Prepositions used with "argument"

of, for, in, to or by argument?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases argument of is used

This is a terrible set of arguments.

Or more exactly, the same lack of argument.

And this mode of argument is really no different.

Return Values Returns the number of arguments passed into the current user-defined function.

They might intend, rather, a set of arguments, or a form of thinking about social conditions.

The lines of argument here pursued have already been employed in part in the earlier treatises.

We have no shortage of arguments about numbers and machines, but we do have a great shortage of workable stories.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that if an asteroid the size of Apophis hits the Earth, it will kill everybody.

Fewer people are the ones who will always help to make a change, it does not matter which side of argument one is on.

But for the sake of argument, let's imagine the Turf Club has a cast-iron case and decides to fight in the High Court.

In 14% of cases argument for is used

Leasing charges by Cowal were (rounded of for arguments sake) 0.

I demolished what passed for arguments there in my ACTA Update X.

It seems to me by the tone of your reply that you just want to argue for arguments sake.

A reasonable assumption would be that he has an agenda and he's groping for arguments to support it.

There are few things in life that are five fingers simply better in every way, and leave no room for argument.

On this basis, the real scope for argument in the context of Irish asylum seekers is likely to be under article 8 (2).

Lets say for arguments sake that one has demonstrated a significant SD over a statistically significant number of decisions.

I could see them losing to Denver at least one to ATL if for arguments sake since we are talking about the Saints, the Saints.

In 7% of cases argument in is used

Civil in argument, relentlessly reasonable.

We therefore need to stop trying to win in arguments with our spouses and learn to admit our faults and ask for forgiveness.

He was well-read knowing all the Vedas and Sastras, unbeaten in argument and having great knowledge of various arts and sciences.

More important than the facts of the NHL's involvment and lack of consistency in argument is the arrogance to the court of Judge Baum.

Your extreme comments about the Government next linking group sex involving rugby players to the war against terror is a common attack in arguments.

But with an ascendant conservative majority, the high court in arguments Wednesday will weigh whether to limit or even rule out taking race into account in college admissions.

Don't engage in arguments, but if cornered, ask an irrelevant question and lean back with a satisfied grin while your opponent tries to figure out what's going on -- then quickly change the subject.

In 6% of cases argument to is used

This makes them more vulnerable to arguments from lobbyists.

I see that I can not resist responding to argument that I think invalid.

Contrary to arguments from my friends, and some family members, that smoke it, there is no increase in judgement and reasoning skills after you smoke it.

Don't rely on the usual suspects There's evidence that people are more willing to listen to arguments when they come from unexpected sources, at argued in this Ramp Up post.

In 3% of cases argument by is used

Evil is more effectively destroyed by ridicule than by argument.

One usually presents an position, justified by argument and supported by facts.

They can be moved by arguments, because they work in an empirical world of facts, a world based on reality.

The stance of the Bishops of England and Wales, and of Scotland, has been ill-proposed and weakly supported by argument.

Such a person can act like Lord Visnu and defeat demons by arguments and preach the cult exactly according to the principles of sastra.

In 3% of cases argument into is used

Probably isn't worth getting into arguments in comments sections though.

Or it could get to the point where all conversations erupt into arguments and screaming matches.

Senior members of the community fell into argument, while tribes around Arabia broke out in open revolt.

Sometimes he gets himself into arguments in which he can't get out of and that is when words and grammar gets scrutinised by the former BGT judge.

In 3% of cases argument with is used

You write as if you're completely unfamiliar with arguments that go back decades.

A clue as to what is wrong with Argument A can be gleaned from its (incorrect) claim that P(E)=1.

Bizarrely this even extends to conspiracy theory when confronted with arguments that are unpalatable to them.

But on the phone to the British Embassy in Russia, they have acknowledged that it is difficult to get through with arguments for a new visa process.

I have no issue with arguments based upon personal liberty in regards to rescinding MHLs but the arguments that helmets are ineffective or dangerous in the.

In 2% of cases argument on is used

The priority in Buddhism is on properly trained people, not on arguments as to exterior forms.

The topics should not be too much personal but also informative and also the topics should not be base on arguments and embarassing.

The series has also focused on arguments and problems that have occurred in the workplace over the years, especially between Paul Teutul Sr.

In 2% of cases argument without is used

I second that without argument.

To me it is, without argument, the best computer I have ever owned.

My kids, even as toddlers, would eat broccoli, beets, spinach -- without argument.

If all equitable remedies have failed, its votaries take it as proved without argument that the one-sided remedies, which alone are left, must needs succeed.

I take it without argument that the late president's greatest achievement was the measure to which he succeeded in making JJ irrelevant to the politics of our dear nation.

In 1% of cases argument beyond is used

The story may be true or false, but the conclusion is beyond argument.

Waldron observes that it infuriates his fellow intellectuals that others may seek to argue matters which according to some secularist should be beyond argument.

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