Prepositions used with "flow"

of, for, in, on or with flow?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 57% of cases flow of is used
    The importance of flow in the river ritual is obvious.
    The metaphor of flow also applies to social relationships.
    Rivers Rivers are an obvious embodiment of the metaphor of flow.
    Various combinations of these directions of flow can occur in different parts of the exchanger.
    The study of rhythm can be thought of as the study of all aspects of flow of music through time.
    Here you learn how to recognize when you are out of flow with your soul and how to easily bring yourself back.
    Point the second finger in the direction of conventional current flow (ie in the direction of flow of positive charge).
    Sarkodie is arguably Ghana's youngest most prolific rapper with his style of flow and lyrical content his biggest asset.
    The presence of flow control at the transport level is important because it allows a slow receiver to shut down a fast sender.
    Constraints: The children of the fo:flow-source-list are a sequence of flow-name-specifiers identifying flows of the sequence.

    In 7% of cases flow for is used
    They go to the shop floor everyday and look for flow, essentially how smoothly (or not) the business is running.
    There are specified building code requirements for flow exchanges, relying on what portion of the house they are positioned.

    In 7% of cases flow in is used
    A mere increase in flows of capital to developing countries will not necessarily contribute to development.
    Since 2006, there has been a further rise followed by a fall-off in flows to Australia, although the composition of these flows is unlikely to have changed dramatically.

    In 6% of cases flow on is used
    We would replace corporation tax and capital gains tax with a tax on flows of income.

    In 6% of cases flow with is used
    At that point I gave up, and just decided to go with flow, and not worry about it.
    I've added doors in a number of locations, opened up a new hallway from the back of the main barn interior to the balcony beside the silos, both of which help a ton with flow.

    In 4% of cases flow at is used
    Looktong also advised local producers to look at flow for local production.
    The STAR contacted Michael Looktong, the director of media services at flow who while acknowledging the gap in local production, says that local producers should turn to flow.

    In 4% of cases flow by is used
    Bramble Airport, the remnants of which were buried by flows from volcanic activity on February 11, 2010.

    In 3% of cases flow between is used
    The conceptual link between flow and physical health is also evident in the fact that Rwandan sorcery often targets the flows of bodily fluids (blood, fertility fluids) in magical attacks.

    In 3% of cases flow over is used
    This is one of the major oil company approved Hotels which is used for over flow from the camps and we had a look at the bar and lobby which look ok.

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