Prepositions used with "cooperation"

of, for, in, on or about cooperation?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases cooperation of is used

But there is a lot of cooperation.

Lack of co-operation from some members 2.

Lack of cooperation was grounds for expulsion.

Thus, a mutual alliance of cooperation was established between Church and Government.

But the spirit of cooperation of the previous review conference cycle remains healthy.

A lot of cooperation, team building and fun were the ingredients and nobody stayed dry.

Counter terrorism/Homeland security has also been defined as one of the 5 pillars of cooperation between the U.

We've gotten neither the kind of smart enforcement nor the kind of cooperation that might lead to changes in behavior.

A memorandum dated 6 March 1926 clearly shows the army's aims during Stresemann's period of cooperation and fulfilment.

It is about decades of cooperation and a shared interest in developing North America's most abundant source of petroleum.

In 12% of cases cooperation for is used

For cooperation upon birr and taqwaa between us is obligatory.

He says it suggests Khan may have been rewarded for cooperation and.

The men and women chosen to lead the Khaatumo State are ready for cooperation and peaceful dialogue.

Later that year a new protocol for cooperation with social partners on the competency agenda was signed.

I have visited India several times in this job and each time, believe that the aperture is widening for cooperation between our governments.

In 2004, SCIO and South Africa ' s Government Communication and Information System signed an agreement calling for cooperation and exchange programmes.

One of the critical challenges of the Asian security environment has long been the lack of strong mechanisms for cooperation between nations in the region.

Culture broadens the out looks of the individual Culture has given a new vision to individual by providing him a set of rules for co-operation of the individuals.

For cooperation between the salafi maktabaat and salafi mosques in the West is what will strengthen their spine, and Allaah will, on account of this (mutual cooperation ), support them.

We should motivate FOCAC members and fully tap their enthusiasm and creativity so as to enhance the cohesion and influence of FOCAC, and make it a more effective platform for cooperation.

In 10% of cases cooperation in is used

If you are interested in cooperation with our Research Area or just wish to.

Parties - individually or in co-operation with others should be capable of receiving distress alerts on a 24-hour basis.

This Report is to be prepared in co-operation with the RCMP, provincial and municipal police services and designated agents.

Their story is one of those now being digitally archived by the government of the Netherlands and Yad Vashem, in cooperation.

Rather, we ought to think of them as signs of the division of those duties which can be carried out properly only in co-operation.

For this reason the communication campaign has started and it will go on in most of EU regions in co-operation with national contact points.

Produced in co-operation with VISION TV and THE NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA the series spanned the early days of the nomadic peoples through to today's immigrants.

In co-operation with the All Ireland Research Observatory (AIRO) at NUI Maynooth, summary census data is available in thematic maps for Electoral Districts and Small Areas on the AIRO website.

In 5% of cases cooperation on is used

A far more sensible strategy is to get agreement on cooperation which uses.

It is the bedrock which relays Jrg Guido Hlsmann's assertions on cooperation and collectivism.

The two sides agreed to attach more importance to cooperation in education and push for new progress in China-Africa education cooperation.

As the season transpires, expect an increased emphasis on cooperation, cross-posts, and so on, but for now, for those who like to keep track of local teams.

I like the Union Flag, I like the fact that it's built on co-operation and mutual respect, and I like that we get to be regarded as a major European country instead of a cluster of marginal ones.

In 4% of cases cooperation about is used

So, mega-diplomacy is about cooperation across the spheres of.

As should already be apparent, this is a thesis about morality, yet there is a great deal of talk about cooperation.

In 4% of cases cooperation through is used

Australia has much to offer through cooperation with other nations to support sustainable security in the region.

When one looks to the trends in developing countries, most have realized that human progress does not come in the form of isolation but through cooperation and active involvement in one's community.

In 3% of cases cooperation by is used

They wish to reach their ends, not by cooperation, but by control and domination.

I want A man who believes with no doubt that we can build a new American Dream economy driven by innovation and creativity, but sic education and -- yes -- by cooperation.

In 3% of cases cooperation to is used

Man by nature is a social creature, driven to cooperation and social life.

In connection with so many accolades and much interest I would invite you to cooperation.

It fosters unity that lead to cooperation with team members to do the job better while also removing constraints.

The two sides agreed to attach more importance to cooperation in education and push for new progress in China-Africa education cooperation.

In 2% of cases cooperation with is used

It is managed by the Fisheries Department with co-operation of the Pahang State Government.

For example, how will the parents, teachers, management and the students work with cooperation,.

Americans died helping China fight off a colonial oppressor and helped lift that country out of poverty with cooperation.

We have a great leaders now who want to develo Ghana and we must all support them with cooperation and law abiding bec their work will be a burden and more difficult if individuals we don't change.

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