Prepositions used with "abuse"

of, for, from, to or in abuse?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases abuse of is used

It is also open to all forms of abuse.

Let the barrage of abuse commence he he.

Muslim women and girls suffered other forms of abuse.

All the appropriate uses of the law should not be negated because of the cases of abuse.

These 28,000 investigations revealed 11,090 children who were victims of abuse or neglect.

This is made worse by the fact that most people believe that an accusation of abuse must always lead to a conviction.

Tina's story portrays realistically the seemingly impossible dynamics encountered by a woman caught in a web of abuse.

Reports of abuse, ranging from poor conditions and changeable contracts to sexual assault, have appeared in the media.

Paradoxically, however, I think the inbuilt complications would address the situations of abuse of the current system.

In 9% of cases abuse for is used

The guy got so nasty he was reported for abuse, not by me.

Victims who are slipped these drugs (usually into their drinks) become easy targets for abuse.

The idea that they might be held responsible for abuse of power by a new regime is their only concern.

One can recognize the duty of the military to protect the public but still hold it accountable for abuses.

One can recognize the duty of the military to protect the public but still hold it accountable for abuses.

The adversarial system the US is so in love with is just a field ripe for abuse, self-interest, and cheating.

There is a much older, very evil oprganisation, that is notorious, recently, for abuse of minors, of both sexes.

The Fund will take over the functions of the Education Finance Board for abuse survivors, which will be dissolved.

Nicotine Probably the most common and problematic substance with potential for abuse, nicotine is highly addictive.

She points out that the drug has doubled in use since 1990 and has become popular for abuse by teens who have ready access to it.

In 5% of cases abuse from is used

We must work together towards protecting them from abuse and from harm.

Preventive action to protect children from abuse is essential to save children.

They don't really know why she is the way she id but it sure is not from abuse.

It is an overwhelming need to protect a defenceless vulnerable person from abuse.

This - all of this, from abuse to cover-up - stems from the BBC's notion of itself as a force for moral good.

At present, there are two courses available: ' Externalising conversations ' and ' Re-membering and reclaiming lives from abuse '.

Liberian women are demanding protection from abuse and the IRC cited a woman complaining of police complacence about domestic violence.

Kinsa will continue to meet new challenges by contributing to the development of a diverse universal workforce that is dedicated to finding and rescuing children from abuse.

Here's a recent example: a report was released just this week in Victoria which showed the State's child protection system was unable to adequately protect children from abuse.

In 5% of cases abuse to is used

Power is generally subject to abuse.

It talks of the vagueness of the provisions and how these are subject to abuse by authorities.

In the absence of these checks and balances there is little wonder that the system is open to abuse.

That's open to abuse also, but a lot of the probllem there would disappear if users were not allowed to be anonymous.

This theory of **32;637;TOOLONG arose in the 1960s when America woke up to abuses of racism and pollution, among others.

This is clearly open to abuse -- the companies with the right to sanction us act as judges with non of the normal legal responsibilities.

The leadership approach is top down and there is very little room for disagreement and the ranking system can be subject to abuse by supervisors.

At least my comments here might at least protect someone by highlighting the CPS isn't some guaranteed safe haven and like all government powers subject to abuse.

In 3% of cases abuse in is used

That has been submerged in abuse over a lack of trophies.

When a relationship is not going to end in marriage, it will end in abuse.

One might as well drag in anyone who trades in abuse to say but A did this so condemn him/her equally.

In 3% of cases abuse with is used

This is the way they get away with abuse.

I had grown up with abuse all my life but after my dad passed away it got very intense.

I was raised by a fundamentalist Christian preacher and his wife, in a home filled with abuse.

They are only a tiny representation of the thousands of other New Zealand children who silently live with abuse and neglect each day.

And the issues had to do not only with abuse, but with being closeted, and with him using her clothes and then denying the whole thing.

If, on one hand, slitting throats of those who disagree with their thought is kosher, on the other, we see a ferocity to rail against the military with abuse and innuendo.

Ariyaratne The Most Dangerous Stage is Respect When we try to bring about change in our societies, we are treated first with indifference, then with ridicule, then with abuse and oppression.

I have conceded numerous times during this thread that there have been abuses and even stated clearly that this whole issue may deal with abuse, but so far there is no proof one way or the other.

In 2% of cases abuse about is used

Why blame culture when Aqsa's death was ultimately about abuse of male power, which affects women of all communities.

Only in matters where there are serious concerns about abuse or parenting abilities will a court refuse to allow visitation rights or limit access to the child.

I'd worried about abuse from planners and builders who, in the name of placemaking, run up extreme costs to the community and result in unintended consequences.

In 2% of cases abuse against is used

But again, it goes perfectly well with that against abuse notion.

Its true the Bible does not speak against alcohol, but against abuse of alcohol.

My Bible tels me not to get drunk, but be filled with the Spirit (again - against abuse, not the alkohol itself).

In 2% of cases abuse on is used

I don't think they can sue Bank Negara for ' robbing ' them unless they have evidence on abuse of power.

You can't sue Bank Negara because authority is vested on them unless there is evidence on abuse of power.

The CCI should focus on abuse of monopoly power as both the US and the EU has done in the case of Microsoft.

Mr Entwistle quit over Newsnight's reporting of north Wales child abuse and a shelved report on abuse by ex-BBC DJ Jimmy Savile.

In 1% of cases abuse By is used

People born in the 1980s are now, at most, 28 years old, and they exercise no real power to speak of, so the damage caused by abuses of power can not be their fault.

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