Prepositions used with "empire"

of, for, in, to or at empire?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases empire of is used

They take it as part of the price of greatness and of empire.

The Taranaki Regional Gardens have a whiff of empire building about them.

The morality of war?? and the reality of empire?? are not to be questioned.

He like the British model of the economy and the British model of empire -- it is how you got rich.

So I want to move from there to talk about the decline of empires and the rise and fall of empires.

I now go home, get out Age of Empires when I have had a bad day, and beat the c**p out of the French.

The new realism in foreign affairs, manifested in the policies of Theodore Roosevelt, was part of the price of empire.

Much of this has been noted in the media, but how it all fits together into what could be called the new global face of empire has escaped attention.

Perhaps the root cause of the Fall of Empires -- whether the Roman or the Third Reich -- is they eventually poison the wellsprings of their own fact.

It's just not head honcho any more If you think these commemorations are going to be about reflecting on the folly of Empire you are seriously deluded.

In 9% of cases empire for is used

I worked as a manager for Venus world multimedia and also double up as the Welfare manager and Production assistant for Empire Entertainment.

In 8% of cases empire in is used

Control always seemed to be the aspect that Yoda taught to Luke in Empire.

Make reservations ahead to avoid disappointment at all outlets (there is one in Empire Gallery, and one more).

In 6% of cases empire to is used

That is not, however, an argument for a return to empire.

This I am attributing to Empire Avenue after a lot of thought.

You get a better view of Central Park as compare to Empire Estate because of it proximity.

I will quote the Booker prize-winning Indian author Arundhati Roy in her book The Ordinary Persons Guide to Empire.

In 4% of cases empire at is used

Whatever your passion in life is, live it here at Empire East.

In 3% of cases empire by is used

It is powered by Empire Entertainment and Media GH; under the auspices of.

In 2% of cases empire with is used

On the Left, ' Britain ' has been separated from its connections with empire and racial superiority, and is espoused as the multicultural face of Englishness.

Your Your flight Simulator not to mention Get older affiliated with Empires chain are by and large especially well-liked free online games in your internet business.

In 1% of cases empire around is used

But I agree with Allison that there is something weird going on with the original trilogy that gives it a magnetic quality, especially around Empire.

In 1% of cases empire as is used

And, in a way, the AH empire wasn't the worst as Empires go.

In 1% of cases empire toward is used

War will also accelerate our drift toward empire, increasingly the subject of popular discourse, cover articles in magazines, learned journal articles.

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