Prepositions used with "fishing"

of, for, in, on or from fishing?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases fishing of is used

It? s quite a special way of fishing.

So that concludes part 1 of fishing with Bob.

It can be a very addictive type of fishing on its own.

It sat in the open on a large mound of gravel, heaped up by the propellers of fishing boats.

One morning the husband returned after several hours of fishing and decided to take a short nap.

I over-thought the whole idea of fishing, contemplating whether to go to the east coast or to somewhere else.

Both families were doing their fair share of fishing, learning from the locals as to where the best spots were, he said.

The seafood company Bon Chovie, for example, is offering donors things like a full day of fishing or fly fishing lessons.

I thought of him and of how disappointed he must be he had looked forward to those few days of fishing for so many months.

With the proceeds from the bigger boat, you could buy several boats, and eventually you would have a fleet of fishing boats.

In 13% of cases fishing for is used

Great for fishing groups and diving excursions in the West.

Some Poachers will even carry dynamite -- you know, for fishing and stuff.

Arrow heads Arrow heads were made from flint and were used for fishing, hunting or as a weapon.

Most people go there for fishing and that might explain the reason why I didn't see them swimming.

The River Liffey was also a focal point for fishing, rowing clubs (see Dolphin Rowing Club) and swimming.

When we go to the bookstore, JD would go to the comic section and this lil boy will look for fishing magazine.

Having used the same methods for fishing hake that his father and grandfather did, Julin is particularly concerned about the division of quotas.

They extended their mat- and basket-weaving skills to binding ropes for fishing lines and nets and producing fabric for sails, shelter and clothing.

Because the river has no water during the dry season the people cultivate the river bed instead of long time practice of using the river for fishing, Photo 3.

Staff are able to care for people affected by the disaster by helping to provide low-cost homes and means of making a living, such as new boats for fishing communities.

In 12% of cases fishing in is used

The natives are not sincere in fishing out.

Goodfellow is part of the NBR Rich List family that has a major stake in fishing company Sanford.

The slide was the result of an 18% dip in fishing output, even as crop, livestock and forestry production increased.

The operator of a pleasure sailing craft shall take early and substantial action to avoid any vessel engaged in fishing.

Most of these motorwatercraft are employed in fishing and are tiny will be dimensions as well as comparatively lightweight.

I will send everyone the GPS- but good luck getting to em! Jeff The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing.

The operator of a power driven craft shall take early and substantial action to avoid any vessel engaged in fishing, or any sailing vessels.

I am sure that our many friends in fishing organizations throughout Delaware will help us in distributing aid where it is needed close to home.

Communities mainly engage in fishing activities as the main form of livelihood in the area, although some people do practice subsistence agriculture.

When we spoke to the counterparts from United Kingdom, they said that they are on the look out for people who breathe, live and bask in the sea with a passion for their career in fishing.

In 10% of cases fishing on is used

There is much more information on fishing on the River Tweed.

Seventy percent of Gaza lives on fishing -- they have no other choice.

But people in the Southern region, who mostly live on fishing and farming, could grow rice crop only in the rainy season, he added.

I wouldn't have ordered calamari in mountainous Central Greece, but I guess these are all flash-frozen on fishing boats nowadays in most places.

Not only this family of Kaka Pir village, but thousands of families in 160 fishermen settlements around Karachi, depend on fishing for their livelihood.

As well as an end to even the gathering of DNA in most cases what is needed is a mechanism for the punishment of police/CPS who go on fishing trips as above.

However, they are not optimistic about the projects and worried that once the seawater is contaminated, their catches might be affected, causing them no longer able to survive on fishing.

In 8% of cases fishing from is used

Tracks from fishing cats also dotted the banks of the creek that meandered into the cave? s mouth.

He has fashioned hammock chairs from fishing nets salvadged from the Bristol Channel and cooks outside on a stone grill powered by firewood.

Most of the menfolk derive their livelihood from fishing, and Atienza's work juxtaposes the lives of fishermen and the seafarers from the island.

All attention is focused on the threat from fishing and set-nets to such extent that all fishing where this dolphin occurs may need to be stopped.

The raw material that would be used for the production of biodiesel is leftovers from fishing that would usually be thrown away, contaminating the environment.

When available, meat was a welcome addition to their diet whether by spearing big game, snaring small animals, scavenging carcasses left by bigger predators or from fishing.

One does not need to be very smart to understand, that if the main threat to the sea comes from fishing, and one stops fishing, there will be a change to a more natural state.

Most of island? s 5500 inhabitants live primarily from fishing, and between October and April fisher people from neighboring areas bring their catch to the island? s temporary wholesale market.

In 8% of cases fishing to is used

Wherever I go I'd always drawn to fishing ports.

Alex Watson built the original Portsea Hotel but later sold it and returned to fishing.

I found some logging activities at the forest area when I went to fishing two years ago.

Sri Lanka being an island has an edge over many others in promoting the services related to fishing.

We knew this would be bit of a lottory unfortunatly and would come down to fishing hard, with fresh bait being offered to the fish on a regular basis.

I've turned to fishing instead, which is nice and relaxing, with a few moments of slightly quickened pulse, but lacks the heady, atavistic thrills of the hunt.

In 3% of cases fishing about is used

Remember that marine reserves are all about fishing - no fishing.

I could tell you stories about fishing that will scare you; it scared me.

They have made claims about fishing laws, the M? ori language, and education.

Who else reads about fishing magazine? And if he come across any fish toy, he'd stand there and not move until someone buy it for him.

In 3% of cases fishing as is used

It should also be noted, that in this particular case, the activities of these so-called fishermen can be hardly described as fishing.

As one of our readers mentioned, me too have reservations in revealing soo many personal details (for privacy as well as fishing reasons).

In 3% of cases fishing by is used

You should start by fishing longer every day.

The Hurricanes rallied, however, with tallies by Fishing rod Brind'Amour and Sergei Samsonov.

Do you have any of those toys that hang from a stick by fishing line? You can get them in any pet mania store.

In 3% of cases fishing with is used

Keep reading for easy methods to make your own loved ones memories with fishing.

Later, in the spring, we would intersperse the long hours of writing with fishing trips, and when summer came the Governor found that mountain climbing still held a great appeal for him.

The Act also addresses other issues such as access to the shoreline, and other rights associated with fishing and public recreation, as well as the establishment of marine protected areas.

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