Prepositions used with "scenario"

of, for, IN, through or to scenario?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 50% of cases scenario of is used
    This kind of scenario happens more often than you think.
    Much better management of scenarios can help you manage stress.
    But I will comment on how this sort of scenario happens in TV and who holds responsibility.
    He is still wrong though because that is exactly the type of scenario we are heading for now.
    This type of scenario can result in the homeowners tragically losing not only their home, but their investment.
    They only go to 2026 (not 2031) and contain a series of scenarios depending on high or low birth and migration assumptions.
    So I guess my mom has shifted just because she's become more aware of kind of what I do, and the goings on of those kind of scenarios.
    Reginald Increased by do an incredible task within discovering an outstanding screenplay along with an excellent list of scenarios to be able to manipulate with.

    In 9% of cases scenario for is used
    It seems Lean UX saves the designer and prevents heartache -- and this is apparently for scenarios where the UX designer is the keep of the vision.
    For scenarios in which you need to deal with sentries, it is recommended for you to take in all the incoming fire by crouching in between your healing target and the sentry.
    They're specifically in relation to whether the secure messaging specs developed are fit-for-purpose for scenarios that are more akin to eHealth repositories than eHealth message interchange.

    In 9% of cases scenario IN is used
    The Limbic System makes your mind essentially lazy in scenarios like these.
    It is easy to understand why - given the many uncertainties associated with oil demand projections that are highlighted in scenarios IN our World Oil Outlook.

    In 7% of cases scenario through is used
    She looked down at her hands clasped together in her lap tapping her fingers lightly against her own skin, her brain playing through scenarios of things he might say.

    In 7% of cases scenario with is used
    Anyone who has raised teenagers can easily come up with scenarios where parents and teenagers can have some very fundamental conflicts.
    Managers were also presented with scenarios that gave them the opportunity to engage employees to create a wonderful customer experience.

    In 4% of cases scenario on is used
    There is much more practical advice on scenarios to be found elsewhere ont his site.

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