Prepositions used with "gas"

of, for, in, on or with gas?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases gas of is used

Do nt worry about the flame of gas.

The big thing is the storage of gasoline.

And I'd burning a lot of gas at these speeds.

The indicators of gastroparesis are consistent or excessive burping, nausea and vomiting.

And you know what Ross said later when I asked him what the deal was? They were out of gas.

Quite regularly, one or another of Russia's neighbours had her supply of gas or oil cut off.

Also, the price of gas has risen by more than 100 percent since Barack Obama entered the White House and the average U.

This unmanned skier boat holds up to six gallons of gas and automatically shuts off if the skier lets go of the handle.

Larger material is called a block if it is dense and angular, or a bomb if it is full of gas bubbles and partly rounded.

In 11% of cases gas for is used

That makes it one of the cheapest places for gas in town.

The prices for gas are alone enough to make it worth my while.

Offer to compensate for gas money whether or not they accept it.

However, some two-stroke outboard engines have two tanks: one for gas and another for oil.

I drove a friend six hours to a 24 hour game and he did not even offer to help pay for gas.

I live 20 minutes away, and she always asks me to drive in, and never offers to pay for gas.

Keep your car topped up in the winter - its good for the car, and you won't be stranded looking for gas you can't get.

For China, Myanmar provides a land route to the Indian Ocean for gas and oil pipelines and access to natural resources.

Therefore, a number of much more accurate equations of state have been developed for gases under a given set of assumptions.

Simplified models An equation of state (for gases) is a mathematical model used to roughly describe or predict the state of a gas.

In 10% of cases gas in is used

Costs a fortune in gas bills! Mmm, hot showers.

When magma is rich in gas, it can produce explosive eruptions.

The changes in gas prices change the resale value of used vehicles.

Including the change in gas prices in Connecticut during the past week, prices yesterday were 17.

In gas grills you will have an option of infrared rotisserie which provides intense heat for cooking.

In modern society, many people choose to invest in gas fireplace logs as an alternative means of heat comfort.

I spent $400 in gas and told and drove 17 hours straight to Florida to pick her up, only to have her not answer the door.

Who would travel 2 hours from Baltimore to go to DE to buy booze? Seriously? You would spend more in gas than you would save on the tax.

Oddly enough, many of these christian misfits make their way north or west where they can be found working in gas stations and car washes.

Louisiana is rich in gas and oil, and its access to the Gulf of Mexico provides a great opportunity for international tourism and business.

In 7% of cases gas on is used

Bring in Hazard to play in the hole and we'd be cooking on gas.

Luckily, our car is a small hatchback and very good on gas - around $40 a tank.

In the short-term, it might be necessary to continue to rely on gas for peaking power.

Now the repubs can keep bringing up Solyndra and Obama seems to want higher prices on gas.

As for your grumblings on GAS, any knowledgeable engineer will probably laugh at your post.

You might have to travel a little and spend money on gas, but the savings can easily cover it.

But the short-term emphasis on gas production in each locality throws training and educational programs into imbalance, as well.

Intermolecular forces As discussed earlier, momentary attractions (or repulsions) between particles have an effect on gas dynamics.

Officials argue inflationary pressures and economic pain following a 50 percent hike on gas prices last summer could be too much for cash-strapped citizens.

Thanks for reading this and I'd off to have a good look round the site We do nt give advice on gas matters here and that includes opening the combustion chamber.

In 6% of cases gas with is used

You ddon'twant to mess with gas.

Enjoy the outdoors in our Gazebo with gas grill.

With gas, you'll be spending around P2T per day.

Crookes also did other ingenious experiments with gas tubes.

A common problem with gas boilers is ' circuit board ' faults.

Water, food and lifeboats were removed and it was filled with gas canisters.

If you have a problem with gas prices look at OPEC and the greedy oil companies.

Heffer can get his head around that concept as well, we will really be cooking with gas.

I considered myself lucky that my family and I were safe and I had a house and found a gas station with gas.

The fundamental outlook was largely unchanged with gas supply remaining sufficient and hurricanes failing to disrupt production activities.

In 5% of cases gas to is used

Disposable income from an improved economy is gone to gas.

Beer, soda, beans, and many fruits and vegetables are all likely to gas you up.

Place in the oven for 2 1/2 hours, reducing the heat down to gas mark 4 after 1 1/2 hours.

If your oven uses Gas, then there will be gas marks on the oven, just go online to get a conversion from centigrade or fahrenheit to gas mark.

The near-vacuum puts him at risk of ebullism, a potentially lethal condition in which fluids in the body turn to gas and the blood literally boils.

Is the gas flaring responsible for the eye infections? Any number of things could be causing these infections; there could be no connection to gas flaring.

His father, mother, brother, and his wife died in camps or were sent to gas ovens, so that, excepting for his sister, his entire family perished in these camps.

Nor can he issue an executive order telling Big Oil to have gasoline supplies ready to go to gas stations over literally thousands of square miles of disaster area.

There were policemen guarding every gas station that still had petrol, and there were very long lines for the non-experts in ' hurricanology ' who had failed to gas up early.

True, they're not being annihilated or taken to gas chambers, but I can warrant that the quality of their accommodation is worse than in any concentration camp of the Third Reich.

In 3% of cases gas from is used

Petrochemicals are formed from gas or petrol and can be toxic to marine life.

Pierrehumbert constantly uses blackbody approximations for radiation/absorption from gases.

Blowouts from gas wells have spewed liquid fracking waste into the air and into local streams.

She saw a country change from gas lights and horse-drawn milk-floats to the internet and fast cars.

Laboratories handle a variety of different materials, from gases and chemicals, from drugs to living materials.

Aside from gas prices, the band has put thousands of dollars into their tour van, which bit the dust in February.

The solutions from Hauff-Technik protect all types of buildings and homes from gas, penetrating water, dirt and vermin.

Once you add chemicals to the water, try to keep spa open for at least 15-20 minutes, to avoid any kind of damage from gas.

Mom rarely lost power in our old neighborhood with houses with wiring dating back to when they switched from gas to electric for lamps.

This has major implications for electricity generation, with the amount expected to be from gas to almost double from the 170 billion kWh in 2008.

In 2% of cases gas as is used

Allowable shelter costs include the costs of rent or mortgage, taxes, interest, and utilities such as gas, electricity, and water.

On the other hand, you will be saving money in other ways such as gas costs and money that would be lost from not being able to work.

High costs of alternative and much cleaner fuel sources such as gas and electricity continue to drive the reliance on wood and charcoal for the 80 percent of the population.

In 1% of cases gas by is used

Some in Axim suspect that the eye problems are caused by gas flaring -- on a clear night the flaring is at times visible from shore.

Just off the Common's north edge is the exclusive Beacon Hill, a beautiful neo-Georgian neighbourhood still illuminated by gas lamps.

The same data also suggest that light generated by this infalling material is heavily absorbed by gas and dust surrounding the black hole.

Wind, therefore, must always rely on a source of backup power, normally provided by gas, unless or until very much cheaper methods of storing electricity become available.

This has magnified fears of harassment and malpractices by gas agencies, but the oil ministry has intervened to help consumers and give them the option to switch their dealer.

In 1% of cases gas into is used

Reduce your household waste: Biogas systems convert organic household waste or manure into gas for cooking and lighting.

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