Prepositions used with "fraud"

of, for, by, to or with fraud?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases fraud of is used

This must be the new form of fraud.

Three percent fell victims of fraud.

Gould did not accuse Morton of fraud.

Whether or not any accusations of fraud are ultimately proven is almost beside the point.

These are all Civil and Commercial matters not involving any form of fraud or criminality.

Above type of frauds are very common in India but no one gets punished more than 90% times.

The European emissions trading market is closed because of fraud, the American one collapsed due to lack of interest.

Taxpayers would no longer bear the financial risk of fraud and abuse or overutilization driven by unscrupulous providers.

The eventual falsity of a representation as to expectation does not, in the absence of fraud, avoid a contract of marine insurance.

It held that while the scope of files to be searched was unrestricted, the nature of the files were not, namely, evidence of fraud.

In 15% of cases fraud for is used

Boehner should be in jail for fraud.

Jones was under investigation for fraud.

In fact they may merely open up a whole new avenue for fraud.

If you are an attorney representing a fake trust, or bank you can and will be sued for fraud.

I believe a class action lawsuit is in order and they should be held for fraud, plus prison time.

Nakoula was sentenced by a judge in California after admitting four violations which stem from a 2010 conviction for fraud.

The authorities will seek prosecution for fraud whenever possible, with a tough minimum fine for those cheating the system.

What they are really doing by offering help and fixes for fraud is they are stealing your freedom &; independence &; Gods plan.

They will either loose the contents of the will that they thought was so clearly in their sight or may even end up in jail for fraud.

In 6% of cases fraud by is used

National Popular Vote would limit the benefits to be gained by fraud or voter suppression.

Americans should be assured that our vote will be counted accurately and fairly and will not be diluted by fraud.

This page explains why we may remove your British citizenship if we find your registration or naturalisation was obtained by fraud, giving false information.

Previous attempts at privatising state firms have been marred by fraud, under-pricing and brazen manipulation thereby leading to serious cynicism about the ongoing power sector reform.

We doubt ourselves all the time, believe in the worst of the other, convinced that they are the enemy, that success is driven by fraud, passion driven by the percuniary; it's every man for himself.

In 6% of cases fraud to is used

This amounts to fraud of immense proportions.

Carbon trading has proven notoriously susceptible to fraud.

This would put the total dollar loss to fraud at approximately $2.

Like make doping equivalent to fraud -- a criminal offence in most countries.

These were cancelled due to fraud and subsequent primaries scheduled for September also were cancelled.

Townsley, the former owner California Liquid Fertilizer, pleaded guility to fraud over his sale of at least $6.

In 6% of cases fraud with is used

These docs are loaned with fraud.

The transaction is riddled with fraud.

Spencer and Wright are charged with fraud and corruption.

Your transaction is riddled with fraud (if you have that evidence).

It is always a personal act and is intermediate when compared with fraud.

She said she assumes they are riddled with fraud when they reach her, so she just kicks them out.

Immigration law is very broad and due to its controversial nature it is sometimes fraught with fraud.

The charlatans (sorry, scientists) responsible for justifying this global money grab should be hounded from our midst and charged with fraud.

In 4% of cases fraud in is used

I had to tell him that he was involved in fraud of public funds.

He noted also that embezzlement and misappropriation are not left out in fraud.

In the old system, the state simply paid claims, leaving taxpayers to pay hundreds of millions of dollars per year in fraud and abuse.

Since the head man is a member of the elite, it should be no surprise that he has nominated 7 other elite members (and incidentally 4 others suspected of involvement in fraud!).

In 4% of cases fraud on is used

I have informed the UK Action on Fraud and this in turn notifies the police.

In my investment FAQ I wrote a whole section on fraud, and ASIC have a good site http: //www.

For all the focus on fraud, welfare is rife with red tape, intrusiveness, contradictions and other costly inefficiencies.

These efforts are focused on fraud and acceptable uses of Kickstarter, not a creator's ability to complete a project and fulfill.

Before 1930, banking was an exciting industry featuring a number of larger-than-life figures, who built giant financial empires (some of which later turned out to have been based on fraud).

If payments flowed in from other sources, how could the loan be in default? Do NOT admit you borrowed one thin dime, or there was a closing -- the transaction you attended is based on fraud.

In 3% of cases fraud against is used

Not only will it help with winning elections now, it will offer some protection against fraud from here on out.

However, in order to guard against fraud, companies must follow these three guidelines to qualify: (a) Annual declaration of dormancy by the directors of a dormant company.

In 2% of cases fraud about is used

Then come back and talk to me about fraud and abuse.

But all this talk about fraud and abuse -- well, you don't know the half of it, old son.

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The risks have never been higher than they are in today's turbulent economic times, yet many organisations continue to take a reactive approach, thinking about fraud only once it has occurred.

In 1% of cases fraud as is used

Legal Requests We cooperate with law enforcement agencies and other third parties to enforce laws, as well as investigate and prosecute unlawful activities such as frauds and scams.

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