Prepositions used with "exposure"

of, for, from, by or with exposure?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases exposure of is used

It's an added bonus and an extra bit of exposure.

Many of them died of exposure, starvation and disease.

We weren't able to put up that sort of exposure for international market.

These can be stimulated by low levels of exposure, or overwhelmed by very high levels.

Its mandate is to assess and report levels and effects of exposure to ionizing radiation.

Meanwhile, there's a good deal of exposure to both canonical poems and current mainstream poems.

It helps me source talent efficiently, it helps the writers get the kind of exposure they need to showcase their work.

Premiums will depend on the type of work you do and the level of exposure to hazardous chemicals or dangerous equipment.

The amount of exposure to pollutants is often measured in units of micrograms of substance per cubic metre of air (g/m 3).

Fourteen studies have investigated the effect of exposure of one week or more to Resv on various inflammatory markers in rats.

In 10% of cases exposure for is used

From my POV, she never needs to work for exposure again.

Remember to wear something on your person for exposure could also cause trouble.

Write for exposure? Sure, when you have no clips -- we all have to pay our dues.

This can also encourage people to opt for the free work in exchange for exposure.

Per-capita injury rates are misleading, however, because they do not control for exposure.

While I have been paid for some of my freelance writing, more often than not I am asked to contribute for free (for exposure).

The AFL's Kickstart program is aimed at giving indigenous kids an opportunity for exposure, be it to the game in general or to their role models specifically.

In 9% of cases exposure from is used

However, a lighter colour may also signify oxidation arising from exposure to sunlight.

Wash your hands a lot to help protect you from exposure to lead and prevent other possible infections.

I was aghast to see my mobile phone lying on the dashboard and feeling very hot from exposure to the sun.

Expected physiological effects from exposure to DU dust include possible increase in the outbreak of cancer and kidney damage.

Hilling is done by covering the base of the plant with soil to prevent the potatoes from exposure to light which causes them to turn green.

It is true that child development benefits from exposure to different influences - and children are more robust than is often assumed by proponents of regulation.

Every year, hundreds of lambs die from exposure or starvation before they are 8 weeks old, and mature sheep die every year from disease, lack of shelter, and neglect.

The Government should focus on measures to shield children from tobacco industry marketing while parents and carers can do much more to protect children from exposure to secondhand smoke.

Cold glue and perfect-bound in the 1960s: forty years after manufacture, the book is still a perfectly working artefact, though the edges of the pages show familiar stains from exposure to light.

In 6% of cases exposure by is used

But if you're measuring success by exposure, this is a triumph.

Ageing Skin ageing is accelerated by exposure to ultraviolet light.

The article is about measuring the harm done by exposure to second-hand smoke.

But the research seeks to account specifically for that done by exposure to tobacco smoke.

The article clearly states it is about measuring the harm done by exposure to second-hand smoke.

Believers, in consequence, were no longer challenged by exposure to the agonizing suffering of a crucified Saviour.

Courageous reporting, just courageous!! On behalf of the children of the World who are suffering as I write, only by exposure can they finally be helped.

Please also bear in mind the European Directive on Auditory Safety designed to curtail incidents of auditory damage or trauma caused by exposure to loud or persistent noise.

It is interesting to note that the special blue color of The Shield of David, called tekhelet and sacred to the Jews, is made from a dye that can be fabricated only by exposure to The Sun.

In 6% of cases exposure with is used

Patients may not associate their skin complaint with exposure to light.

The rate of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) had no relationship with exposure to TCDD.

You may have to play around with exposure compensation but the final shot should be more evenly lit.

In 5% of cases exposure after is used

These will not usually become evident until 1 -- 2 days after exposure.

I also read that the virus would probably attack 10-21 days after exposure, I have to wait till next Monday to see whether I'd safe from it or not.

Immediately after exposure to 14 CO 2, the plant's photosynthetic tissue is killed by immersing it in boiling alcohol, and all of the biochemical reactions cease.

Blisters or swellings may occur minutes to hours after exposure to the plant and light, but more usually erupt about 24 hours after exposure, peaking at 48-72 hours.

The unique properties of bacterial cell wall of Mycobacterium tuberculosis allows it to retain the primary stain even after exposure to strong acid solutions, they are called acid-fast.

In 5% of cases exposure to is used

Also, we compared the rates of major adverse cardiac events (MACE) according to exposure to TCDD.

A group of people will object to exposure to a risk as unjust where they perceive that they have done nothing to deserve it or because those who do deserve it escape exposure.

In 3% of cases exposure between is used

However, a correlation between exposure to TCDD and acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is not yet proven.

CONCLUSIONS: A majority of articles reporting cohort and case-control studies address possible interactions between exposures.

In 3% of cases exposure on is used

Cherry wood contains phenocytes which darken naturally on exposure to sunlight.

Environmental Protection Agency only measures risk based on exposures of individual contaminants.

For example, the near-impossibility of proving the source of an HIV infection means that criminal sanctions often focus on exposure to HIV.

Many marine snails produce such a secretion and one family, the Muricidae, produce a secretion which turns purple or red on exposure to late.

It is very time-consuming to remove the outer layer, cut the inner part, dip in water, so that it doesn't oxidize and change colour on exposure to air.

I suspect also that 99% of flash photography is beyond the range of the flash and serves primarily to distract sports people and the general public without having any effect on exposure.

In 3% of cases exposure through is used

Immunity is built up over time through exposure to different germs.

Finally, we know that one dynamic by which individuals acquire desired traits of private and public character is through exposure to attractive models of behavior.

As for the ber festivals such as Glastonbury, a successful appearance there can take a performer's career to another level through exposure to a whole other type of audience.

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