of learning.

This supposes that a project has the capacity of learning and a long-term commitment to an action-research approach.

The new virtual classrooms have created a myriad of learning opportunities for global learning and education center.

In 12% of cases learning for is used

When the playing allows for learning.

The climate for learning is poisoned.

That passion for learning has kept me going.

Luckily for gaming research, he's also very interested the development of games for learning.

This meant that we had to work information up into case studies that could be used for learning.

To Zachary's point, I think it is necessary to carve out spaces for learning in the activities IPs are implementing.

Happy students are the ones who understand the purpose of education and who have cultivated a genuine love for learning.

Working with the Haitian government and other partners, the United Nations is planning a nationwide movement for learning.

In 12% of cases learning in is used

And have no interst in learning.

I invested in learning those languages.

Invest in yourself Invest time and money in learning and growing.

Teachers respect students who are thoughtful and interested in learning and doing well.

If it isn't fun then your baby won't be interested in learning and it will be a chore for you.

With a keen interest in learning, Chi-kwong decided to study for a degree by distance learning.

Now is not going to happen unless our distributors make a personal investment in learning and personal development.

We do spent our own pocket money and getting things for the kids for rewards and promote encouragement in learning.

Also many problems in learning and in life are ill-structured, complex and made ' messy ' by containing many kinds of variables.

Students instead of being creative in learning, end up in looking for old notes and past papers of the previous year's students.

In 11% of cases learning to is used

This is more conducive to learning.

Overcrowded classrooms are an impediment to learning.

We must change the paradigm from teaching to learning.

Study skills help students learn more effectively and efficiently by applying strategy to learning.

Ruth raises three essential components to learning: reflection, knowledge capture, and encouragement.

We want teachers to come together and change long term approaches to learning and, ultimately, change habits.

Well trained teachers are vital, but inadequate classrooms and a lack of learning materials are big barriers to learning.

This article aims to address these issues and encourage you to take a more conceptual approach to learning and understanding CRM.

Skills can be arranged in a smooth learning curve There is a smooth ramp from learning easier skills to learning more complex skills.

If you're open to learning and improving your skills then there's nothing better than finding out that you (and not technology) are the weak link.

In 4% of cases learning on is used

In fact, workers of all ages put a high priority on learning.

On learning of their arrival the people of Medina came out in droves, and once again Zaynab (A.

The focus shifts from the linguistic element to the pedagogical, with an emphasis on learning or learner.

More > What are learning disabilities? Learning disabilities (LD) are a group of varying disorders that have a negative impact on learning.

After seconds of an awkward silence and on learning of the presence of journalists, they were ushered into the house for further consultations.

In response to low expectations and lack of encouragement, some teenagers from oppressed groups believe that they won't succeed; consequently they give up on learning and pursuing their dreams.

He has written over 75 scholarly publications on gaming in education, often addressing the sociocultural aspects of gaming and the impact of gaming practices on learning, schooling, and society.

In 4% of cases learning with is used

Students with learning difficulties are the exception, however,.

As a teacher, Jennings worked for eleven years with children with learning difficulties.

Snacking has a part to play in ensuring that your child is full and focused and always ready to face a busy day filled with learning and fun activities.

It can also take multimedia notes in the form of audio and pictures which is great for kids with learning difficulties and for generally embellishing your notes with additional details.

In 3% of cases learning about is used

Of course life is all about learning.

Sorry, could not resist that, you being so negative about learning.

The PADI Instructor Development Courses is about learning, not about how little sleep you need.

Masterchef and other make over reality shows are about learning which leads to a transformation of the self.

The main themes are about learning and growing from your past, being independent, and not relying on others for your own happiness.

Many of the ways we have of talking about learning and education are based on the assumption that learning is something that individuals do.

At that time, I was very passionate about learning and using accelerated learning techniques and self motivation methods to improve in my studies.

Finally, this series of papers serves a very (but not exclusively) selfish objective at UHN, namely, the opportunity to learn and the opportunity to learn about learning.

Intake of new knowledge is determined not only by learners ' existing knowledge and skills (cognition ), but also by their own assumptions about learning (metacognition) as well as the.

In 2% of cases learning after is used

The company has taken several actions to address the situation including: Stopped all sales of Furadan to Kenya immediately after learning of an incident in May 2008.

That does not make Allen a bad person -- a fact that even Rivers sounded like he struggled with immediately after learning of Allen's decision -- nor does it make Rivers heartless.

The police launched an investigation into the incident after learning of the man's disappearance, collecting testimonies from the ship's crew and other passengers and checking security cameras.

In 2% of cases learning from is used

It's called What Prevents Christian Adults from Learning.

Stay ahead (from learning and colaborating with) your peers.

However, this should not prevent one from learning about matters relating to sexual behaviour.

Sessions with a surrogate range from learning to flirt, hold hands, and touch to full blown sexual intercourse.

There is a lot to do in this magnificent city from learning and sampling the world-class wines that come from here to the botanic gardens within the city.

On one side it removes the best brain from poor Muslim countries and on the other side it keeps the best of Muslim brain away from learning and professional growth.

In 1% of cases learning worth is used

A few of them are probably worth learning.

Another lesson worth learning is that people can earn an extra dollar with a skill which is not necessarily.

Do these lessons apply to cheap oil, and if so, how? I can see a few things worth learning: 1) Decision makers tend to ignore problems until very late in the game.

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